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  1. I take it you heard Ajax sold their controlling interest in ACT? A shame but understandable considering the return.
  2. It obviously isn't a bug because these issues aren't affecting everyone. ED has already given great advice on solidifying your tactic apart from that was that game against Arsenal pre-season? I notice you mentioned pre-season in your Newcastle game and if it's your first season there could well be issues with gelling, tactical familiarity and of course depending on your rep whether they take notice of you. In my first season in the first few games my defenders have frequent brain farts till the familiarity kicks in and they are now at start of season two like a well oiled machine. Also don't u
  3. Btw I don't think enough people factor in pitch dimensions in their tactics. With dimensions set up to suit your teams style you can make your home ground a fortress.
  4. Its the least of my worries tbh. They do sometimes play a little bit too close to each other but I would put issues with the Carillero and Roaming Play Maker partnership as the least of my problems.
  5. It does help yes. Quite a lot of tactical problems result from not having the right players with the right attributes I find, so no doubt someone will tell me this tactic is awful and doesn't work for them, and certainly I have seen some of the best FM minds get told their tactics are rubbish but I find this is because a lot of people are putting literally zero thought in to the attributes their players have and a big one is the traits their players have. I haven't tried this with a forward that isn't a F9 but potentially it could very well work. The one issue is that both the RPM and th
  6. https://ufile.io/nwsdur3f https://ufile.io/egmoe26z https://ufile.io/kg0pcnbr No match, one match and two match
  7. It actually isn't a Bielsa tactic it's a variation on Rashidis Bielsa tactic. So I am using some of the exact same principles from that tactic but changing things up to make it more possession orientated.
  8. Rashidi frequently tells people that they aren't making enough use of match preparation sessions just prior to matches so the day before a match I set up almost exclusive match preparation sessions. It might just be a placebo for me but I do think it has made a difference.
  9. I have immersed myself too much in this save. Btw I use your training schedules exclusively from I believe your Sociedad save and they are top notch.
  10. Hey all, I say my variation on Bielsa because I took Rashidis(Sorry I can't at him as I don't know how) Bielsa tactic and ran with it. I am playing a save called the "Galician way" which incorporates the ethos of Athletic Bilbao and uses it in Galicia specifically with Celta Vigo. Even though the sample I am posting here is relatively small(I lost my last full season and a half save)I have tested this tactic with numerous teams on numerous saves and the average end of season possession percentage is anywhere from 58% to 62%. On to the tactic, this is it. It's a straight
  11. I'm interested to hear how you do with Rebic. I have a new save with Miland and ergo him and am half way in to my second season playing with a some-what similar setup to you and have found him to be absolutely so annoying that he is mow in the Under 20 squad. Very rarely gets his training rating above 7.00 makes very little effort to press or do anything useful despite being a "pressing forward" I literally cant wait till he effs off and frees up some budget space.
  12. Brilliant season, that's an epic cup run. Well on the way to being on the werklike Ajax shortlist.
  13. The final was in Free State Stadium? Thats a very PSL thing to do.
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