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  1. From the little I can see you are creating a lot of smaller chances that are adding up to a high XG which is clear from the amount of shots your team has every game. Of the two big XG chances you created one was a penalty so it would suggest the quality of chances are a bit poor. Your front four consistently have poor to average ratings too which would worry me but without seeing the tactics any further advice or thoughts will be minimal.
  2. The narrower element was a preset which I left, it's the kind of instruction I would monitor and change if necessary. The focus instruction will still create overloads even for a very centrally focused tactic. which are very useful for freeing the CWB's in to acres of space . I had to play the game again vs Villa with the 41212 narrow formation. We won 2-0 this time but still very one sided. So in this formation the FB's will be key both shuttling defensively and attacking but are very much prime creators for me in that system so I want space for them to operate in. So overloads l
  3. I said this earlier in the thread. Inside forwards with those wide players with their one footedness and their mental attributes is a no no for me so I want a simple role that doesn't ask them to do complex things and that is a winger either side. It's really simple, stay wide use the space I create for you, beat your man and put a cross in the box if the chance presents. If you're not in possession or involved in the build up you need to provide a goal scoring option or at the very least distract defenders in the box which is for the most part what they did. For me the winger role is an inst
  4. Another quick one. A preset gegenpress against same opponents with some changes and two carrileros to provide defensive help on the flanks which will be very vulnerable. Had to swap out Semedo and brought Adama of all people on for the CWB role and we got two goals from crosses and one from a through ball, you get the point about the match engine though. Might change my mind about Adama though.
  5. A tactic that plays to their instincts and strengths. So I fired up a save with Wolves and hastily made a 442 tactic using preset and removing the more egregious things I didn't like and changing up some roles. 1st game of the season vs Villa a great 5-2 win. One of their goals was an unstoppable freekick the other and what gave them their highest XG was a tap in from a corner(I hadn't set up my defensive corner routines.) 1st thing that stuck out for me, this is great. Neto is one one one but he is too deep so I switch him to a winger on attack I want him attacking
  6. There is some great advice on here and I will add once more that the mental attributes of your team are not suited to these over-elaborate contradictory systems you are implementing. You are below average in nearly every key mental facet and yet you are trying to make your players do things they can't do rather than just implement a simple system that compliment the players you have inherited strengths. I am guessing Jimenez is your F9 so I would ask why are you playing him there? The decision making of your attacking players is horrible because they have poor to average decision mak
  7. Here's one to add to the squad view. I noticed my guy who is often injured is an above average risk. The other guy with above average has missed 16% of games and surprisingly the third guy has a good record and has only missed 5% of games. Ill bet your three players are in this bracket or higher without it being listed as an attribute weakness? I think we need to make a more specialized training regime for these guys.
  8. Just had a look at my repeat injury prone guy and he had two weeks off for personal problems so that has taken his numbers up. This is my breakdown and just realized 4 of my key players haven't had an injury so far going in to January. And last season. You can see the absolute balls up I made in December by going easy on my guys and letting them have a break without keeping their match fitness up. But after implementing the help I received we reduced them right down and leveled off nicely.
  9. Can I ask out of interest at what date in game did you start making changes to alleviate injuries? I am still not struggling with injuries too much tbh and I have just got ouy of a murderous schedule that has seen me play games with one days rest in between two weeks in a row. I will say that one of my players despite not having a predilection for injuries listed is picking up a lot of niggly one week injuries so I will take a look at him a bit more closely.
  10. I am in to my 3rd season, have 4 academy/reserves prospects(who admittedly I inherited) in the 1st team now.I am using an attribute masking skin to add some more realism. I am one of the less well off Dutch teams in the top division. Just as a sample here are two of them with their all time training,
  11. Sharpness more. Hasn't had an impact on development. I edited my post too about Internationals that need to be taken in to account and also inevitably reserves play on different days so your first team players will need to be rested after a reserves match rather than play and go straight back in to full match training.
