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  1. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 2-8 & 7-8 Transfers No transfers this session. Fixtures Games missed due to Family visit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Home) Vs. Forest Green -0-1 - FA Trophy 2nd Round (Away) Vs. Bath-0-1- BSP (Home) Vs. Forest Green- 1-2- BSP (Home) Vs. Rochdale- 2-1- BSP (Away) Vs. Woking- 1-2- BSP (Away) Vs. Gateshead- 1-0- BSP (Home) Vs. Accrington-0-0- BSP (Home) Vs. York-3-0- BSP (Away) Vs. Kidderminster-1-1- BSP (Home) Vs. Hereford-2-2- BSP (Away) Vs. AFC Telford- 2-0- BSP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-8 Session ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Home) Vs. Barrow- 3-2- BSP- not off to a great start as we had a goal disallowed within the first 10 mins, and Barrow take the lead on 25 mins, but not long after Brewerton draws it level with a great long ranged effort, which was to no avail as Barrow secure their lead again immediately after, 2-1 going into the break. Cassidy scores from a quick free kick to draw it level. we finally take the lead after a break away from Tennant, which leads to a cross that finds Kinsella who taps it in to make it 3-2, and secured WSM the 3 points. (Home) Vs. Cambridge- 2-0- BSP- promising start for WSM, as we have had a good portion of the ball and a few chances, i have high hopes for this game. the pressure paid off half way in the 1st half with a great run from Brewerton after the assist from Cassidy, to make it 1-0. O'Sullivan makes it 2-0 with a wicked strike from the right side of the box. (Away) Vs. Farnborough- 2-6- BSP- Player Vs. Player - Farnboro take the lead after a deflection off the post is converted to make it 1-0. we equalise near half time when Gaudenzi is put in on goal to make it 1-1, but almost straight after Farnboro take the lead when our defence is caught off guard. soon after the restart, Petrovic accidently puts the ball in our net after a corner, and then again 10 mins later, what are you like! few minutes later, a scramble lead to a 5th for Graham. we get a consolation goal, as Pelsoi find himself in the right place at the right time. last few moments of the game, another own goal! to make it 6-2, got well and truly taken to school. (Home) Vs. Grimsby- 1-0- BSP- looking to try abd bounce back against Grimsby after the shocker of a result against Graham team, need to keep confidence up to see the season out. pretty timid first half with not much in the way of goals, but a few chances for both sides. Webster finally breaks the deadlock with a header off a free kick. final score, 1-0, but the scoreline didn't reflect the stats and how we dominated mos of the game, especially in the second half. (Away) Vs. Oldham- 2-0- BSP- not much in the way of action in the first half, with the score staying 0-0 going into the break, but Oldham looked like the better team, proud that we managed to hang on. not until past the hour mark, the deadlock was broken, when Micheli score a sweet header off a corner. Brewerton makes it 2-0 wih 10 mins left to play. (Home) Vs. AFC Wimbledon- 3-0- BSP- following the same as the last few games, with a lack-luster first half, but this time out, we manage to gain a lead before half time, with the goal coming from Pelosi. Our lead was soon doubled, when Holmes played a long ball into Cronesberry, who managed to score after twisting the keep in a great bit of skill, 2-0. Brewerton adds his name to the score sheet after taking the ball off an unsuspecting defender, 3-0 and cruising. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7-8 Session ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Away) Vs. Macclesfield- 4-2- BSP- bit of a rough start as Pelosi goes off injured early on, replaced by O'Sullivan. not until the 28 min the deadlock is broken, with a well placed strike from McCrudden from within the area. Macclesfield score just before half time, which is then almost immidiatly snuffed out by a counter from Brewerton, who puts it away after a one on one battle with the Macclesfield keeper. Brewerton adds his second of the game, after a well timed cross from Cronesberry, who in turn gets on the score sheet himself not long after; when he slips in behind the Macclesfield defence with the help of Barton. The home side get another goal making it 4-2. (Home) Vs. Boreham Wood- 2-0- BSP- Player Vs. Player - final game of the season against Dan's Boreham Wood who have been on top form for most of the season and have now confirmed there place in the football league. We take the lead after Gaudenzi is put in on goal, and made easy work of it. Brewerton makes it 2-0 on 76 mins after a great counter attack. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position End of Season 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th | Pld: 46 | Won: 21 | Drn: 13 | Lst: 12 | For: 77 | Ag: 55 | GD: +22 | Pts: 76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round Up To come so far, only to fall short at the last stretch. another season where we failed to get into the play-offs or secure a promotion spot. with the talent that has come in it shouldn’t be too long before WSM are in the football league. With improvements to our league position, from 8th to 6th, i think its only a matter of time, and with the PVP element removed from this league with the promotion of both Dan and Graham, it should make it a little easier. Goals - Improve league position - Achieve Promotion, at least a Play-off spot. - improve club finances James
  2. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 26-7 Transfers Players IN Nicolo Vesi (DC, DM, MC) - Free Transfer Federico Micheli (DC) - Free Transfer Ian McLaggon (GK) - Free Transfer Milan Petrovic (DR) - Transfer from Colwyn Bay for 7k Fixtures (Home) Vs. Aston Villa Reserves - 2-0 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Tamworth - 2-2 - BSP - not playing very well in this game as part way into the first half we go 1-0 down... and we also conceded a sloppy goal from a poorly defended corner, 2-0 going into the break. a good response from WSM after half time, with Brewerton getting a goal back not long after the restart. Brewerton makes it 2 with a long ranged smash from outside the box, what great character from my team to pull this back for a hard earned point. (Away) Vs. Ebbsfleet - 0-2- BSP - playing alright for the most part of the 1st half, until 10 mins from half time, Ebbsfleet get a corner and manage to sneak a shot in which finds the net. Ebbsfleet make it 2-0 after a lucky cross is deflected into our net by Meades. not much of a come back after that as that goal seemed to deflate the team. (Home) Vs. Dartford - 3-0- BSP - excellent pressure from the start, and resulting in a goal on 25 mins, after a nice little sequence of passes leading to Kinsella who scores with a tap in, great play. Gaudenzi out injured shortly after, replaced with Brewerton.we had a goal disallowed on the hour mark, but that was shortly corrected when Kinsella had a follow up goal to get his 2nd of the game, and almost straight away, he banged in a third to see out tha game. (Away) Vs. Stockport -1-3- BSP - a bit of a mare in front of goal, with Webster unfortunately putting the ball in the back of our net to give Stockport the lead. not long before half time, a well timed cross finds Cronesberry who manages to score, drawing the game at 1-1 going into the break. 