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  1. Just want to thank the Handheld team for all their hard work over the years, and their continued support of an ever improving title. the new features are fantastic and I'm sure most of the small bugs will be patched soon. I've played 3 versions of this now and they just keep getting get better. I tend to see too much negativity and criticism on these boards and really wanted to let you know a lot of us really appreciate what your small team does. Cheers! PS. I hate the clutter up the Forum, but the announcement thread was already locked and wasn't sure if there was a better place to put this.
  2. This may not be the appropriate forum for this but, I've played quite a lot of Football Manager Handheld on PSP, ios, and the computer version and I cant ever recall any moments like Roberto Carlos firing that Free kick against France, Van Bastan's volley, or Xabi's (many) attempts from half. Does the game engine allow this type of thing to happen? Will a player with sufficient Flair, Creativity, and Long Shot attributes have a go from 45 yards out, and for that matter will a keeper ever be out of position in the first place? Maybe I've just been unlucky?
  3. First time on the forums and first attempt at iOS version and i have to say I'm very impressed overall and while i have been lucky enough to avoid some of the common problems most people seem to have i have a question on moral and happiness. I've been playing as Celtic and after a rough first season coming to grips with the game, i have excelled to win 6 consecutive league titles and the champions league 3 of the last 4 years. naturally some attention has been paid to some of my better players and several large clubs (Madrid, Milan, Man City) have come in for my first team players and this is where my problem begins. I don't need the cash as I've been fiscally responsible, and made a killing selling my mediocre youth players, but despite the fact that i pay my players competitively (90k) once these large clubs make an offer my players demand to leave. at first i rejected this hoping they'ed sign a new contract but as i viewed my team there were warnings from 5 or 6 of my players saying they have a "strained relationship" with player transfer target x. I didnt want to have team chemistry fall apart so i accepted the next massively overpriced bid only to find that now half my team, Including the players with a "strained relationship" are unhappy at the sale of a star player! so it seems to be a lose-lose situation... unless I'm missing something. so is that just the nature of management or something else? If it helps i only have Scotland loaded. as a side note i feel the term "star player" is used way too loosely as it seems to apply to half my team.