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  1. Season 3 with Empoli. Far from being done but I had to share this result. I was in really poor form, beat Sassuolo 3-0 at home and then got ready to be battered again against unbeaten Juve.
  2. Season 2 Season two is coming to an end and it's been a good and solid season for the Azzuri. I adjusted my tactic shortly into the season, as we didn't have the best of starts, and I quickly assumed it would be a tough and long season. But we managed to comfortably beat the drop with a great set of results from the end of December to February. Mancuso was a revelation for us, after he had a terrible first season in Calcio B, he really started the season on fire and kept a consistent level throughout the entire season finishing as the top goalscorer for us with 12 in Calcio A. Leo Stulac yet again finished with the highest average rating, although he was plagued with injuries. Transfers: While the aim was to essentially limit the amount of loan players, it was tough with the 6m euro budget provided. It was important to upgrade the full back positions, and Muldur and Costa provided adequate options for us for not too much money. I was not openly looking to sell Brignoli but with Sportiello becoming available for peanuts I started to look for suitors for Brignoli and with Marseille offering a value of 5 times what I paid for Sportiello it was a no-brainer. Oh, and Sportiello won goalkeeper of the year Fixtures: Expectations for upcoming 3rd season. With a budget of nearly 12 million euros, I'll be able to add extra firepower to an already great team. With a few additions I'm sure I'll be able to finish top 10 yet again. - Another season of adjusting to the best Italian league. - Limit loan signings at the club to 5 max. - Survive a consortium take over.
  3. Thanks for the tips! Just starting the pre-season now, the transfers haven't gone through yet (I'll let you know if it gets added) but I've gotten a budget of roughly 6.8m so I'll have to look for some freebies as there's quite a few loan signings that'll leave the club now. Stulac was incredible, and I'm happy to see the fans agreed with my 'standout performers'
  4. Season 1 I've been an avid reader on these forums for years, but I've never really posted much as I'm generally extremely busy. Yesterday, I started a game with Empoli (primarily due to being in the lovely area of Tuscany) and quickly breezed through the first season with no real problems/obstacles on the way. Ins: Alexander Milosevic - Free - Backup was needed for the ageing Maietta and Nikolaou but he's now cemented himself as the best defender in the team. Manuel Nicoletti - 120k from Catanzaro - Backup for Balkovec, young and Italian and a cheap buy what's there to say? Vincenzo Milico - Season Loan - One of the most promising Italian in FM, needed backup for left wing and up front. Daniele Ragatzu - 425k from Cagliari - Signing purely due to a childhood memory, where my friend and I would buy him back in FM08/FM09 due to his name. Outs: Antonino Fradella - Loan to Arezzo Luca Antonelli - 400k to PAOK - Needed to lower the wage bill, and given he was on 21.5k a week, I was delighted PAOK was willing to take him away. Stefano Moreo - Loan in January to Thun Whenever I start a game, I usually just fly through the first season without changing any specifically to my likening, so the tactic I created was a generic 4-1-2-2-1 gegenpress tactic with narrow wingers and wide full backs looking for overlaps. In the most interesting game of the season, this tactic surprised Juventus/Zebre and we managed to beat them in their own home in the cup. Standouts throughout the season: Andrea La Mantia - Goal machine. Happy to see a transfer was already agreed with his loan for 3.5m Leo Stulac - Budget Tonali. 10 assists from a defensive midfield position. Jure Balkovec - You need an assist? You get an assist. Everybody gets an assist. With 21 million incoming for pre-agreed transfers for Hamed Traore and La Gumina I'll see what I can come up with to avoid the drop from Serie A.
  5. I think you are good now, what a shambles. On a further note, looking forward to hearing all your stories about Spurs. I think Davinson Sanchez has been criminally underrated for this version.
  6. 60 goals in 34 games for his previous club. I hope he is banging in the goals for Orient too.
  7. Superb guide as always @Jogo Bonito I'm contemplating starting a game with Cardiff. Does anyone know if they can quality for Europe via the domestic league?
  8. To anyone who suggested Gustavo Bou - Take a bow! False 9 with short passing as the only other player instruction
  9. Am I the only surprised to see that Shilow Tracey only has a PA of like 60?
  10. Are you the real Emil Debski? Paradise Hotel contestant and CM legend? Other than that the hair pack looks class, and it will be an instant download from me.
  11. How on earth is Higuain not offside here? Match fixing in FM2015? http://imgur.com/JPASXak,w3gzxe7#1
  12. He is Danish mate. Plays for FC Vestsjælland in the Danish Superliga. Fairly decent actually, was in contention for the National squad few years back. He also played for Zenit in Russia for a couple of seasons, without any breakthrough though.
  13. Is it possible to get your own stadium at some point?
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