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  1. And I want to drop this here because it's a really exciting season!
  2. Youth Intake 2022 Only two players tagged this year, but I'm hopeful of their development. Ekra Tomasic (22A) | Tom Guichard (22B) Tomasic already has a lot of excellent attributes and I hope he can improve. I don't like his personality. Guichard on the other hand, is a perfect candidate to fill the center back void with his potential and Professional personality. Old Players Muratovic (19B) is our first player who is capped at national team level. He's playing excellent and improving like crazy. Good thing is he'll be with us three more years. I'm hoping to be able to extend his contract if we can be more successful in the league. Pinault (18B) is another player who is playing a crucial role in our team. 20 year-old AMR has become a constant force on the right wing. Just accepted a new contract offer, which will tie him down for 5 more years + 3 years optional contract extension. Di Finizio (20A) is one of the better players in the club, and fighting for the top goal scorer award in the league. I sometimes have to rotate him with Zamaku (19A) who is also scoring a lot, but I don't want to play with two forwards. Silva (17B) has become a constant presence between the sticks and nearing his 200th game with the club. David (21A) has developed well over the last year, I'm hoping he can be a contributor in the near future.
  3. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2020/2021 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League Another season is over and it was our best season yet! We managed to collect 42 points and finished 6th, both are records in this save. 5th and 8th places were divided by only three points in total, so it was really exciting to finish in 6th place. We only conceded 40 goals in 36 matches, but scored only 31. I'll look at the glass half full and say that defensive improvements are encouraging and offense will come once the boys improve further. Basel took the title back from Zürich, who could only finish 3rd after a disappointing campaign. Pinault (18B), who is now valued at €7.75M, was in my opinion the best performer of the season, scoring 9 goals and finishing with 7.70 average rating. He also was selected as the best midfielder of the season in Swiss Super League (but didn't make the best eleven, ugh). Muratovic (19B) was a close second, and future looks really bright for the 19 year-old. He was in the team of the season. Oh by the way, Balotelli continues to tear the league apart. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Swiss Cup After winning the Swiss Cup last season, we got knocked out by Lugano at 90th minute. It was a disappointing one this season but next year hopefully it'll be better. UEFA Europa League Well to be fair, we were in a pretty tough group. OM and PSV were really strong teams, and FC Kobenhavn wasn't bad either. At least we fought bravely, drawing our two games against Kobenhavn, and also led OM 0-2 at the break at Marseille, only to lose 3-2. But it was a good experience, and also brought extra income. I can't complain. Fixtures Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers News Our U18 team has won both the league and the cup this season! We are improving both training and youth facilities. We have our first national team player! Muratovic (19B) made his debut with the Switzerland national team. Next Season Top half finish at last? I think after finishing 6th this season, top 5 is a good aim. Let's see if we can do it.
  4. Youth Intake 2021 That's an interesting intake with as much as six tags. I tagged two right backs, two left backs, one center back and one midfielder. I don't think any of them will be stars but they can all be good rotation players. Benjamin David (21A) | Jean-François Siegrist (21B) | Florent Guyot (21C) | Karim Bertrand (21D) | Endri Sabanovski (21E) | Matteo Mirra (21F) Look at the speed of these group! Well, it's not surprising since they all (except Bertrand) play on the wings. All have neutral or positive personalities too. Siegrist is the one I like the most, a speedy winger with flair. Sabanovski and Mirra also look pretty good as left backs, I wonder which one will be better in a few seasons. Old Players Baldi (17A) is sadly gone. Milan was determined enough to buy his release clause, and now he's with their U21 team. Pinault (18B) and Zamaku (19A) has a lot of offers coming in. Muratovic (19B) is becoming an amazing player. Silva (17B) and Di Finizio (20A) are improving. Everything looks good, right? Well, it's not good. Almost all of them want to move to a bigger club, and I couldn't figure out how to keep them happy. Squad harmony is dropping fast. Any suggestions are welcome!