51 mins, Stockport hit us on the counter, which leads to a cross that is converted, 2-1, shortly followed by another making it 3-1. Position After 26-7 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9th | Pld: 28 | Won: 10 | Drn: 10 | Lst: 8 | For: 45 | Ag: 38 | GD: +9 | Pts: 40 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 23-7 & 24-7 Transfers No transfers this session. Fixtures Games missed... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Away) Vs. Grimsby- 1-1 - BSP (Home) Vs. Oldham - 3-4- BSP (Home) Vs. Aston Villa Reserves - 2-1- Friendly (Home) Vs. Millwall - 0-1 - FA Cup 1st Round (Away) Vs. AFC Wimbledon - 1-2- BSP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Home) Vs. Macclesfield Town - 1-0 - BSP- given the recent run of bad form, i'm not expecting much from my team, and would like to build back up slowly. about half way through the first half, Mulcahy gets lucky and ends up with the ball at his feet, whilst making a dash for goal, and smashes it in to give us the lead which we hold on to until half time. a game we clearly dominated but failed to capitalise on, but in the end the 3 points are ours today. (Away) Vs. Boreham Wood - 0-0 - BSP - Player Vs. Player - quite the even encounter,with neither team breaking the 0-0 barrier. (Away) Vs. Chester - 3-1 - BSP - this game will be good for us as it could be a "bounce back" game, as Chester are, in my eyes, lower opposition. within 20 mins Chester go 1-0 after a poorly defended corner. we manage to equalise just before the hour mark, with a great effort from Gaudenzi. WSM make it 2-1 after a great run from Cronesberry, who managed to cross it to find Tennant inches from the goal to taps it in. a third not long after with Cronesberry adding his name to the list. (Home) Vs. Salisbury - 2-0 - FA Trophy 1st Round- pretty much been in control of this from the start, loads of chances on goal, but all have been denied by a solid defence until late the the 2nd half when we manage to hit them on the break with a great run from Tennant who finishes superbly. Not long after a long range shot from McCrudden is fumbled by the keeper to double our lead and secure a place in the next round. Position After 23-7 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8th | Pld: 24 | Won: 9 | Drn: 9 | Lst: 6 | For: 39 | Ag: 29 | GD:+10 | Pts: 36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to a game crash on the server, last two games from the 24-7 game data was lost and needed to be re-played.
  4. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 16-7 & 17-7 Transfers No transfers this session Fixtures ---------------------------------------------- 16-7 (Home) Vs. Kidderminster - 2-2 - BSP - i've decided to go for a very attacking style of play with this game, to try and keep the pressure on the guys in front, but so far it isnt going so well, as Kidderminster go 1-0 after some shoddy defending on our part. we finally find the net in the second half with some great link up play from Mulcahy and Kinsella, and Mulcahy getting the goal. the celebrations didn't last long as Kidderminster got there second of the game right after. near full time, Gaudenzi put Kinsella on goal, who put it away with the greatest of ease, final score 2-2 and a very luck point for us. (Away) Vs. Accrington - 3-2 - BSP - good pressure from us within the first 10 mins, and it followed up with a cracker of a shot from Mulcahy, which sailed past the keeper from well outside the box. Brewerton adds to the score sheet after the restart with a similar long ranged effort. Accrington get one back from a poorly defended corner. a penalty is given against us in the dying minutes to make it 2-2, but in extra time Brewerton smashes home is 2nd of the game to give the edge in a close encounter. (Away) Vs. Hereford - 1-3 - BSP - within the first minute Hereford are ahead, not the start u had in mind. they make it 2-0 after 15 mins. right after the restart, Cronesberry makes it 2-1 with a nice chip. 70th minute Hereford get a 3rd. WSM pretty much non-existent in this game and failed to bring a game let alone their A-game. (Away) Vs. Barrow - 3-3 - BSP - Barrow open the scoring on 31 minutes after a silly error from Riegler which led a barrow forward poaching off him to score. not long after a corner for us saw Meades even the score before going into the break. we take the lead after a great individual effort from Tennant down the right, and a great finish to boot. 73 minutes saw Barrow draw level after our defence was caught napping. within the space of 5 mins, Barrow go 3-2 then straight after we peg back to 3-3 which was the final score, a salvaged point. (Home) Vs. Farnborough - 1-2- BSP- Player Vs Player - first PVP game of the season, with me in 4th and Graham in 3rd this might be a sign of how the season will pan out, with it already being so tight up the top of the BSP. 9 min in and we are in front with a nice one-two play from Kinsella and O'Sullivan. Farnboro even the score before halftime with a nice sequence of passes. early in the 2nd half, one of Grahams players is sent off, so i decided to switch it up and push upfront and try and get the win. just after the hour, a corner to Farnboro see's them convert and get a 2-1 lead and the 3 points. (Home) Vs. AFC Telford - 1-1 - BSP- Telford have a player sent off early on, and a penalty awarded to us! what luck, it is then scored by Gaudenzi to make it 1-0. since the sending off its been all WSM. a break from Telford leads to a cross which is then volleyed into the net to make it 1-1. this game should have been ares for the taking but yet we failed to win even the simplest of games... ---------------------------------------------- 17-7 (Home) Vs. Bashley - 3-0 - FA Cup 4th Qual. Rnd- an early corner saw a flick on from Brewerton which found Cronesberry on then directed it goalwards to make it 1-0. pretty much dominated this first half, with WSM having load of shots, we did come close by having a goal disallowed. Wasn't until the second half that we got that goal back, after a great individual effort from McCrudden. Not long after, McCrudden could have had his 2nd of the game, but was denied by the keeper, but luckily gaudenzi was on had to make sure we got a third. (Away) Vs. Cambridge - 0-0 - BSP- not expecting much from this game, as Cambridge have been dubbed “tough” opposition. We did score quite early on but was disallowed due to an offside ruling. As i had predicted, Cambridge had controlled most of the goalmouth action, if not all of it in the first half. Score ended 0-0, a bore draw. Left early due to tiredness :-( Position After 16-7 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th | Pld: 17 | Won: 7 | Drn: 6 | Lst: 4 | For: 30 | Ag: 21 | GD: +9 | Pts: 27 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 12-7 Transfers Players IN Brain Kinsella (AMRC, ST) - Free Transfer - back up striker Fixtures (Away) Vs. Forest Green - 2-1 - BSP - first half was good from WSM, great control of the ball and most of the possession, but failed to get anywhere when going forward. Forest Green get a goal just after the restart. Brewerton makes it 1-1 after a cross from Thompson. 