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  1. If you have registered them for the first team you basically can't move them between unless they are U23. Once older players are registered they are either in the 1st or B team till the next registration window.
  2. Anyone that has the attributes to play the role you want from that position. For instance Ugarte and another CM are my two right fullbacks in my save now. I don't want my fullback to be putting crosses in I want them to be as wide as possible to stretch the opposition but also to recycle the ball quickly to the cente or if they do get to the byline I want them to be pulling it back rather than across so Ugarte ticks all the boxes I need from my fullback.
  3. Btw letting those people through was the right thing to do because I shudder to think what would have happened if they had got that door shut. That woman steward was seconds away from getting crushed if they had shut it.
  4. People trying to force their way through a side door and other fans taking umbrage at the freeloaders. Some fans genuinely tried to help the stewards to be fair.
  5. He actually reminds me a lot of Low which is why I said before the Eng-Ger game that I thought England would nudge it because they had the better quality team. When Flick left the German setup after 2014 it was palpable how Low was unable to respond to changes in opposition tactics especially the Tier 1 nations. I see some of the same deficiencies in both managers.
  6. I personally think Southgate has improved as a manager but he still has a couple of glaring holes in his management that I am not convinced he will solve but he has surprised me already so who knows.
  7. Well then the rest of them must have been really crap. Saka volunteered despite the fact he had suffered mixed results over the past week during penalty practice in training England’s planning for penalty shootouts has been meticulous for over three years, with Southgate’s assistant Steve Holland keeping a running league table from training. Southgate and Holland also log players’ penalty records for their clubs, but Saka’s spot-kick against Italy in the final was the first he has taken in his senior career.
  8. One thing I hadn't realised before the game was just how light England were with regular penalty takers. That 96 team had four players who were first choice takers and one(Platt) who had been for many years prior.
  9. I don't get the 3rd place being a problem thing. You dilute the competition even more those third place teams are only going to be second place in some other group.
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