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  1. I couldn't have refused that. €3.8M immediate transfer fee, €475K after 10 league matches, €650K after a year, €95K per game for the next 10 league appearances and most importantly 40% of the profit made on his next transfer. It was too good to turn down.
  2. Neuchâtel Xamax unveils new uniforms for 2017-2018 season Neuchâtel Xamax has unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming season before the training camp. With adidas replacing old manufacturer Erima, they decided to make a throwback to club's majestic 1980s decade. They designed modern versions of of 1984-85 home kit and 1983-1984 away kit: They hope to remind fans of the successful years with club's legendary coach's son Eugene Gress in charge, fans are dreaming again.
  3. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2016/2017 | End of Season Update Swiss Challenge League What an incredible season!! We were really the best team throughout the season, even it got a little bit tense in the last few weeks. We were unbeaten in last 10 games of the league and played dominant football. Beating Vaduz 2-1 away was probably the most important moment of the season. But as I have said, we never looked like we were going to throw the title away, and Vaduz's form kind of helped us. We were the best attacking team in the league and we only conceded 30 goals in 36 matches. We had the top goalscorer in Savic 29 goals in 36 matches and top assist man Berisha with 14 assists. Also, how crazy is that we have the top five players with best average rating in the league? I had even 5 players nominated for best player of the season. Promotion feels so good with such young group of players. Next season will be a challenge, but with the support of Roy Hodgson I feel we can survive! League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Swiss Cup After last season's disappointment, there was a dream run in Swiss Cup. We have beaten two top division sides en route to semi finals, but Luzern was too much for us at the end. I'm sure fans are still happy with the results. Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers Starting Lineup GK - Silva (17B) - Career Silva immediately started playing after he joined the team and played amazing. He only conceded 3 goals in 10 matches in the league with 7 clean sheets. He turned pro by signing 3 year contract with 2 years extension option, which is great for the club. He's also called up to Portugal U21 at age 17, which shows his potential. He'll be the starting goalkeeper next year again. Key Stats: 87% shot saved, 7.09 average rating DR - Mike Gomes - Career Solid no nonsense player. I am very happy with his defensive contribution, as well as his 6 assists. He's 28 and he has 2 years left in his contract, and will be the first option until Jospin Edoh is ready. Key Stats: 91% tackle won, 85% pass completion, 6 assists, 7.75 average rating DC - Adriano De Pierro - Career Club captain was unhappy at the start of the season because I refused to sell him, but he went on the play 36 solid games and scoring 4 crucial goals. He was all I could ask for in the defense, composed and scary for opponents. He has one year in his contract and will attract offers from Serie B clubs, but I hope to extend his contract because he is still 26. Key Stats: 81% headers won, 79% tackles won, 7.19 average rating DC - Kiliann Witschi - Career He rotated with Sejmenovic, but played better, scored two crucial goals in extra time in a comeback win, plus he's from club's youth academy. He was not in my plans at the start of the season but played a solid part in title run. He'll be back next year and I hope to get him sign a new contract for two more years. Key Stats: 85% headers won, 82% tackles won, 7.39 average rating DL - Mickael Facchinetti - Career Best player in the club, and most valuable. He was consistent all season, has amazing technical and physical attributes, and even can be a star fullback in top division. I will probably not sell him this season, but when should I sell him? He's valued at €275K, has 5 star rating in both CA and PA. But Cedric Zesiger needs playing time. Maybe I can train him at DC, what do you think? I would like to hear opinions. Key Stats: 81% tackles won, 82% pass completion, 9 assists, 7.83 average rating MR - Florian Berisha - Career Another consistent performer. Upped his assists totals to 15 from 8. We really struggled when he was out with an injury. Still 27 years old, in his prime and has two years in his contract. He'll be in the team next season. Key Stats: 15 assists, 4 goals, 3.63 dribbles per game, 3.81 key passes per game, 7.71 average rating MC (BWM) - Freddy Mveng - Career Great young team player with amazing mental abilities. He had the best games win ratio in the team, and really gives confidence in center of the field. He has one year in his