87th minute a mistake from the Forest Green defence sees the ball end up passed their keeper to make it 2-1, wasn't expecting that! but i will take the 3 points. (Home) Vs. Bath - 2-0 - BSP- pretty much in control of this game, with a good share of the possession and more chances on goal. right before halftime, Holmes smashed the ball from long range and found the net, a cracker of a goal to give us the lead. Near the end of the game, a corner is put in and a scramble ensues with Meades taking advantage of this and putting us 2-0 to see the game out. (Home) Vs. Aston Villa Reserves- 2-1 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Woking - 1-1 - BSP- off to a great start, as within the first couple minutes we go 1-0 up after a great link up with Tennant and the scorer Scapuzzi. Woking get a goal back on 35 mins. the game ended in a draw but to be honest we should have won this hands down, seeing as we had more chances. (Away) Vs. Rochdale- 0-0 - BSP- a stalemate, Rochdales defence was quite lucky as we pretty much dominated this game in every which way possible. (Home) Vs. Gateshead - 1-0- BSP- Brewerton was put in on goal but was saved and deflected out, which fell to Gaudenzi who put the ball in the net to give us the lead. we managed to see the game out, with all but a few scares where Gateshead looked like they were going to mount a comeback, but WSM persevered to secure the win. (Away) Vs. York - 0-2- BSP- York score within 5 mins, i have the feeling its going to be one of those games. York make it two on the 70 minute mark after a poorly defended corner isn't cleared. Position After 12-7 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd | Pld: 11 | Won: 6 | Drn: 3 | Lst: 2 | For: 19 | Ag: 8 | GD: +11 | Pts: 21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 8-7 & 9-7 Transfers Players IN Liam Flynn (D/WBR) - Free Transfer - help bolster my defence. John Mulcahy (M/AMRC) - Free Transfer - replacement for Cortesi. Players OUT Samuel Wiseman (ST) - to Gateshead Alex Wynter (MC) - Expired Contract, given free transfer Steven Meechan (DM)- Expired Contract, given free transfer Shaquile Coulthirst (ST) - Expired Contract, given free transfer Osvaldo Cortesi (AMR) - Expired Contract, given free transfer Jason O’Hare (GK) - Expired Contract, given free transfer Staff IN Mark Jubb - Coach Anthony Lecointe - Coach Luca Gatteschi - Physio Staff OUT Ryan Northmore - Coach - Released Maurizio Mayr - Physio - Contract expired Aaron Hurrell - Coach - Contract expired Fixtures Pre-season ------------------------------------------------ (Home) Vs. Weston-Super-Mare Reserves - 6-0- Friendly (Home) Vs. Cwmaman I - 7-0 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Aston Villa - 1-2 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Birmingham - 1-1 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Dunfermline - 4-1 - Friendly (Away) Vs. Farnborough - 2-1 - Friendly (Away) Vs. Staines - 3-0 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Swansea - 1-2- Friendly (Home) Vs. Torquay - 1-2- Friendly (Home) Vs. Bristol City - 2-0- Friendly ------------------------------------------------ (Home) Vs. Chester - 5-1 - BSP- start of season 6 of the FMELC, lets hope that this season is better then the last. not a bad start to our first game, as Scapuzzi opens his account with a cracker of a goal from outside the box. Meades made it 2-0 not long after by directing a corner goal-bound from the near post. 17 mins and 3-0 up! awesome! this time it's Cassidy who manages to get on the end of a Scapuzzi cross, and he gets his 2nd of the game befre half time, with Tennant putting in the perfect cross, 4-0 and crusing. 10 mins after the break, a free kick is slinged into the box, and Corbin-Ong manages to get on the end of it to make it 5-0. Chester get a goal on the 80 min mark to make it 5-1. what a great start to the new season! (Away) Vs. Tamworth- 0-1 - BSP - feeling a bit of pressure from Tamworth as they pushed early, we did have a goal disallowed which was a pain, but we must keep on trucking. Tamworth score on 52 mins, after a very suspicious calling by the ref. even though Tamworth had a player sent off, we could find a way to break down their defence, and unfortunately couldn't even get a point from a very winnable game. (Home) Vs. Ebbsfleet - 1-1 - BSP- Ebbsfleet score within the first 10 mins with a fluke header that bobbles into the corner of the net, leaving Riegler stumped. we equalise in the 76th minute with a great effort from Gaudenzi. Flynn got sent off after tackling from behind near the end of the game to thwart a Ebbsfleet attack, but luckily we managed to see this out and get a point. (Away) Vs. Dartford - 3-0 - BSP- had a great spell of possession in the first half, with lots of chances on goal, but failed to score. Tennant was having a bit of a nightmare and was swapped with new boy Mulcahy. WSM finally break down Dartford and score in the 65th minute after a great strike from Scapuzzi is deflected by the keeper, Brewerton smashes it home to bring us the lead. rather than throw away the lead, i decided to hold up and switch to a more defensive strategy, but soon after that we manage to double are lead after a great counter attack, which was walked into the net by Cronesberry. last kick of the game, a free kick is bundled into the net by Mulcahy to make it 3-0. (Home) Vs. Stockport- 4-1 - BSP- cracking start as within the first 15 mins, we have had more than 65% possession and 1-0, due to Gaudenzi getting on the end of a Brewerton cross. just after the half hour mark, Barton finds Brewerton who adds his name to the score sheet, 2-0. right before half time, Gaudenzi hits them on the break and shows some great pace and skill to put it away for a WSM third. Stockport get a goal back 10 mins after the restart. Brewerton gets his second of the game, after a great link up with Gaudenzi, he hits from distance near the edge of the penalty box and finds the net with a bit of help from the post to make it 4-1. Position After 9-7 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd | Pld: 5 | Won: 3 | Drn: 1 | Lst: 1 | For: 13 | Ag: 4 | GD: +9 | Pts: 10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 2-6 Transfers No transfers this session... Fixtures (Home) Vs. Aston Villa reserves- 3-1- Friendly (Home) Vs. Kidderminster- 1-0- BSP - missed due to lateness (Away) Vs. AFC Wimbledon- 1-2- BSP- a quick break down the right hand side for Tennant, sees him on goal and puts us ahead after 12 mins, great start. AFC Wimbledon equalise with a long ranged effort which seems to beat Archer before half time. Wimbledon get another goal just after the hour, when my defence were caught napping and punished. strikers weren't having the best of games and failed to make an impact, resulting in a disappointing loss. (Away) Vs. Hereford - 0-0 - BSP - pretty even first half, almost a dead heat when looking at the stats. even though we had more possession throughout the game but both teams failed to break each other down, for that i'm a little grateful as a loss here would have hurt, but then again another f***in draw. (Away) Vs. Macclesfield- 2-0- BSP- not expecting much from this game as Macclesfield are a stronger team. not much in the way of attempts from WSM as Macclesfield seem to have us on lockdown, but Brewerton did manage to break away and score right before halftime to give us a very fragile lead. a corner kick near the hour mark is converted by Corbin-ong to make it 2-0. Macclesfield manage to score but is then disallowed, it good to know that