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  1. Another for SI's review (hopefully they do read these...have seen a lot of posts asking if anyone from SI is reading them, but haven't seen any replies as to whether they do or not...) - Make the money you make as a manager mean something. Currently, who cares how much they offer you? You are never able to use that money anyway. Why not something where you get to save money after a certain amount (that could change based on your preferences maybe?) has been taken out of your monthly salary? Then you could build up a balance and use it on things like investments, coaching clinics to increase your ratings or your coaches ratings, gifts to increase standing with players, or build up enough of a balance to try and get a group together and buy a team and then manage the team from the board room side?
  2. And a more detailed assistant report with the ability to view his suggestions, comments, etc. for each position...
  3. Just thought of another one. Would like the ability to tell a scout to give me a report card for every player I put on a particular shortlist.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned - just dont have time to read all the posts for this topic and didn't see it in my search - but would like more options for the team talks...like being able to throw the water cooler at a player, encouraging by yelling and punching locker, good job - but then it was expected, etc. Just overall more choices for it. Would like to have a team report overview screen that summarizes the coaches reports. Along these lines would also be able to get a report from the AssMan as to which players he feels would benefit from tutoring. More detailed control of the training, such as aspects within the overall categories to adjust the training on. Also - the ability to set a player to train to learn to play a particular way - such as running into channels, etc. Off the field incidents. I know agents have been brought up and I agree they should play a bigger role. The ability to request weekly reports from different coaches based on what they have seen during the training they are in charge of. More ability to call team meetings or the ability to direct what the team should work on for the next game. In game pep-talks or instruction for subs. Request advice from the asst. man. in-game. I know I have thought of more, but right now can not remember them...
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