contract but I will look to tie him for a few more years. Key Stats: 82% tackles won, 87% pass completion, 4.41 interceptions per game, 7.20 average rating MC (CM) - Bastien Oberli - Career Player of the season for fans, player of the season in the league, young player of the season in the league. What an awesome season for him. After only playing 7 matches last season, he started in 39 this season, and averaged an incredible 8.11 rating. He had 5 goals and 8 assists to his name and contributed to team defense as well. Extended his contract and will stay in team for the foreseeable future. Key Stats: 80% pass completion, 5 goals, 8 assists, 5.89 key passes per game, 8.11 average rating ML - Max Veloso - Career Another good, consistent player. Former academy product had a nice year and I will look to extend his contract this summer. He'll be a decent Super League midfielder next season. Key Stats: 7 assists, 6 goals, 3.53 dribbles per game, 4.10 key passes per game, 7.72 average rating. FC (DLF) - Adrien Zbinden - Career One of the weak links in the team but held his own. He's still 21 years old so I will look for improvements next season. Stats don't show but I liked his contribution to team's attacks. Key Stats: 8 goals, 47% shots on target, 2.4 key passes per game, 1.59 dribbles per game, 304 minutes on pitch per goal, 7.10 average rating FC (P) - Andelko Savic - Career Player of the season in my opinion. Whenever I needed a goal, he stepped up to the plate. Scored 30 goals in 40 matches. Had 5 hat-tricks. Still 24 years old and will be the main goal threat next season. Key Stats: 30 goals, 48% shots on target, 3.45 shots per game, 119 minutes on pitch per goal, 7.33 average rating News U18 team finished the season second in their league.That's a surprise. I knew we didn't own the stadium but I wasn't expecting to buy it. I attended the meeting and told the board that we would be better of investing the money in other areas, and they told me what to do with extra money. I said we could improve youth facilities and they responded by saying "We are not currently willing to consider this due to the club's present financial situation". Are youth facilities really more expensive than buying a stadium? Though I asked again and here it is! Next Season Main goal is to survive in Super League, and getting facilities improved with extra money. Quarter final in Swiss Cup would be nice. But mainly the aim is the development of young players. I will look to give some of them more game playing time. Well, this has been a hectic update. I can't wait for the next season.
  4. FS Massana manager iacovone said there is "no embarrassment" in losing 1-0 to Gibraltar part-timers Lincoln Red Imps
  5. Tough luck with the draw, but going awesome mate. I assume you're not getting the option for requesting a youth recruitment update, right?
  6. Youth Intake 2017 I am back with the youth intake and development of previously tagged academy players. Before starting, I should note that I changed YP1, YP2, YP3 notation to 16A, 16B, 17A notation for youth players. This year's youth intake is okay. I am excited because there are potentially one star, one starting caliber player and one rotation player; but the rest is awful. As I have did last year, I will sign players with more than one star of potential ability. Let's see new players. Daniele Baldi (17A) Swiss-Italian forward is shown as the best player from this year's draft. He has amazing technical ability, with 13 finishing, 11 first touch and 13 heading. He's not slow, he has natural fitness, he's strong for his age and he will work for the team. Nothing to complain about except technique, composure and balance but he's a total package. I hope that he'll become a starting lineup player in the future. Best news is that he's professional. Silva (17B) He's already the best goalkeeper in our team and will go straight into the starting lineup. Not much to complain, really, he has already 2 stars of current ability! I think that he'll be a star player in the future. Also, first foreigner coming through our ranks. Nebojsa Mijailovic (17C) Another dual nationality player, this time from Serbia. He's fairly determined, he already has high finishing to go with two preferred moves and he has 16 determination with Fairly Determined personality, to go along with nice mental stats. I'd like to think that he'll become a rotation player in the future. Above is the spreadsheet for my tagged players. As you can guess, values with green backgrounds are improved comparing to last year, yellow are unchanged and orange are dropped. I am mostly happy with Delaporte and Bach, who improved in every aspect. Ebwelle is the first player who cracked the rotation. I was hoping for better improvement from Garcia (16A), but his improvement was hindered by injuries and his low determination. He's still playing good in youth league, but