not all my luck has run out! (Home) Vs. Hayes & Yeading- 3-1 - BSP- had to withstand a heavy amount of pressure from H&Y in the opening half hour, but we survived enough and managed to put Brewerton on goal who slotted it away to give us the lead. H&Y did have a goal disallowed which is very lucky. second half started well with another break, and Brewerton getting his second of the game. not long after another break, this time Guadenzi helps himself to a goal to make it 3-0. H&Y get a goal back around 70 mins after a superb cross is headed home, to make the final score 3-1 and a vital win for us, to make us one step closer to beating our previous best position in the BSP. (Away) Vs. Mansfield - 0-3- BSP- after the last defeat to the hands of Lee.B's Mansfield i've decided to go defensive for this fixture, and if we get a draw i would consider that a result. not off to the best of starts, as Corbin-Ong takes a knock early on, and we concede a goal within 20 mins. Brewerton had to go off injured and replaced by Gaudenzi, which ok as he wasn't having the best game of his career. Mansfield get a second after 70 mins, and a third just before the full time whistle. absolutely dominated. Position After 2-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8th | Pld: 46 | Won: 17 | Drn: 16 | Lst: 13 | For: 69 | Ag: 61 | GD: +8 | Pts: 67 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round Up This concludes the end of season 5. the performance of my team was under par for the whole campaign, it was ridiculous. we were very lucky to get the wins that we did otherwise we would have been fighting off a relegation battle like we were near the beginning of the season. let's just hope that the new season will bring with it a new sense of competitiveness and eagerness to win game rather then doing the bare minimum. i’ve already confirmed a few players on long term deals and i have my eye on a few players that i hope will bolster the ranks, but a lot of players will have to leave as the wage bill is too high for the amount of quality or lack thereof, in the squad at present. Goals for next season: - Improve league position 8th or higher - Play-offs if possible - reduce wage bill - improve clubs finances (not to sure about this one, as the new stadium build has ballsed it up) James, out.
  8. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 28-6 Transfers No transfers this session... Fixtures (Away) Vs. Newport County - 2-4 - BSP - within in five minutes, we concede a stupid goal because we failed to clear the goal line, not the best of starts. we started to have a good spell of possession and more shots on target, but Newport held strong until the end of the half. 55 mins see's Newport extend their lead, but soon after Brewerton pegs one back with a great effort, but it doesn't last long as Newport make sure they have a 2 goal cushion. another goal! this time a mistake from Corbin-Ong see's Newport slip in and punish us, 4-1. 72 mins and Brewerton gets his 2nd of the game, but didn't really make a difference to the final result. (Home) Vs. Barrow - 0-2 - BSP - changed up my formation to a 4-3-3 to try and boost our winning streak. was going well until the 35th minute when Barrow get a free kick near the edge of the area, and they manage to score from long range. Barrow get a 2nd after 75 mins, WSM are just not in this game. (Home) Vs. Birmingham Reserves - 0-0 - Friendly (Away) Vs. AFC Telford- 1-0- BSP- abandoned the 4-3-3, didn't seem to work out, switched back to a 4-2 (MC)-2(AM)-2(ST). pretty even from the start, but right before half time Brewerton scores to give us the lead. lucky break, as one of there players is sent off with half hour to go, but we failed to capitalize on this, but managed to retain our lead. (Home) Vs. Ebbsfleet- 3-1- BSP- Ebbsfleet score within the first couple minutes, after a long range shot finds it's mark. We equalise on 12 mins, after Cronesberry putting Brewerton in on goal. we look to be making more of an effort with this game, and the stats suggest that we might break, seeing as we have had more chances and greater possession. near teh hour mark, Gaudenzi adds his name to the score sheet after a quick counter. Brewerton got his 2nd of the game, after connecting with a cross from Cronesberry. final score 3-1, and two wins on the bounce, might finish well after all if we manage to keep this up.
  9. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Session: 25-6 & 26-6 Transfers Players IN David Brewerton (ST, AMC) - great young striker, same kind of stats as Scapuzzi. Fixtures (Home) Vs. Bath - 3-0- BSP- showing some real promise from about 20 mins onwards as we get more possession and more chances, we have a bit of a break when we get given a penalty which is converted by Petrie to make it 1-0 going into the break. after the halftime break i decided to keep the pressure on Bath and try and get a second, and the players have really been gunning for it. O'Sullivan goes off injured, and makes way for Barton with Green going into midfield. 75 mins a stroke of luck as Scapuzzi gets brought down in the area, the Bath defender gets sent off and we get a 2nd penalty, which is scored by Cassidy. 85 mins Cassidy smashes home his 2nd of the game. overall a great game and an important win for us, as it will keep us in the running. (Away) Vs. Oldham- 3-2- FA Trophy 3rd Round- Oldham take the lead on 28 mins after a defensive error. We hit them back a couple mins later with a cross from Tennant which finds Scapuzzi to draw it level going into halftime. 5 mins into the 2nd half Scapuzzi connects with a cross from Gaudenzi to give WSM the lead! Webster went off injured near the hour mark to be replaced by Corbin-ong. 72 mins sees Tennant add his name to the score sheet after making an excellent run down the wing to get on the end of a well placed cross. Oldham grab a 2nd after a great long ranged effort. final score 3-2 to us! finally a good spell and it looks like Scapuzzi might be coming onto a bit of form, which always helps. (Away) Vs. Stockport - 2-1 - BSP- playing pretty well in the first half, as i had opted more for a defensive tactic as Stockport are a strong side so i'm playing it safe. we did have a goal disallowed which is a shame really because we have been playing quite well. First start for new Keeper Riegler. all our possession paid off, as on the hour mark we get a corner which is headed in by Corbin-ong, 5 mins later Gaudenzi makes it 2-0 after linking up with Cortesi. Stockport get a goal back on 78 mins. this game has plagued my team with injuries, with Cortesi, Cronesberry and Scapuzzi all out of action. damn you Stockport! (Home) Vs. Oldham- 3-1- BSP- not off to the best of starts as Meades made a mistake in front of goal and is punished by Oldham, 1-0 within the first 10 mins. Gaudenzi manages to draw us level before the break, but it looks WSM have more about them when looking at the stats. on the hour mark new boy Brewerton gets a goal on his debut, after a great individual effort which came off the post, but after scrambling it off a re-covering defender he slots it into the back of the net, within a couple mins Cassidy boost our lead to 3-1 after a short corner is whipped in, great play by my side. (Home) Vs. Woking- 0-0- BSP- first half wasn't that great, as Woking had more chances, but we had more possession, relatively even going into the