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    Happened twice to SA to the point that every SA captain now pointedly asks if he will be afforded time to speak to their players. The first time it happened Paul Honiss actually apologized to SA and said it was his biggest blunders a ref. The second time Poite decided to allow the game to restart with seven non playing staff on the field and the medics right in front of the Argentina players.
  2. Are you going to engage in the posts I made or is this just a confirmation bias thread?
  3. I just went through all the heatmaps since he took over so CWB attack on the right is a given for me. I would maybe go for a support duty on the left. The CM on the right really screams Carrilero to me the CM on the left is defo more adventurous because the leftwing back is not as attacking but looking at the movement I dont think its a DLP. Then there is the attacking trio, and I dont think that you got those right tbh but I need to have a good hard look at that.
  4. As a starting point for me I would have both of those wingbacks on CWBs because I don't think they are dynamic enough the way you had them just look at the heat maps for both irl. Looking at Jorginho and his heatmaps that role you had as a CMD would be a Carrilero for me totally. Helps cover the flanks keeps it simple but also supports when necessary. Outside of that I think the front 3 is the next biggest problem.
  5. You're going to quit FM21 or just the recreation of Tuchel? There are issues with the tactics you have posted and I am sure people would gladly help but pleaee don't quit because you think the game or Chelsea in the game are broken.
  6. With respect you didn't change much pressing wise which was my biggest issue with the tactic but with the changes you made to roles and duties it literally just looks like shuffling deckchairs. You identified the correct problem that your attackers were running in to blind alleys which I would have expected with the tactic but then fundamentally didn't change anything at all.
  7. No, it's not that I just tried it but thank you so much at least I know the issue is on my side.
  8. Yeah the creator just seems difficult to contact so wondered if someone had the same issue.
  9. This is actually a great skin, thank you for sharing the source but there is one issue the match sharpness settings and fatigue indicators have gone. Is that normal?
  10. Your tactics are a complete mishmash of different styles. The biggest one being counter-pressing, higher pressing and trying to prevent the other team playing out from the back yet you have lowered your own line of engagement(on a balanced mentality) and your defensive line hasn't been pushed up either. You have a few possession instructions and then put a higher tempo with roles that don't really favour a possession game so you need to have a re-think imo and make your setup a bit more logical.
  11. Thanks for the response, that is interesting and very helpful. Edit: I think the automatic thing might be an issue because some players who have played the day before a rest day show up with a solid green heart despite being high risk just after the game.
  12. You can yes but Gio was saying the starting XI get the benefit of recovery and the review which they wouldn't if they are put on no pitch or gym work or am I mistaken?
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