I am not happy. Last year's profile. Our senior goalkeeper Junior Ebwelle (16B) has played in 26 matches this year, conceded only 24 and kept 12 shutouts. Really, really good performance for a goalkeeper with 7.15 rating. He's shown some nice improvements in his attributes, so I hope he keeps it up. He might drop to the bench though, because new draft is looking better already. Last year's profile. I did not rate Valentin Delaporte (16C) last season, but he has shown some glimpses with improvements in his physical attributes. He also has added a PPM to his arsenal. I'm still not very convinced. We'll see next year. Last year's profile. Nicolas Bach (16D) has yet to debut in our club but he's loaned out to Chiasso from our league and will get some regular game time. He also has learnt a PPM. His determination is up to 12 from 4, and he's improving really quick. I hope he does well at Chiasso. Last year's profile. Last player is Victor Silva (16E), who is playing regularly in our U18 team and can mark opponents tightly now. He could have done better in training, but he is developing. He might play in some matches in next season. Last year's profile. That's it from today. Hope you enjoyed it.
  7. Been reading through the entire thread since last night. I honestly think this is an amazing career and the patience you have shown through real-life months is incredible. So glad I caught up with the story before you have won the CL. This season is the season! Congrats on a great career, abulezz.
  8. Well, this came out of nowhere but I don't want to manage any national team other than Switzerland. Plus I am not going to manage them until I will have won the league.
  9. I changed my Head of Youth Development, losing some Working With Youngsters and personality in the process but new one judges player ability and potential much better comparing to the old one. It's good to see that staff with better reputation is also available for our club now.
  10. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2016/2017 | Mid-season Update Swiss Challenge League In the last update, I told that we were actually playing better than the results we were getting. It turned out I was right! After beating Wohlen 1-0 at home with Amazing Savic's goal, we faced our boys Le Mont LS and beat them again, this time 7-1! We made it four in a row after getting a routine 2-0 win at home and went on to face league leaders Vaduz, and lost 1-2 even though we were up 1-0 at half time. We spent little time mourning for the loss and took care of Winterthur at Neuchâtel, where Andelko Savic scored an incredible four goals! We beat Bienne away 4-0, and I gave Alberto Garcia (YP1) his professional debut. We beat last place Chiasso 0-2 and came back home, then dominated Wohlen but could only score from penalty spot. Then we won 3-2 against Schaffhausen to make it five in a row in the league and 9 wins in 10 matches! Then came an unfortunate loss against 3rd placed Servette, who were on a 7 game unbeaten streak themselves, and with the dejection of a heartbreaking loss, we traveled to Le Mont with hopes of getting another win against them but lost 1-0 this time! Pretty shocking consecutive losses after winning 5 in a row was kind of disappointing. Just as people thought our performance is regressing to the mean, we have shown incredible resilience in front of our fans to come back against league leaders Vaduz thanks to two corner goals in extra time from our center back Kiliann Witschi. Man Utd - Bayern Munchen flashback! But as you will see, this was not the latest comeback in our fixtures! Just in the next match, we hit Lausanne back with two goals in four minutes and won 2-1. We have played 22 matches in the league before the winter break, and the table looks really good for us! Barring an incredible dip in our form like last season, I see as going for the title, but we have to go one match at a time. Swiss Cup We actually had reached our goal by winning two matches and reaching to third round to face a Super League side Grasshoppers, but I guess my players were not ready to go home yet. Against Grasshoppers, my young goalkeeper Junior Ebwelle (YP2) left our fans purring after an amazing display - 9.1 rating actually - and guided us to a 1-0 victory against top division side. Just before the winter break, we faced Zürich this time. And as I have hinted, we still had one more comeback victory in our bags! Despite going down 1-0 at first half, we managed to extend our cup run at least 30 minutes by scoring in the second half, and scored another two before letting one in, but eventually won the game 3-2 and reached the semi final! Incredible scenes, really. Another good news is our training facility upgrade has been completed and now its level is back to Good. We now have two months until our next competitive match, but an exciting second half of the season awaits us.