second half. not much change, had a couple of chances to take the lead but failed to convert, another draw. (Home) Vs. Aston Villa Reserves- 3-0- Friendly (Away) Vs. Kettering- 1-0 - BSP- totally dominated in the first half, couldn't seem to get a shot in at all. after all the pressure from Kettering, we get a corner and its slinged in, and we direct it goalward, but they fail to clear it and we manage to get an own goal out of it! and to be honest i'll take that, and the 3 points thank you! (Home) Vs. Mansfield - 1-1 - FA Trophy 4th Round - Player Vs Player - pretty even in terms of chances, WSM are playing well and getting chances while playing a more defensive tactic, only thing that i'm worried about is fitness. Mansfield score just before the break after a corner is played into the near post. A great play by McCrudden who picks out Tennant after the counter who manages to get in on goal and equalise, and send this game to a replay. (Home) Vs. Birmingham Reserves- 1-0 - Friendly (Away) Vs. Mansfield - 2-6 - FA Trophy 4th Round Replay- not expecting to get through, but would still like my players to play well, because you never know, might pull and upset. Not off to the best of starts as Mansfield go ahead within the first five mins, and get another one a few minutes later after a defensive error. 13 mins saw a long range effort find the back of the net, 3-0 and no hope. 4-0 after 18 mins and Barton gets sent off after 24 mins, so down to 10 men and on the verge of the most humiliating defeat of this season. Just after the hour, my defense fell asleep again and was exploited, making it 5-0. we manage to get one back (Gaudenzi) but to be honest, it won't amount to much as we were never really in this. 84 mins see's Gaudenzis 2nd of the game. In the final minutes, Mansfield get a sixth and final goal in the coffin of WSM's FA trophy hopes. (Home) Vs. Grimsby- 4-1 - BSP- really need to bounce back and try and win this game. Not off to the best of starts, as O'Hare gets caught out of the area and handles it, gets booked, and the following free kick is then converted, 1-0 to grimsby. We equalise on 13 mins after a great break from Brewerton. On the half hour mark Cronesberry assists O'Sullivan to make it 2-1. we get a penalty before half time, which is put away by Holmes. Cronesberry shows a great bit of skill and adds his name to the score sheet, 4-1 going into the break, what a response. Not much happens in the second half, with us cruising, Grimsby just faded away and we saw the game out. Great win. (Home) Vs. Aston Villa Reserves - 0-0- Friendly (Away) Vs. Boreham Wood- 3-4- BSP - Player Vs Player - seems to be a running theme with my games as of late, we always concede really early, and this one is no different, Dan's team hit me on the break and get the early goal. Great spell of possession, reaching up to 84%. a free kick on 22 mins from McCrudden draws us level, pretty good shot from long range, possible goal of the month? 36 mins sees Borehams defence tackle a bit too sharply and gives away a penalty, which is scored by McCrudden for his second of the game. We do the same just before halftime, with a foolhardy challenge from O'Leary, 2-2 at the break. Near the hour mark, a fumble from Dan's keeper sees Brewerton scramble for the ball and score a very fluky goal, giving us the edge, and almost immediately the bounce back and get an equaliser. Boreham Wood get a goal around 76 mins to make it 4-3. Position After 26-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10th | Pld: 36 | Won: 12 | Drn: 15 | Lst: 9 | For: 56 | Ag: 48 | GD: +8 | Pts: 51 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Session: 21-6 Transfers Players IN Pascal Riegler (GK) - pretty good keeper already, with great promise, could be up to championship standard. need him to replace O’Hare who isn’t resigning with us. Fixtures (Home) Vs. Aston Villa Reserves - 2-0 - Friendly (Home) Vs. York - 1-1- BSP - not much to mention in the first half, good control of possession, but poor attempts on goal. Second half already off to a better start with more chances, and increased pressure. finally on 72 mins Gaudenzi rewards the teams effort with a strike on goal that finds the net. York equalise 10 mins later, making it 1-1, feel a little cheated out of this game. (Away) Vs. Tamworth - 2-0 - FA Trophy 2nd Round- some nice pressure in the early going, and some clear-cut chances but failed to convert. pretty even going into the second half. great start after the break. Tennant hits them on the break and slings in a cross for Cronesberry to slot in the bottom corner, great playe, 1-0 WSM. 71 mins Wiseman makes a great run into the box and picks out Tennant who was following up to make it 2-0 and send us through. (Away) Vs. Forest Green - 1-1 - BSP - seemed like we were being outplayed, but we manage to score but was disallowed, and then Forest Green score right after on the counter, giving them the lead. 65 mins, Gaudenzi scores to draw it level after the assist from Cronesberry.another draw. (Home) Vs. Cambridge - 1-1 - BSP - i've decided to go for a more attacking formation in this game and try and get a win, seeing as cambridge are a lower team. off to a great start with Petrie getting a goal from a long ranged effort. Cambridge manage to peg on back after half time. not long after we have a goal disallowed, hopefully this won't come back to haunt us, and thats exactly what happened, another draw. Position After 21-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15th | Pld: 28 | Won: 7 | Drn: 13 | Lst: 8 | For: 39 | Ag: 40 | GD: -1 | Pts: 34 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Session: 18-6 & 19-6 Transfers No transfers this session Fixtures ----------------------------------------------18-6 (Home) Vs. Mansfield - 2-2- BSP- missed due to lateness(Home) Vs. Paulton - 4-0 - FA trophy 1st Round - going to try and use this game to boost players confidence by getting a good solid win, might also give some of the lesser used players run out. great start within the first 10 mins we go 1-0 up after a break from Gaudenzi. 25 min mark Scapuzzi adds his name to the score sheet after getting on a cross from Gaudenzi. few minutes before half time Gaudenzi gets his 2nd of the game after the assist from McCrudden. not long after the restart McCrudden has an awesome shot from outside the area which manages to find the net, great display from my team. Gaudenzi took a knock, so rather than risk a full injury i replaced him with Coulthrist, ending with a 9.5 rating and 2 goals, not bad. final score 4-0 in a very impressive display. (Home) Vs. Gateshead - 0-1 - BSP - a corner for Gateshead on 20 mins is converted after a small scramble, giving them the lead. all of the stats point to us having control of this game, but yet we lose and fall further behind the pack. ---------------------------------------------------19-6 (Away) Vs. Bury - 2-1 - BSP - great start, within 5mins Tennant made a break down the right and crossed it for O'Sullivan to put away. 37 min, a cross from Cronesberry found Coulthrists head to double our lead. O'Sullivan took a knock so rather risk having another long term injury that side lined him for the beginning of this season, i subbed him for McCrudden. 