  5. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2019/2020 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League Our best season so far in the league. After collecting 29 points last season, we collected 35 this season, improved our goal difference, and avoided a relegation battle. It was a good season for us as our players improved a lot. Basel took back the crown. Best player was I think Baldi (17A), and the most pleasant surprise was Pinault (18B). League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season I can't quite believe it. After getting eliminated in Semi Final three seasons in a row, we finally got over the hump and actually won the cup. Basel started of really well but Pinault won a penalty on a counter attack, then made an excellent cross to make it 2-0 in a matter of three minutes. Game settled down a little bit, but at 35 and 37 Baldi scored two more to give us an improbable 4-0 lead. We killed the game afterwards and eventually won it 4-1. Pinault was amazing with three assists. We finally won the cup after three semi finals, and we are the four-time holder of Swiss Cup Team of the Year award. Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers News Our U18 team just dominated their league, and won the title comfortably (I forgot to take a screenshot). Improvement of youth facilities and training facilities have finished, and now they are operating at Great and Superb levels, respectively. I also managed to max-out Junior Coaching, which is awesome as we need some players for rotation. I survived a board takeover, and they are improving training facilities yet again. Will it be State of the Art or do I still have one more upgrade? I am not sure. Also, we will be in Euro Cup next season, awesome! Next Season This season we avoided survival battle comfortably. Next season, I think should be improving some facilities, continuing development of our young players and maybe top 6 in the league? I think we need it after finishing 7th. I won't be too disappointed with another 7th finish either. Hopefully Muratovic (19B), Zamaku (19A) and Silva (17B) can improve further. Another crucial thing is keeping players happy. I don't know how I can do it, but I will try my best. Most of the important players have long time left in their contracts, thanks to optional contract extension by the club. Bach (16B) has 5 years left and I have 3 years extension option, for example. Though I have 16 players in their last contract year (all but two of them were at the club at the beginning of the save) and I have to make some decisions regarding them.
  6. That goals scored record looks pretty much in reach right now. Only need 43 goals in 16 matches to break it. Great job!
  7. Youth Intake 2020 I am only tagging two players this time, but it may change if Bytyqi or Gomez developes well. Diego Di Finizio (20A) This Catania-born Italian guy with beautiful name looks like he is born to be a star. How often do you draft a 16 year old with 15 pace, 14 acceleration, 11 strength, 12 finishing and 13 first touch? His technique and dribbling will need some improvement but 16 flair looks tasty. Théophile Bischoff (20B) I really needed a centre-back and I got my wish. He's not very good technically, I suppose he'll be a limited defender but he's not that slow even though he is 1.92m. With 14 jumping reach and 11 heading, I have a tank here! Needs to strengthen a little bit. Old Players Nebojsa Mijailovic (17C) is the second player I removed from the list above after Garcia (16A). It's not looking good for Limacher (18A) or Delaporte (16C) also, they need to train harder this year. Bach (16D) is really impressive. His value is up to €1.2M and he was fans player of the year last season. Sad thing is he looks like he reached his potential already, at 20. Southampton wants him. Last year's profile. Baldi (17A) is developing into a killer forward. He has 13 goals in 17 matches this season and is playing awesome. Too bad he made me put a €4M minimim release clause in his new contract. Last year's profile. Silva (17B) is better this season. Arsenal and Leverkusen still want him, but hopefully he's going nowhere. He'll reach 100 matches very soon! Last year's profile. Pinault (18B) continued his impressive development and now is a regular player in starting lineup. He already has 3 goals and 7 assists this season. Look at the pace and acceleration. His new preferred move looks like it works! Last year's profile. Muratovic (19B) is making me really happy except he wants to move to a bigger club. He's 4 star CA at 17 years of age, playing regularly and improving. He learnt 3 preferred moves already. Last year's profile.
  8. Thanks! It also surprised me, having such an intake with positive personalities, considering my Head of Youth Development is "Fairly Sporting." I'm posting last Youth Intake now, and I have some good news.
  9. I really need to go to the final in Swiss Cup! Not only for a chance at silverware, but for a chance to increase club's reputation. My promising players are coming to me with the "I want to move to a bigger club" b.s., which makes me sad.
  10. Really glad about the news. Don't worry smp20, you'll be back better than before!
  11. Thanks! I'll be back with youth intake update tomorrow. As a quick update: I finished last season with 28 points. This season, I have 18 at first half of the season, but there are no awful teams in the league. But I am happy with the improvement of the squad. I am hoping for a top-6 finish. Also, I will face St. Gallen in Swiss Cup semi final, so final looks probable!
  12. That's a massive mistake by Athletic. Unfortunate for you. Looks like you'll be back in group stages in Europa League this season!