  12. Not to be patronising but if it's all too time consuming you can also just do this. Select all the players who are high risk, right click through to the training intensity and hit a one or two day rest. If players are very high risk you will either rest them for two days or do one day and monitor from there. One other point is that after players come back from international duty, especially mid season competitions they also need to be sorted out training wise and treated with kid gloves if you intend playing them on the weekend,
  13. I really struggled with this at first but after getting some advice I am not having any issues, pretty much just more realistic injuries. Apart from the advice the author of this great mod has made I would also say. 1. Get squad view made up to look like this which covers most of what you will need injury wise. You will notice the physio recommendation is half intensity but this is post match and I have my rest and recovery day tomorrow. If however after the rest day these players are still high risk I will manually lower their intensity down to the Physio recommendation till the injury r
  14. Turning off the offsides trap is wise but: 1. That 1st goal I would be annoyed at the start of that first goal there when your Volante? puts the ball up in the air and possession is won cheaply from your forward. There are some tactical issues there for me which is potentially why you turned the ball over quite cheaply so that would be a starting point for me. The amount of space their DLP has is begging for trouble because of the formation you played so I would have wanted either my forward or AMC to be making his life a bit of a misery whenever he gets the ball which ties in with the f
  15. In my system I would love him as a dynamic full-back but without knowing your system it's hard to tell. Also if you're Plymouth he is probably head and shoulders attribute wise amongst all his peers so could probably play in a lot of positions and roles in League 1. Btw if you're having to make wholesale changes to your tactics that would worry be a tad too. Once you have a primary tactic you settle on you should be making tweaks or perhaps even reacting to what you're seeing in a match, If the whole thing just suddenly fails then you possibly have issues with the actual tactic or perhap
  16. It's two reasons, people keep making sweeping statements with zero proof or indeed facts and pass them off as gospel and other people are no where near having the same sorts of ridiculously bad ratings on their fullbacks which suggests that even when SI fix the ratings people still might be unhappy because perhaps there are issues with their save rather than just the stats issues.
  17. If key tackles not being registered and the average rating being slightly tuned down are deal breakers for people then that's your prerogative but I simply do not believe your players haven't registered one key pass.
  18. I actually just looked up Coadys PPM's too and he has "Tries Long Range Passes" which would be a big issue for me. A BPD with that PPM bypassing that midfield often would have me pulling out my hair. There is no width and and no runners behind the defence to make that scenario worthwhile so he will literally bypass that very talented midfield and aim mostly for Jimenez who despite his height and heading will more than likely be swamped or have to hold the ball up which begs the question of why do it in the first place.
  19. I mentioned this in another thread but I see zero issues with the BPD's or crossing in game, I will admit the goalie passing does frustrate me because although my goalie has a 92%pass rate he still tries long kicks on occasion despite having horrible passing and kicking attributes. If Connor Coady however is just lumping the ball up field then I would start analysing why he is doing that because I use two BPD'ers in my game and neither of them ever do that and Coady has the attributes to carry it out easily and that I would suggest it is related to your tactics. For me there are three iss
  20. You're in luck. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/544871-zona-mista-the-lost-art-of-counter-attacking/
  21. 'That's not great, so I would do some further research like how many crosses do they take in comparison to the other fullbacks in the league and then drill down, is it an attribute problem or a tactical problem. Do I even want them being the primary crossers in the game. In my system the FBs and their crossing are absolutely the key to making my tactic work and I don't want anyone else really putting too many in so a quick check and I can see they are both comfortably top in crosses attempted. After that I look at the completion ratio and if they aren't around the number I want then I sta
  22. Set up a custom view in your squad screen and put in any of the stats you so desire. To compare them to the league average go on the league table and find the detailed team stats and you will see where your team ranks in the attacking stats section.
  23. Just checked both saves again, in one save both FB's are in the top four ratings wise and mallo has done that with a 14% cross completion. Ugarte has 21%. The other save sees both of them at 5th and 7th in average ratings and the 2nd save was only started yesterday. I am sure the key tackles thing is an issue but not one that should consistently be making the FBS have poor ratings in comparison to the rest.
  24. Are you suggesting cross completion is a ME problem because all my starting fullbacks in both saves average between 19 and 21% which comfortable puts them well above the league average so again I don't see an issue.
  25. Just had a great example in my game of what my BPDers do. My CWB(3) is wide open on the left and Costas who has great composure under pressure as well as other great attributes pings it out to the wide open CWB who uses his immense pace to race in and score. This is what I want from my BPDer when he tries a through ball from deep, a calm measured approach to hit that open player as and when the chance presents itself. He is keeping it simple for most of the game, still using his passing range to stretch play but he isn't launching it up to no one in particular and so I would suggest tha
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