79 mins Bury manage to get a goal back. Rather than risk the lead, i decided to go defensive and see the game out. Final score 2-1, and finally a win! (Home) Vs. Birmingham Reserves - 1-0 - Friendly (Away) Vs. Darlington - 3-0 - BSP - not much in the way of attempts for most of the first half, but on the 25 minute Holmes hits a great shot from outside the area to get WSM off to a promising start. After the break, we have a freekick near the centre circle to the left, which is whipped in and finds Webster who manages to stick it in the back of the net. Scapuzzi and Cronesberry link up to get our 3rd of the game. A nice comfortable win, maybe we can finally start getting somewhere! Position After 18-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16th | Pld: 24 | Won: 5 | Drn: 11 | Lst: 8 | For: 32 | Ag: 37 | GD: -5 | Pts: 26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After 19-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15th | Pld: 26 | Won: 7 | Drn: 11 | Lst: 8 | For: 37 | Ag: 38 | GD: -1 | Pts: 32 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Session: 14/6 Transfers Players IN Joe Cassidy (AML, ST) - promising young striker, also quite adept at playing as an Attacking left midfielder. Fixtures (Away) Vs. Ebbsfleet - 1-1 - BSP - pretty even start, quite the stalemate. until the 28 min, a nice cross from Cortesi, finds Coulthirst who smashes it home, 1-0 WSM, and then a couple minutes later EbbsFleet have one of there player sent off! what luck! Ebbsfleet get a goal back around the 80 min mark after a decisive break, a little disapointed that we couldn't keep this lead, but against a good side like this i draw will do. (Home) Vs. Cwmbran Celtic - 4-1 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Bishop’s Cleave - 2-0 - Friendly (Home) Vs. AFC Wimbledon - 0-1 - BSP - really strong start, great control of possession but haven't converted into anything worthwhile. Wimbledon hit us on the break and managed to get past Meades to put the ball in the back of the net, even though we have totally dominated the game so far and yet we still couldn't find the effort to score. this is shaping up to be the a really bad season. (Home) Vs. Macclesfield- 0-4 - BSP - same thing as the last game, most of the control for the first half, but again, we go 1-0 down because of a silly mistake. 2-0 down right on the end of the first half and then 3-0 down after the restart. a 4th near the end of the 2nd half, and not a peep from my team. the board should just sack me now. (Away) Vs. Hayes & Yeading - 3-0 - BSP- finally a stroke of luck, a deflection from a cross saw a H&Y defender put it in his own net, and almost straight after a goal from McCrudden after the assist from Tennant. a few minutes later Webster managed to get on the end of a corner to make it 3-0 within 10 mins. what a turn around, reminds me of the WSM of old! Position After 14/6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14th | Pld: 22 | Won: 5 | Drn: 10 | Lst: 7 | For: 30 | Ag: 34 | GD: -4 | Pts: 25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Session: 11-6 & 12-6 Transfers Players IN Uel Tennant (M/AMR) - Free Transfer - add more support for the wings Fixtures ----------------------------------- 11-6 (Home) Vs. Stockport - 2-5 - BSP - Game missed, played by assistant. (Away) Vs. Woking - 2-2 - BSP- Game missed, played by assistant. (Home) Vs. Boreham Wood - 0-0 - BSP - [Player Vs Player] - started on the back foot, haven't be able to really test Dan's defence even though we have had more possession. evened out more toward the break when we switched to a more of a counter attack. pretty much the same in the 2nd half really, tried to press more but my team were not responding , so final result a very bore draw. (Away) Vs. Kidderminster - 0-1 -BSP - really disappointing first half from WSM, nothing much in the way of an attacking force, and right after the break we go 1-0 down, and nothing, absolutely nothing in response... what the **** is going on! (Home) Vs. Llanelli - 3-3 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Hereford - 4-0 - BSP - not expecting much from this game as Hereford seem to be doing really well as of late and are flying high. lucky break, they get their keeper sent off early on, followed by a DC, and with the following penalty we go 1-0 going into halftime. after the restart i decided to keep the pressure on, and we turned that into another goal as Spice put away it away after a scramble from a corner. Coulthrist added his name to the score sheet with a great individual effort. coming up to full time, a nice sequence of passes sees Cronesberry have a shot which find the net after a major deflection. great game, but can't help but think that the FM gods have taken pity on my team as of late and thrown me a bone. ----------------------------------- 12-6 (Home) Vs. Newport County - 0-0 - BSP - for the half it was total domination by Newport, i'm surprised that we didn't concede, but we managed to hold on to a fragile 0-0 going into the break. We did try to mount a fight back, but unfortunately we were unable to break their defence down, in the last few minutes of the game, Meades is shown a red card for lashing out, Newport failed to convert the penalty, giving us a very lucky point. (Away) Vs. Barrow - 1-0 - BSP - Barrow are currently sitting in 22nd place, so this should be a chance for my team to try and get a win and boost our confidence. For the most part of the first half we were in control, good possession and chances on goal, but failed to put any away, what do i need to do to get a goal around here! Things were still the same around the hour mark, more chances but failed to break the deadlock, switched it up and put Gaudenzi up front and almost immediately he scores. We managed to see the game out and got the 3 points today, a games we should have won comfortably, we made it look difficult, wtf is going on! (Away) Vs. Grimsby - 2-2 - BSP - great start to this game, great link up play between Cronesberry and Gaudenzi, who does well to score with a long range effort, 1-0 and looking good. Grimsby equalise just before the hour mark, but not long after Coulthirst taped in from a corner. Grimsby then got another back on the counter and the final score is 2-2, amuch better performance. (Home) Vs. Truro - 1-3 - FA Cup 4th Qual. Rnd - we seem to have reverted back to old ways and none to the past we games seemed to have mattered as the first half, as dull to say the least, second half on the other hand is a different story, Wiseman put us in front but didn't mean much when Truro got one back. Near the 70 min mark Truro scored again after a 6 yard box scramble, and to add insult to injury, they get another goal before the final whistle, what a **** display. (Home) Vs. AFC Telford - 0-3 - BSP - i could tell that this match would be tough, and i was right, Telford go 1-0 up within the first 10 mins and left my defence stunned. AFC Telford were keeping up the pressure and managed to find another after one of their strikers gets on the end of a cross. Tried my best to change it up, switched to a 4-3-3 to try and get on level terms, but nothing, absolutely nothing, and to boot Telford get a 3rd. This is getting stupid now. Position After 11-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th | Pld: 14 | Won: 3 | Drn: 7 | Lst: 4 | For: 23 | Ag: 23 | GD: 0 | Pts: 16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After 12-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16th | Pld: 18 | Won: 4 | Drn: 