  13. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2018/2019 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League Another season, another last-gasp survival. After going on a six match losing streak against strong opponents, we managed to get 7 points from last 4 fixtures, 3 of which was at home. But I almost blew it by losing 0-1 at home to Aarau in the penultimate fixture. 71st minute goal against Grasshoppers meant we survived another season, because Zürich had to win their match against Aarau to secure their first championship in ten years. It was another difficult season but we finished with two more points and had -36 goal difference instead of -51. Another interesting thing was I had three 2-game winning streak. I guess all my team needs is a little bit confidence. Or playing Aarau. Bach (16D) was the best player this season, but it looks like we are going to lose him because he is wanted by five clubs and I didn't see the release clause when I renewed his contract. What a shame. Oberli had another good season but he wants to move to a bigger club and unhappy at the club. I fear I might have to start new season with a new midfield duo, which would be awful for me because they were the best two players in the team this season. Baldi (17A) had a great debut campaign, scoring 11 goals in 30 matches. I played mostly with 3-1-4-2 formation this season, but it did not end up much better than last year's 4-4-2. I feel like I have to play with two strikers, but a dip in Savic's form can make me rethink this. Going to 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 next season might be an idea. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Apparently, third time isn't the charm either. Maybe next season! Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers News I managed to improve youth and training facilities, and they are doing it again. It will be great once my facilities are set. I found a feeder club from second division and may loan out some young players there. But I am not sure if they are going to develop there better. Regular playing time or club facilities with good coaches? I have to decide. Board also made Sporting from Portugal a parent club without asking me, so there's that. U18 team finished second this time. Next Season Survival again, but this time it will have to be more comfortably. Facilities will be finished on September, so it would be naturally great if I can improve them further. I need to improve the club's reputation, I think, to improve youth recruitment. Let's see how it goes. I also need to improve junior coaching but I do not know how. Any tips? Or do I just have to constantly check and wait? Next season we might see Pinault (18B), Muratovic (19B) and Zamaku (19A) (though he already had two serious injuries as I feared). This season we had lots of injuries, I am hoping for a better luck with it next year. Edit: Board told me they are considering increasing transfer budget, I told them to improve the junior coaching but they rejected. But I went to boardroom again and they accepted increasing junior coaching. Great news! Sigh.
  14. Youth Intake 2019 I really like this year's intake. There are 6 players with 3.5 star potential or higher, and all but one has positive personality. Ardit Zamaku (19A) A really good forward with lots of potential. Already has excellent finishing, first touch, heading and acceleration attributes, and he is professional. There are no red flags except he is injury prone, according to my assistant. He needs to strengthen a little bit, but he is going to be very useful. Oh, and he already has a PPM. Damir Muratovic (19B) Looks like a player worth building a tactic for. I don't like using AMCs generally but this one is a gem. Best player of the intake for me. Look at that physical, look at the flair and the vision. Fairly professional. Can't wait to see his development. Marcel Aeschlimann (19C) Another GK. We have 3 tagged goalkeepers so far and one of them is attracting interest from the clubs such as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. I am going to tag this one and I think he may be the second best GK in the team a few years later. Jurgen Hyka (19D) The player with most potential according to my assistant. Even though I do not rate him that much, I am tagging him. Can be a useful player on the left wing and I do not have any player for that position yet, so I hope he can go and become one. Nice determination, crossing and dribbling with pace and acceleration. Amine Borel (19E) Excellent tackler already. I like having my captains in defense or defensive midfielder positions, and he has 13 leadership. Future captain in the making? Alessandro Bassi (19F) I do not have any DL coming from youth academy, and he looks okay, so I am tagging him. Old Players From this season on, I am going to remove some players from the list above, who are not developing well enough. Alberto Garcia (16A) is the first victim. I am also going to write about players who had improved well throughout the year. Bach (16D) is the most pleasant surprise. He developed rapidly last year and now has a senior role within the team. He played 18 matches this year and has 7.94 average rating. Last year's profile. Baldi (17A) is another player who had amazing development and now playing regularly in first team. I am genuinely excited for his future. Last year's profile. Silva (17B) is still the best young player in the team and Real Madrid is still interested in him. He is improving steadily and will be a star goalkeeper. Last year's profile. Pinault (18B) really surprised me with his rapid development. He made his debut with the first team and played another match. In the second half of the season, I am going to try and play him when I play 4-3-3. Last year's profile.
  15. I was wondering about that. What is the most important factor for improving Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching? I assume it's not about money. Is it only about reputation? At the start of the save, the club had 2*, now it is 3* but I only improved Junior Coaching once and haven't improved Youth Recruitment at all.
