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  1. Brilliant season, that's an epic cup run. Well on the way to being on the werklike Ajax shortlist.
  2. The final was in Free State Stadium? Thats a very PSL thing to do.
  3. Well done on the promotion. Looking forward to seeing what you can do the next season. Cracking cup run there too.
  4. I don't change my team mentality but I will tone down the FB's from attacking to support or defend and maybe switch my AMR and AML to an MR or ML so they track the oppo wingers better and are better positioned to track them. I will also turn the dribble less on to prevent players turning the ball over against the high pressing teams andI will also drop my high line down a notch and turn the regroup and hold shape buttons on as well as obviously the time wasting. I very rarely concede late goals.
  5. You have some TI's that are possession overkill. Balanced is what I like to use for my possession based tactics but it is relatively patient compared to positive or attacking so dialling it down even more with shorter passing and lowering the temp is just too much for me. I would prefer a DLF or a F9 in that striker role but I would wan't to know whether my forward has the attributes to play that role.
  6. That heat map doesn't look good at all to me, if I am trying to create a possession tactic I wan't it to look something like this. Whether anything resembling this can be achieved with that formation I am unsure.
  7. Great stuff, Benito is an absolute beast, wow, 6ft1 pacey, great in the air with those mentals. I am salivating as I type this.
  8. I remember getting some grief a couple of years ago in a thread when there was a debate about where to use Pogba(in that iteration of FM) and I said he can play every position on the pitch apart from goalie and this was so outside of most peoples(on that particular thread) thinking that I got some virtual guffaws aimed at me. I see this a lot on FM when it comes to attributes, versatility and how sometimes the answer to your problems is right in front of you. What brings me to this topic is a you-tube video by a somewhat popular FM you-tuber who basically decided the match engine must have changed because his No10 wasn't working as well anymore, he somehow completely ignored the fact that he had sold his functioning no10 and replaced him with a player he thought had the attributes for the no 10 but I disagreed.(in my head) The startling thing was that he had a perfectly good no.10 sitting on his bench but he wasn't going to use him there because the player was a winger with no familiarity in the No10 role. I have also just finished reading a money-ball FM blog where the person is strictly adhering to the economics of football and one of the tenets of this is that you don't take the best player available in a transfer window(regardless of stats) if you are already strong in the position, what you do is you strengthen the weak chain in the link. Sounds logical, but what if the best player available has the attributes to actually strengthen that weak link with a bit of training and experience. This seems anathema to a lot of people and I was hoping to get some examples from other people of what they have done to convert players and what they looked for attributes wise when using them in that position. My latest conversion was Hannibal Mejbri, in my save I left Hertha Berlin and went to manage Marseille for a few season and then returned to take over Hertha again. I had a team stacked with creative players in the centre but lacking at Fullback which is where I decided that rather than waste money and further bloating my squad I would use Mejbri at Right Back to share time with another FB I have. This gave me another benefit in that in any injury crisis in the creative department we have cover there too. What attracted me to Mejbri in the Full Back role was his anticipation, composure, decisions and he is not bad with his acceleration. He is also 6ft2 with good jumping reach which I figured would help too. His negatives are bravery and tackling which one would think are important for a FB but my thinking here is that I have two very aggressive CWB's and a HB who drops back to provide cover and I am buying in to the Maldini ethos of “If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake.” and although Mejbri had no tactical familiarity as a FB you can see that in a quadruple winning season he played to a very high standard(all at FB) with very few errors and as you can see better numbers than his previous three seasons. So again I would love to hear from other people on how they have converted players in to another position and maybe the reasoning for it.
  9. I would say that is an attribute issue because in 100's of games played it has happened once to me. I appreciate this is possibly happening to different goalies you have had but it is not an issue at all for me.
  10. I mean I can see issues with your tactics but I also think ending the league 5th with Sampdoria whilst only really getting two bad results against Verona and Fiorentina is pretty damn good. Your league must have been ultra competitive to have finished outside the top 4 with those results. Lets look at those bad patches 1: An away defeat to Juventus 2: An away defeat to Lazio and home defeat to Napoli and a toss up penalty shootout loss to a good Atalanta. 3: You're calling this a bad patch where you drew three times with Juve(Two of which got you past them in Europe) anda draw with Roma. What I can see are two bad results there! You mentioned that Genoas formation was the most defensive formation you faced? Did you mean in terms of how Genoa set the formation up or the actual formation is defensive? The thing with a tactic working against a defensive team is that I have literally seen my teams 20 mins in do nothing and I have often been about to makes changes and then had a goal from one of our corners go in and then watched the opposition fall apart. The opposition frustration sets in, they might make changes to players roles to make them more attacking and then suddenly you have them where you want them. Did Genoa make any changes during the game you're unaware of? I find that frequently after opening a team up the opposition will make tweaks to come at us a bit more but if we put another two or three past them they will revert to ridiculously defensive tactics to stop the bleeding. So that heat-map might not be representative of what Genoa did the whole game. Tactics wise you seem insistent on making a number 10 work for you but that second tactic has issues for me. It's not a good formation for possession football yet you seemed to have set it up for that. If you're struggling to break teams down why are you trying your hardest to make everything attacking wise so compact and focused through the middle? There will be a disconnect between the front four and the other 6 so I would probably want my RWB to provide some more support, be more attacking and provide some width on the right. That winger I might want to put on attacking so he becomes an extra body in the box if your WB has the ball the other side. Personally I see issues with how you have set-up but as I said I also don't see these awful results you say youhave had with a team that was supposed to finish 6th.
  11. Been using this and it works a treat, great work bud. Btw how do you get your youth team to use your tactics?
  12. That makes zero sense to me because you're basically inferring it's a game problem so anyone who uses a one striker system would surely struggle if their strikers were to go awol for any length of time because the game overcooks player goal droughts.
  13. Well said, never had an issue with a striker having a prolonged drought and I also will use man management to perk up a striker who has taken a game or two off. I also agree with the CCC's, it drives me insane when you get those cutbacks where the striker has a defender right in front of him he inevitably pings it off the striker and it's called a CCC.
  14. I will let those better at tactics analyse your tactics. The key thing for me is that you think you dominated that second game but I would be very unhappy with those stats. It looks to me like they played you perfectly, happy with you taking 40% of your shots from distance no CCC and enjoying sterile possession which doesn't translate to dominating. Your team barely managed to get above theirs in average ratings. One other thing,the point you made about not understanding why you score so often from set pieces says to me you don't understand your teams strengths and weaknesses thoroughly but I could be well wrong.
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