9 | Lst: 5 | For: 26 | Ag: 28 | GD: -2 | Pts: 21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Session: 3-6, 4-6 & 6-6 Transfers Players IN Jon Meades (DC) - Barry for £26k (compensation) - really promising young defender signed from a youth contract and compensation was paid but otherwise it was a free transfer. Keith O’Leary (DM/MC) - Free Transfer - excellent find Hugh Petrie (DM) - Free Transfer - my team is more defensively focused, so having more DM’s won't go amiss, plus he’s a young player and hopefully will develop for the future. Eamon Green (DLC, DM) - Free Transfer - brought on trial first and played a few games for us before he decided to come round and sign for us, great defensive player. Marc Pelosi (AMRL) - Free Transfer - brought in to give extra support/rotation options Samuel Wiseman (ST) - Free Transfer - brought in to provide options for strikers, so far has played well. Players OUT Martin Reilly (ST) - Released - This pains me to release Reilly has he had been a great servant to the club but his wages were dwarfing his abilities and wasn’t worth it anymore seeing as his performances towards the end of last season were dropping, so i had to make way for someone that would reflect the new standard of the club Luke Giverin (DRL) - Released - kinda the same situation as Reilly, unfortunately Giverin had fulfilled his usefulness at the club, and to be honest i was paying too much for his services. Lenny Pidgeley (GK) - Sold £3.5k to AFC Telford - with the introduction of O’Hare and Archer growing into a better keeper, Pidgeley had fallen to the 3rd place keeper, and because of this he was kicking up a fuss, so rather than give false promises, i would try and sell him on and he now resides with AFC Telford. Lee Miller (ST) - Sold £6k to Notts County - decided to sell Miller because both Coulthirst and Scapuzzi finding their stride Miller was having more and more time on the bench, so rather him complain, i would try and cash in while his popularity was as its highest. Fixtures Pre-season Friendlies (all at home) ==================== Vs. Charlton - 0-0 Vs. Celtic - 1-3 Vs. Blackburn - 0-1 Vs. Bristol City - 0-3 Vs. Burnley - 1-2 Vs. Barnsley - 0-1 Vs. Brighton - 0-4 Vs. Blackpool - 0-3 Vs. Gillingham - 1-1 Vs. Worthing - 3-1 Vs. Cardiff - 0-2 ==================== -----------------------------------------3-6 & 4-6 (Away) Vs. Gateshead - 2-4- BSP- First game of the regular season! FMELC season 5 underway, and off to a great start, as we go 1-0 up within the first few mins after Spice advances on goal and gets a shot away and takes a few deflections and ends up coming off Scapuzzi and into the net. just after the 20 min mark a cross form Scapuzzi is then flicked on by Cronesberry to make it 2-0. just before the break a decisive counter sees our new young DC Meades caught in the dust and Gateshead get one back 2-1. a Gateshead corner results in another goal to make it 2-2 before half time. Gateshead make a break after the restart and get another goal to make it 3-2, time for a changeup in the defence, changed Meades for Webster and Thompson for O'Neill who were both having a really poor game. Gateshead manage to get another one before the final whistle, giving us a right proper whooping. (Away) Vs. Bath - 1-1 - BSP - both teams look to be evenly matched, but we look more likely to make something happen as we have had more chances on goal and our possession is great, but all could change in an instance. not until the 72nd minute, a expert pass puts super sub Gaudenzi on to goal, who merrily slotted it away to give us a 1-0 lead. a mistake from Webster, who deflected in an own goal right before the final whistle and gave a very lucky point to Bath. (Home) Vs. Shamrock Rovers - 1-0 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Darlington - 1-0 - BSP - dull first half, not much to mention. Second half was much more interesting, within the first few minutes we did a great link up play between Gaudenzi, Spice and ending with Scapuzzi who scored the only goal of the match to give us our first win. (Away) Vs. York - 3-3 - BSP - played by assistant --------------------------------------------6-6 (Home) Vs. Barry - 7-3 - Friendly (Home) Vs. Bury - 0-0 - BSP - going into this game with most of my backup/rotation players due to injuries, and within the first 10 mins another player comes down with a knock. ******** bricks right now as i'm running out of players to keep playing the formation that i like, and i don't want to change a good formation. first half was pretty dull, with both teams keeping it even, Archer has been playing his socks off with a 7.2 rating at the break. Bury have really piled on the pressure as we didn't seem to break down their defence that much and they outnumbered us in terms of chances, but we managed to survive and get a point and two more injuries, lovely. (Home) Vs. Forest Green - 1-1 - BSP - due to the amount of injuries i have taken on to my attacking players it has left my team a bit bare bones right now, and has forced me to change up my formation to accommodate, we are now playing a 4-2 (DM)-3(MC)-1, and try to get them on the counter. first half was quite promising as we had more chances and managed to take the lead after a goalmouth scramble fell to Meechan who smashed it in. our lead didn't last long as Forest Green bounced back with a goal from a corner kick, leaving the game another draw. (Away) Vs. Cambridge - 2-2 - BSP - not off to the best of starts as Cambridge go ahead within the first 5 minutes with a rocket of a goal from outside the box, not much O'Hare could do about it. on the 25 min mark Cambridge get a 2nd, because our defence failed to close down properly and was exploited. Soon After Cronesberry kept us in the game by getting on the end of a well timed cross, 2-1 going into the break. good spell of possession in the 2nd half with a fair amount of chances, which paid off near the end of the game with a goal from McCrudden to make it 2-2 and preserve our unbeaten streak. good point. (Away) Vs. Oldham - 3-4 - BSP - not the best of starts, Oldham took the lead with another sweet shot from outside the area, but apart from that we have been very much in control of this game. Our new signing, Wiseman, opens his scoring account with a quick rebound shot after his first attempt was saved. Gaudenzi scored near the hour mark making it 2-1, but shortly after Oldham draw level after a well timed cross and another a few minutes later making it 3-2. 