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  1. Wow, read the entire thread in a couple hours and I am amazed by your patience and career. Must be hard to play this long without getting bored! Okay, it could be boring if you stayed with the same club but being a journeyman, an experience which I've never experienced this much, can make it easier to enjoy it the 2030s! Keep up the good work mate, I'll follow this thread hereafter, good luck en route to the Champions League title with Gladbach. Bundesliga is always entertaining with wonderful stadiums and high attendances! Any plan after winning CL with Gladbach?
  2. Wow, when I began to read this career last night I didn't thought it still continues. This is the best FM career I've ever seen! Adventurous choice, great patience and excellent continuation. Keep up the good work dude, can't wait for a Champions League win. After your youth facilities become State of Art, noone will stop you in about 6-7 years. It would be amazing to have a stadium named "Parker Stadium" and win CL with club's own players. Good luck on that!
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