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  1. Didn't Lineker signal to Bobby Robson that he thought Gazza should be substituted off? Can't remember how Gazza played the rest of that game but I remember England still had chances to win it.
  2. "Make the most of a really tough situation." "I know what I bring to the team." What planet is he on?
  3. Well what are the issues you are seeing when you play? That last screenshot is very telling from your last match, just 5 shots and 3 of them are long range. The answer to the problem is the lack of shots and also who and why are most of the shots you are having from distance.
  4. Herring answered this tbh........the reason they are taking longshots has nothing to do with them being told not to shoot from distance and everything to do with how you set up. To repeat Herring: Variation in play, penetrative runs and final third efficacy.
  5. Jeezo there can be some difficult people on here, please Rashidi take no notice and keep going really enjoying this.
  6. As has been just mentioned, you have virtually no movement between the lines. You have scored 4 goals in 10 games and everything I am seeing in your tactic screams that. Two wingers who will stay wide(sometimes cut in and offer a goal scoring oppo) a striker who drops deeper but for what reason I don't know because he has no goal threat to play in and if he decides to run with the ball he will just run in to trouble because no one around him making runs or offering an outlet to pass to. So in essence you have two wingers who are asked to stay wide an AP whose job it is to sit in the hole and spray passes, and a DLP who is stationary. You need to make at least one of the wingers a goal threa,t get one of the CM'ers helping link play and shuttling from CM to AM and I have to ask why are you using the drop deeper shout when you are already using counter?
  7. Getting passes strung together in the middle could be part of the sitting deeper and pressing more, the advice about your bwm, dm and the bbm(who might be caught upfield) during transitions that break down is sound. The BWM will chase all over, the DM'er will close down the ball carrier and then you will possibly find the CD'er will step up to close down someone else which all creates a lot of space. I would be tempted to change some of those roles to provide some more solidity in the midfield. Essentially right now if you turn the ball over upfield and your bbm is higher up you could technically be overrun in cm very quickly. How your players are positioned during turnovers is very important defensively too imo.
  8. Thanks for the response Cleon it is appreciated.
  9. And I have said the good defenders are a part of solving the problem but also raised other issues as to why he is having problems. You seem to mention your defenders are more than good enough, you can't pin point the problems defensively and even though you say you know people need to see your formation you fail to post your formation so that people can help you.
  10. The key for me there is "outsmart" bang on a lot about this but the attributes of your defenders are as important to me as how you set up tactically for your defense. For example on my Inter save I have turfed Ranochia out straight away because his mental attributes are simply not good enough for me to even fill a spot on the bench. Take a look at the key mental attributes of your defenders and see if they are good enough to keep you solid defensively. I appreciate you are Crystal Palace but the resources you have should be enough to get some quality replacements in. Apart from that where are the goals coming from mostly? That would also be a key for me, not just where on the pitch but the build up to those goals. As has been mentioned counter coupled with a structured set up would see you sitting deep and closing down more means you are giving a lot of space to the opposition so I wouldn't feel comfortable with that.
  11. Mega interesting Cleon, the keeper distribution is so obvious yet only when you point it out. One question which is ot if you would indulge me, you seem to favour the retain possession shout yet a lot of people who are very good tactically would say it's an overkill shout used more for killing games off. What is your take on it and do you use control to offset the pace of the game that the retain possession shout brings? Thanks so much for the the thread btw.
  12. The big problem is that you can't tell us what went wrong yourself? There are a couple of issues with your setup but it worked till you hit the wall. So can you say what stopped working?
  13. Not really anything to do with the 442 or patch and everything to do with the deficiencies in the space and lack of control in CM a 442 brings. How your counteract those deficiencies is key to solving the problems. Again with regards to defenders, when someone says they have good defenders for the league that means zip, attributes of players is wayyy too underrated.
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