81 mins, Corbin-Ong smashes one in, proper top corner effort drawing it level at 3-3. a break near full time saw Oldham edge the game to 4-3 and thats how it ended, a little disappointed that we couldn't hold on for another draw or even win. (Home) Vs. Kettering - 2-0 - BSP - pretty good start, as we pile on the pressure and have control of the match from the get go, and that shows when we go ahead with a great shot from Gaudenzi. first half possession just a bit over 75%, so i must be doing something right. same story in the 2nd half, with WSM controlling the game, makes a change to the drivel that i've seen the past few matches, Spice tops off a great game with our 2nd goal to seal the deal before the full time whistle. Position After 6-6 session: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11th | Pld: 9 | Won: 2 | Drn: 5 | Lst: 2 | For: 15 | Ag: 15 | GD: 0 | Pts: 11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Session: 28-5 & 29-5 Transfers No transfers this session Fixtures ----------------------------------------------------28-5 (Home) Vs. Farnborough - 3-3 - FA Trophy Semi Final Leg 2 - [Player Vs. Player] - quite even for the first half, i would say that we would edge it in terms of chances as we had a couple of really good attempts but failed to put them away, but right before halftime, a corner is headed in by Webster to give us the push we need to bring us back from the 2-0 defeat in the first leg. no long after the restart a cross is deflected in off of McCrudden to even the game up 2-2 on aggregate. Game on! most of the 2nd half was up and down, to and fro, until within the last 10 mins, Farnborough hit us on the counter to steal a goal at the last knockings. to be what looks like the last kick of the game, we get a free kick outside the area, Cronesberry steps up to take it, and curled it into the net! sending the game into extra time! what a finish! not long before the ET break, Graham's team hit us on the counter and there striker manages to slip past, unmarked, and beats Archer to give them the lead. a corner on 109 mins is poorly defended putting Farnborough even further ahead, somehow i think this game might be beyond us now. final score 5-3 on aggregate, with the first two goals being the deciding factor in this close encounter. (Away) Vs. Cambridge - 3-3 - BSP - not the best of starts, a mistake in the defence is exploited by cambridge and we find ourselves 1-0 down with the first 5 mins, then a 2nd at the 10 mins mark, 2 goals down and my players are nowhere to be found. we did have some recovery towards the end of the half by creating some chances but ultimately not amounting to much. the second half started much better with us being the front foot, and getting an own goal from a corner to put us back in it, but Cambridge came back with a vengeance and hit us on the counter. nearing the full time whistle, Gaudenzi makes a great run down the left and puts it away to bring to 3-2. In extra time, Giddings slings a cross in which is deflected in off of a Cambridge player to make it level with only seconds left! not the way i would have liked it to have ended, but i will take a point from this game. (Home) Vs. York - 4-1- BSP - great start with Rielly opening the scoring within the first 10 mins. not long after Cronesberry gets a goal after a nice cross from Spice, 2-0 up and cruising. 26 mins, McCrudden smashes one in, keeper gets a touch but isn't enough to stop it finding it mark. York get a goal after a nice pass puts there forward behind the defence and put O'Hare at his mercy, 3-1 going into the break. we have pretty much dominated this game, and to further assert our dominance, Wynter heads in a goal from a well placed corner, final score 4-1, and back on track. ----------------------------------------------------29-5 (Home) Vs. Mansfield - 1-3 - BSP- pretty boring for the first 20 mins, until a mistake from Webster leaves the Mansfield striker open and he puts it away nicely giving Lee the edge. Cronesberry had a real sitter of a chance when he had the ball at his feet and the goal at his mercy within the 6 yard box, and failed to score. Early in the 2nd half, poor marking from Barton lead to Mansfield's second of the game. Last 10 mins saw Scapuzzi get a goal on the break to keep us in the game, but a freak occurrence with my defender saw their striker get a 3rd for lee's team which put the last nail in the coffin. This could be the start of a slippery slope, but I do hope its just a one off *crosses fingers* (Home) Vs. Boreham Wood - 1-2 - BSP - definitely do not fare well when playing other players, as within the first 15 mins Dan's striker gets on the end of a cross and smashes one home to go 1-0 up, up until this point WSM are nowhere to be seen, not much in the way of attempts. A lucky break near half time, a penalty, which is then scored by O'Sullivan who came on for the injured Cortesi. Dan got a goal near the hour mark to edge the game, but overall a very disappointing display from WSM. (Away) Vs. Oldham - 0-1 - BSP- real test here, see if we can bounce back with a win to try and keep us in the race for a play-off place. Unfortunately, not to be as we go 1-0 down almost immediately. Real poor display for the first half, as we had only managed to get 1 shot on goal, I think I officially can say that we are in a slump. This game was against us from the start as we did have 2 goals disallowed. (Home) Vs. Hereford - 0-0 - BSP - we seem to be playing a lot better in this game after the team talk to try and help boost the team's performance. 0-0 going into the break, but to point out we did have a goal disallowed, which is promising, because at least we are going in the right direction. Totally dominated the 2nd half, but Hereford managed to soak up the pressure and with us failing to score, I’m just shocked that we can go from goals coming out of our ears to hardly any. (Away) Vs. Welling - 2-0 - BSP - good control of the possession and a decent amount of chances, looks like we might be getting back to normal. It was a long time coming, but we managed to get a goal, coming from Laird after a great run he smashed it home like there was no tomorrow! Good stuff. In the last 10 mins, Laird gets his 2nd of the game in a bold counter move, to seal the points for us. (Away) Vs. Woking - 0-4 - BSP - Last game of the normal season, a win could see us in the playoffs if results go our way. We are hit on the counter, and are punished with their striker sliding it in the bottom corner of the net past O'Hare, making it 1-0 to Woking. Right before halftime, a tight cross near the touchline is whipped in and directed goal-wards by an unmarked Woking player, 2-0, and a steep mountain to come back from.We concede a penalty on the 70 minute mark which is then put away, 3-0, and more insult to injury, they get a lucky goal which is more cross then shot, but it happens to find the mark and leaves O'Hare staring into space. Final score 4-0, and a very disappointing end to the 4th season. Position After 28-5 session: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th | Pld: 40 | Won: 21 | Drn: 10 | Lst: 9 | For: 87 | Ag: 54 | GD: +33 | Pts: 73 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After 29-5 session: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7th | Pld: 46 | Won: 22 | Drn: 11 | Lst: 13 | For: 91 | Ag: 64 | GD: +27 | Pts: 77 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round up Overall not a bad season from my team, but i can’t help but feel a little disappointed that we didn’t make it to the playoffs after spending most of the season there. In comparison to last season, we have improved position, improved goals scored to goals conceded, and had a great cup run by making it to the semifinals of the FA Trophy, so based on those stats, i’m pretty pleased, but nothing compared to trying your hardest to gain promotion and falling at the last hurdle; i think the beginning of the end was the defeat to Graham’s Farnborough after fighting back so valiantly in the 2nd leg, congrats to him on his cup victory. The aim next season, is try and improve on this year’s final standing and gain a playoff place or better yet promotion. Our cup ambitions will have to take a back seat this season as promotion will take precedence. James