  11. Awesome thread idea and good career so far. Keep up the good work, I'll be following
  12. Preseason 2016 After finishing the season in 5th place, my main goal in the summer was to keep the squad intact and have a good period of preparation for the new season. I released five players whose contract was over, the most important one being Laurent Walthert, who appeared in 32 games last season and allowed only 28 goals. But he was already 32 years old and wanted a higher salary comparing to other starters in the squad, therefore a decision had to be made. We also parted ways with striker Dante Senger, but he was also 32 and scored 3 goals in 15 league matches last season. Fair to say that he was not very good. I also loaned out Loic Chatton, whom I wanted to sell but wasn't successful. I wanted to get some extra income with friendlies, so I arranged six friendlies in addition to a default friendly with our affiliate club Young Boys. The results were okay (except the matches against top division sides). I tweaked the tactic a little bit for the season. We are still playing 4-4-2 but this season I wanted to keep the possession a little bit more, so gave some extra instructions to team and players. Ideal lineup | Team Instructions As you may notice, our youth academy has its first product playing first team football! After releasing Walthert, I needed a new goalkeeper in the lineup and his backup was not much better than Junior Ebwelle (YP2). I decided giving him a chance, and he is actually playing pretty good, has 6.98 average rating and conceded 14 goals in 13 matches with 72% save rate. He'll be better with regular playing time. In the last day of the transfer window, I had offers for our center back Pierro but I ended up rejecting all offers, making him a little bit unhappy during the process. But he is ok now. He's still only 25, played in 31 matches last season and offers were not that high to consider the possibility of selling him. Swiss Challenge League It has been both a frustrating and exciting season so far. We lost 2-1 at home to newly promoted Servette, despite having 60% possession and hitting the woodwork twice. After that, we traveled to face our favourite opponent Le Mont, and beat them 5-0 again. Andelko Savic has scored three goals (two penalties) and eighteen years old right back Jospin Edoh and central midfielder Bastien Oberli each had an assist to their names. Then we got back home and got thumped 4-0. Pietro Di Nardo saw two yellows after collecting an incredible 18 yellow cards last season. Once we got our best midfielder Mveng back, he will not see the field that much, I can tell that. In our fourth match, we beat Winterthur 4-2 at home, and Andelko Savic had his second hat-trick in three games. He had scored 7 goals in 18 matches last season but already reached the same number in nine matches this year. We lost to Lausanne despite leading 0-1 at the break, and could not find the net against Bienne in 18 shots. We beat Chiasso 2-0 in our field, while Adrien Zbinden finally scored his first goal of the season. I am playing him and Emmanuel Mast in turns, we'll see which one will find a definite place in starting lineup during the next few weeks. After losing another dominant match against Schaffhausen, we traveled to second placed Servette and beat them 3-2 this time, coming back from 2-1 half time deficit. We are fifth at the moment, but seeing the way we play, I am hopeful of a top 3 finish once the season ends. Swiss Cup After getting eliminated in first round last year, this year the goal was at least reaching third round and we did exactly that. We beat two lower league sides but our next opponent is Grasshoppers, who are fourth in Super League. It will be a difficult task but I hope that they play their backups and with home advantage we can take it to them. In other news, our U18 side is 2nd in their division and was first until Alberto Garcia (YP1) got injured. He's playing fantastic by the way. I am thinking about giving him his debut after he gets healthy.