  16. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2017/2018 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League A crazy end to an awful season. Our squad's incompetence for this level was proven by the fact that we finished the season with 27 points. Luckily, Luzern was worse. After a twelve game winningless streak, we managed to beat St. Gallen who didn't have anything to play for on final day. In penultimate fixture, we went through a crazy fifteen minute period but my tactical risks worked out in the end, we grabbed a crucial point by drawing 2-2. For the last match, I needed to go with a more attacking side, so I gambled by playing 4-1-2-3 with WBs, thankfully it paid off. It was a long, difficult season though. I am not sure if we will be able to survive next season, but we can be proud of our achievements this season, even though we had a goal difference of -51 Basel just dominated the league and broke the record of most points en route to their 9th league title in a row. Oberli was once again our top performer in terms of average rating. He's 20 now and has €900K value. Savic was the topscorer again, scoring 21 goals in 40 matches. Good debut season for him in Super League. Silva (17B) has also had a strong campaign, though he conceded 91 goals in league He'll be great. Towards the end of season, I integrated Baldi (17A) to the starting lineup as Target Man. He performed well, scored 3 goals in 8 matches. I'm expecting a rapid development from him next season. Bach (16D) also featured in some matches, and is showing great development. Happy for him. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season We managed to reach Semi Final, as we did in last season, but at the end Basel was just too much for us. I am still happy with it though. It would be fantastic if we can reach the final next year! Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers News We bought our stadium and now own the ground. Apparently it can be expanded to 14971 seats, one thing I might be doing in the near future. We were already upgrading our training facilities but this popped up at the end of the season, so we paid even more money for the upgrade. We are also improving our youth facilities again! Great news. Oh, and our U18 team won their division comfortably once again, thanks to crazy goalscoring trio. They also advanced to Semi Final in Under 18s Cup. Next Season Next season will again be about survival. It would be nice if we can further improve our facilities. Financially we look stable, so I see no reason not to do it. I am thinking about playing around with tactics, leaning towards 3-1-4-2 or 3-1-3-3 now. It would also be fun and challenging for me as a manager to experience less frequent formations. Another aim is giving more playing time to young players. In addition to three players I have mentioned above, Victor Silva (16E) can get more playing time.
  17. Youth Intake 2018 It's that time of the year! We got another okay intake -- not too bad, not too good. Not too much depth, but three players are looking good, with one having Determined and one having Professional personality. Joel Limacher (18A) Looks like the best player of the intake. Already has good technical abilities. Strong passing, first touch, tackling, work rate and stamina makes me think he can be a good box to box midfielder. Determination is concerning, but I'll have a tutor reserved for him. Steve Pinault (18B) Looks like I have my winger for the future. Amazing pace and technique combined with 18 determination makes me think he'll have a nice career in the club. I'm really hoping he will be a good one. Julien Launay (18C) If he wasn't professional and my assistant didn't rate him 3-4 stars in his PA, I wouldn't tag him but I'll be keeping an eye on his development. Not a fan of the horrific mental attributes though. Garcia (16A) continues to disappoint me. I was really hoping for better improvement this year but his negative personality hindered his development. Currently on loan in second division. Last year's profile. Not a good year for Junior Ebwelle (16B) because after the draft of Silva (17B) he only played in 1 game. Though his training performance is fairly good. His personality also changed to Balanced. Last year's profile. Valentin Delaporte (16C)has improved a bit over the last year but couldn't crack the rotation yet. His personality has changed from Fairly Sporting to Balanced. Not sure what that means. Last year's profile. Nicolas Bach (16D) went to Chiasso, didn't have a high average rating but improved a lot. He played in 9 matches this year and had 7.35 average rating, quite awesome. His physical attributes are very well. He'll become a contributor next year. Last year's profile. Victor Silva (16E) is making me really happy. He continues to develop, he is now capped at U19 level, though in Portugal. His hairline doesn't look good though He'll play next year. Last year's profile. Daniele Baldi (17A) is really, really good. Actually I think I am going to give him some playing time in second half of the season. He has scored 11 goals in 17 matches in U18 level, so more competitive matches will only do him good. Last year's profile. Silva (17B) is the best player from youth academy so far. He is wanted by 12 clubs, getting regular playing time, playing in Portugal U19 and improving. Promising signs from him. Last year's profile. It's too early to tell about Nebojsa Mijailovic (17C) but he is making it rain in the U18 league. Last year's profile.
  18. I was hoping for some prizes but no income from cup run. Also, all games were away Thanks so much for the kind words mate. Appreciate it.
  19. Strong performance so far. Looks like local dominance will not be much of an issue. What are the finances like?
  20. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2017/2018 | Mid-season Update Swiss Super League We are not doing very well in the league this season so far. It's clear our squad is not strong enough to survive in the league. We lost two games in the league after 80th minute, sadly but we also gained some extra points in the dying minutes of the matches. We got two wins in our last three matches against two sides just above our position and Luzern's coach was fired after the match. We will play home and away against each team one more time, but probably matches against Luzern will decide our fate. It would be nice to get some draws against mid-table teams too. Basel is just dominating the league. Swiss Cup A lucky draw and an extra time goal against Lugano got us to the Semi Final, but we will be facing Basel in Semi Final. Board is improving training facilities and planning buying the ground at the same time. Great news!
  21. Thanks so much! Yeah, they look like a strong side already with good prospects. I am excited to see what they are going to do in the league this year. I am struggling so far this season, I am going to write about it in next update. I am having fun with updates so far but I might tone it down a little bit until I get more successful. Think I'm gonna play the game quicker instead of writing so much stuff
  22. Great performance in Europa League. 4 goals scored, 2 draws in away games and only -3 goal difference. Good job!
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