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  1. I don't understand, it works just fine for me. It wasnt in previous iterations but it is now. Also btw that is a very good suggestion re: passing networks they very clearly display hoe focus play works.
  2. "defenders hoofing the ball & what not doesn't mean playing out from the back does nothing" Absolutely, now apply this to what you have written about Focus play and the examples I have already given in this thread to prove that focus play works. So far your only rebuttal to me has been it might be corners or free kicks that adds to my stats. I really don't feel like I should have to provide a dozen examples from one game to prove my point but I am ready to do that.
  3. Im confused. Overloads are the whole point here, it's exactly why you want certain people gravitating towards a certain part of the pitch. I can't speak for Rashidis comments about focusing through the middle because I haven't seen it or indeed used it but I think the quote I posted above by Rashidi and what he laid out in that Bayern thread is exactly what happens in the game and exactly how it plays out for me. Btw the comment you made about playing out from the back further reinforces the point Experienced Defender was making. We have loads of people that come on here sayin
  4. I don't know why you're mentioning average positions tbh average positions aren't really going to represent overloads that last not much more than 10 seconds in play. I play a balanced mentality with a narrow ti setting and focus set on to both flanks and it's palpable watching our players A)Focus attacks down the flanks when we win the ball back and B)Watch players gravitate to overload on flanks, especially my striker who is pivotal in creating overloads and space for the players on the opposite flank to attack quickly. This is confirmed to me when I analyse the stats. What you set up wit
  5. Rashidi says it in that Bayern thread that was linked to you by mad sheep. That's exactly what it does but it also has to be set up right.
  6. I wouldn't expect to see too many overloads with those roles tbh. I think the roles are key as well as making sure that you have a creative player situated in that overload in space with the passing range to be able to hit the open men who are now in space. So you can see here from a previous thread I posted on where I took on a Wolves save how the overload has drawn 6 Aston Villa players over to the right side of the pitch and the very gifted playmakers(6) Moutinho and (8) Neves have both moved over to the right and both are in acres of space ready to hit a diagonal ball if called upon.
  7. This subject pops up just as I am admiring a goal which I believe is a perfect example of using the focus play mechanism. For me it's not about how many people we can get to one side of the pitch it's how many people we can get the other team to move to the one side of the pitch and here in more than half of one side of the pitch we have just 2 opposition players defending so we have drawn 7 opposition players to the to the left allowing us a 3/4 on 2 advantage on the right. By the time my playmaker gets the ball to Cristante you can see Mkihitayan has actually moved their number fou
  8. One element which I find very unrealistic in FM are the PPM's. I can wrap my head around having to train players to remove or add certain technical traits like a long flat throw in or being able to use the outside of your foot to a high standard but I think it's a bit ridiculous to have to go to a coach who inevitably argues with you and say well this very intelligent player hasn't got a great passing range so I want him to stop playing long searching balls and keep it more simple and then spend weeks or months having him stop doing something that in reality would be a 5 mins conversation dir
  9. Noooo that's not what I was saying. Forget all that part, I was trying to make a point that players can be moulded to tactics too.
  10. I am very uncompromising tbh so I stick to my system and mould players around it rather making a system to suit the players or indeed sell players and buy players that suit my system better. For instance in my current save I am stuck with Milik as a loan with obligation and there is too much invested in him. He doesn't suit a F9 in my system but he has good mentals and his height, heading ability(meaning he wins when isolated against fullbacks) and pace are excellent so I convert him to play as a an IF but then there is an issue that he turns the ball over a lot because he has poor dribbl
  11. So a defender hoofing it when you very clearly don't want him to could be two things, Tactical or the actual player themselves. When my scouts first came back with Luiz Felipe I was salivating until I got to to his concentration which is poor especially if you are considering a high press/high line. His low composure and decisions however also mean that there is a chance than any sort of decent press on him will see him hoof it away, Hoedt is the same as well albeit his vision and passing are better but Hoedts anticipation is also quite low which doesn't help with a high line. That's not to sa
  12. To be fair there are many ways to skin a cat on FM. One thing I hadn't asked you was how you want to the system to play out and that's the vital bit tbh. Stick with it because a lot of us were in the same boat as you at one point and when it finally clicks it becomes a very satisfying and rewarding experience.
  13. I think I am going to bow out of this one. I had some analyses ready but I think you're just getting a lot of information chucked at you and me adding to that will not really help you.
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