  13. Sure. When you click on a role in player's profile, you know some attributes get highlighted as primary and secondary attributes. I used these highlighted attributes for each role. For every outfield position I want some common skills that I want all my players to have (first touch, decisions, strength etc.), I also took those attributes into account. For example, attributes that I use for GKs and DRs are as follows: As an example, for Delaporte, I multiply primary technical attributes by 5, other primary attributes and secondary primary attributes by 4, secondary physical and mental attributes by 3, and all extra attributes by 2 and add them up. Then I divide the result by 1540 (the result if all attributes are 20) and I get the rating. Pretty straightforward actually. For potential rating, I multiply it with a coefficient (1.023 as of now) multiple number of times. For a 16 year old player, I multiply it with 1.023 nine times (because I think player has to fulfill his potential at age 25). This way I can more or less predict his potential. Again, pretty straightforward but gets the job done for me.
  14. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2015/2016 | End of Season Update Swiss Challenge League We started off strong and 4th after the first half, but a huge performance drop-off saw us in 7th position after week 34. Luckily after three successive wins, we ended the season on a high note at 5th position, which was our aim (top-half finish) at the start of the season. We probably could have done better to stop the skid but I didn't bother much because it was the first season. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Swiss Cup Not much to see here. We lost in first round after losing on penalties. Hopefully next season will be better. Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards Squad | Finances | Transfers Bad news: Next Season Our aim is pretty much the same for the next season. Top half finish in the league would be nice, and this time we look forward to progressing to next rounds in Swiss Cup to gain some extra money. Our balance is €1.8M now, after €2.4M commercial revenue. I may have to sell some players to balance the books. Important thing for the next season is improving our young players, giving them debuts and hopefully improving our facilities. After requesting training facilities and having my request accepted, our balance is now €620k. I was also offered a new contract, which I gladly accepted and before accepting it I wanted them to increase our junior coaching budget. They did accept and our junior coaching is now good! That's awesome news. That's it for this season.
  15. 2016 Youth Intake That's much better than I imagined! There is not a star but there are five players with three stars or higher potential. Let's see what they are made of. Alberto Garcia (YP1) A real poacher. He already has 13 acceleration, 11 pace, 12 off the ball and 10 finishing, alongside other good physical and mental attributes. He lacks a little bit technique and his personality is negative, but let's see if we can develop him into a good forward. Oh, and he's already injured 4-6 weeks. I hope he is not injury prone. He will be tutored by a senior member after he gets healthy. Junior Ebwelle (YP2) A nice, tidy goalie. He has good reflexes and aerial reach with some good physical and mental attributes. No real weaknesses except throwing. And he's fairly ambitious, so that's positive. He is already being tutored by Laurent Walthert. Valentin Delaporte (YP3) He was the best rated player in youth intake, but I don't rate him that much. He can play in a lot of positions but I see him as a DR. I value Natural Fitness and Stamina in my full (or wing) backs, it's good that he has 16 natural fitness. I am not very hopeful but let's see how he improves. Mike Gomes is tutoring him. Nicolas Bach (YP4) I like that guy. He is really athletic, a good passer and has flair. Problem is he too has low level of determination. I think he can develop into a backup player for Swiss Top League in the future. He rejected the tutelage of Berisha and Challandes, but Doudin will take care of him. Victor Silva (YP5) My favourite player from this year's intake. Already has excellent technical attributes for a central defender, and he has good acceleration. Only downside is his passing and positioning, but I really think he can be a first team defender for us in the future. De Pierro will tutor him. I like using spreadsheets to watch my players' developments. The rating is from another spreadsheet I started using this year. I determined important attributes of each position on the pitch and give weights to each of those attributes. 100 rating is for a player who has 20 for each of those attributes. A player who can play in a top 8 side in Europe League has around 65 ratings for his position. If I have a team of players 65-70 ratings, that means I have a shot at winning Europe League. For Champions League, it has to be 75-80. That's it for the youth intake. Here's to much better youth intakes!
  16. Neuchâtel Xamax - 2015/2016 - Second Period Update Swiss Challenge League In the first nine matches, we got 16 points. In the second nine matches, we got 16 again. It's nice to see that it wasn't a fluke and we can easily survive in the league. It turns out that after scoring six goals from six shots on target against Le Mont, our luck didn't run out and we won 1-0 against Bienne with one shot on target, from Samuel Afum of course. Then we lost 0-2 to Lausanne at home after dominating the game, but I'm okay with it after two super-lucky wins. We got back on track thanks to our in-form winger Berisha (though he has cooled of recently) and came back to win against Schaffhausen. 3 dull matches without a win followed this match, but finally Afum ended his goal drought against Chiasso and we crushed Le Mont again, this time at home and 5-1. Interesting thing is they are not actually the worst team in the league. In the other 16 games they conceded only 17 goals; but we somehow managed to find the net an incredible eleven times in just two matches. Looks like we can finish the season top four, and to be honest I am not sure that I want to promote this season. We may not survive in top level, but extra money would be nice. We lose around €150k a month, and balance is already below zero. I might have to sell a striker during the transfer window. On the other hand, we have an international now! Zesiger has been called up to the Switzerland U19 side twice. He played three games there and had three assists as a left back. Fantastic (never mind the red card). He's hopefully the first of many. Youth intake and third period will be in the next update!
  17. Awesome mate, finished all thread in one go. What a progress!
  18. Neuchâtel Xamax - 2015/2016 - First Period Update Swiss Challenge League We started off badly, then found our footing. In the first two weeks, we were pretty evenly matched against our opponents but our forwards missed chances, theirs did not. We got our first win of the season against Will away from home with a clean sheet and proceeded to lose another away game. Then came our surprising performances with convincing wins. We won easily against Schaffhausen at home and loaned forward Samuel Afum guided us to victory against Wohlen. Against Chiasso we lost deservedly, but after that loss one of the most lucky wins of my Football Manager career happened. We scored six goals from six shots on target against Le Mont LS. Safe to say that their goalie was not at his best. Samuel Afum has scored a club-record four goals in a match, and scored another two in the next game, making it 9 goals in last 4 matches. Third place looks nice and steady, hopefully we can be around there at the end of the season. Swiss Cup I wanted to give backups a chance against a lower league opposition, but seeing two red cards did not help. We lost 4-3 after penalties; board and fans were not happy to see us go out in the first round (expectation was to reach third round). Our player of the season to date is Florian Berisha, who has two goals and eight assist in 10 matches. Of course we have Samuel Afum too, who scored 9 goals in 8 matches but will sadly return to Young Boys next year. We are having some problems with injuries at the moment, I lost three of my players to strained stomach muscles. Also I have some good news from the board:
  19. Meet the Manager Gianluca Eugene Gress is the son of Xamax legend Gilbert Gress. Gilbert Gress is a French football manager and a former player, who managed Xamax in three different occasions for a total of 15 years. In his second stint at Xamax in 1981, he had a son: Gianluca Eugene. Gianluca was born on May 27, 1981 in Neuchatel. His father introduced him to football at a young age in Xamax's youth teams. He played as a central midfielder who likes to play killer through balls and had a strong warrior mentality. He followed his father to Strasbourg when he was ten but came back to his roots at the age of 13. He made his debut for Neuchâtel Xamax when he was 17, and went on to play 59 league games for them. When he was 19, he tore his ACL and has never made full recovery. He played in some other teams in Switzerland, such as AC Bellinzona and Lugano, but had his career cut short when he was 27 after his latest injury. After retiring from active football, he completed coaching courses to become eligible to be a manager in professional football. He has Continental A License. Players and Staff I have 26 players in my squad with average age of 24.5 and only three players older than 28. Facchinetti is clearly the best player. I have several exciting young players, most notably Cédric Zesiger, a strong and fast 17 years old DL and Adrien Zbinden, 19, an all-around AMC-ST. At the beginning of the game, I only had an assistant coach and two coaches, but luckily my board is allows for me to have a lot of coaches. In this save, the most important person in the club after me will be Head of Youth Development, who is unfortunately a little bit rubbish in my first season. I managed to capture Florian Rahmen (he was the best choice, believe me) who has low judging ability skills but has a positive personality (Fairly Determined). His tenure at the club will not be very long, but he is responsible of first youth intake. Hopefully he can find a gem or two. I signed coaches for all possible spots, and I tried to find coaches with positive personality. Tactics I tried to find the best fit for the squad for the first season, and it is a classic 4-4-2 with Team Instructions. I needed to utilize Facchinetti, so he is a wing back. My squad is weak comparing to other teams in the league, thus I did not try to implement an attacking system. It is a system with defensive central midfielders, wingers who likes to cross the ball and two forwards. I like to have possession to have a good defense, and I try to use the width of the pitch as much as possible with the players in my squad. As I have said, I did not tinker much, but I will tweak the tactics as season progresses. Preseason I do not like to face strong opponents during preseason. I rather arrange a lot of friendlies against weak teams to boost squad's morale. I did the same with Xamax, and played seven matches against bad teams. My squad had found time to gel and get accustomed to the tactic.
  20. I had been waiting to play FM16 for a few months, and finally got it on my birthday at the end of May. During last month I played five exhausting seasons with my favorite club, and I feel like I am ready for a challenge. I tried youth academy challenges in last versions for a few times, but never had a chance to play more than two seasons. That is why I am starting this thread, to feel a little bit of responsibility and practice my English during the process. I am going to control Neuchatel Xamax, starting from 2015-2016 season. I originally created a manager named Gianluca Eugene Gerber, but for the sake of the story, I set his nickname to Gianluca Eugene Gress (Also, the manager picture belongs to a Swiss singer named Patrick Duo, who was born in the same year as my manager). I am going to write updates at the start of the season, after every 9 league matches (each team plays 36 matches in a season), after youth intake, and at the end of the season obviously. My game setup has two leagues from Switzerland, and top leagues from Spain, England and Turkey (view-only). Database is medium, advanced options are as shown here. I included all players from Swiss Promotion League (non-playable league). I think that's it for the first post, hopefully I can complete my goals before FM17! As a side note, I would be glad to hear suggestions about formatting. Should I give links to player profiles or just include them as images on the thread? Can't decide which one is better. Neuchâtel Xamax Neuchâtel Xamax FCS is a Swiss football club, based in Neuchâtel. It was founded in 1912, 1970, 2012 and 2013! It was firstly created in 1970 through a merger between FC Cantonal and FC Xamax ('Xam' Max Abegglen happens to be one of the founding members). Lastly, it merged with FC Serrières in May 2013. The reason for the last merge was the bankruptcy declared in 2012 and resulted in demotion from Swiss Super League. The club then made third successive promotions to the Challenge League (second level of Swiss football system), and currently plays 2nd tier football. They play their matches in Stade de la Maladière, which was opened in 2007 and has a capacity of 11977 and has synthetic surface. They have won the Swiss Super League three times (1916, 1987 and 1988), and finished 2nd or 3rd ten times. They were also runners up in Swiss Cup six times. Neuchâtel Xamax was a familiar sight in Europe during 80s and 90s, beating the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Sporting CP, Celtic and Galatasaray at home. My aim is to win Swiss Super League and a European competition with them, using only players from club's youth academy. Facilities look OK for the beginning. I think I have four upgrades for training facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment and five for youth facilities. It is going to be fun. Also, Media Prediction is last place finish.
  21. Any country suggestions for a first time youth challenge player? I really wanted to do this in the Netherlands but in the first post it says it isn't possible. I want it to be in Europe but not in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Turkey. Switzerland looks good, but I don't know if the league is competitive or not. Also, level of its youth rating is not very high, so I am not sure.
  22. Wow. Read the entire thread tonight and this is amazing!!! I think I'll try to do the same thing in FM13 but I guess it won't work in Turkey... Hopefully it works. Congratulations on having such a wonderful career. Iker Sola
  23. I'd also suggest you to have a 2nd term with Kirklarelispor. They are close to my hometown Tekirdag (about 30 miles) so I'd like to see you making them champions, or winning a CL with Galatasaray. You betrayed my favorite team! Just kidding, after winning titles in England, Germany and Spain you should also consider Serie A and Ligue 1 to have your own Royal Flush. Good luck!
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