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  1. So far pretty impressive did let in 3 against Man City but that would probably have happened whatever tactic I'd have used plus I did score 3 so point away is good for a newly promoted QPR Oh put 6 passed Villa and 3 by Albion for no reply.
  2. So all round to the pub after training worked for the genius that was Paul McGrath
  3. Have to give RMv5 a go in the Brazilian Matto Grosso league, none of the DOM set worked going forward in Serie C great at the back tho' would of made a fortune betting on less than 1.5 goals a game if it was real life. SSv2 worked great for the last 2 matches scored more goals than in the previous 7 using DoM,etc not sure why but think my poor midfield and the terrible pitches might have something to do with it.
  4. That's is the default option, I use CMs my FBs are good in the air so mark tall guys
  5. Nobody can get a goal from a corner ok tell a lie I got one in my Brazil Serie C save the opps left back put it in trying to clear.
  6. At the risk of teaching a granny to suck eggs getting a player to the byline around the 18yd line to cut the ball back creates goals, just need to find out how to do it
  7. I score every 15 games or so either directly from the corner or from a rebound or header back across goal after the corner. Have not found any really reliable corner routine but either aim for back post or penalty area seems to work best, I try to get as many good headers of the ball in the box as possible and hope one of them is in the right place at the right time.
  8. 2-3 a season about my norm that includes scrambles in the box after the corner.
  9. Not many so i'll list them here With everyone fit I just changed from BP-CBs to regular CBs, middle of the three is my only quick guy (acc 12 pace 12) and he covers the two slow guys With 3 slow CBs (acc 3-7 pace 5-8) then I use a deeper def line and the two outside CB are on cover duty. Sometimes I use FB rather than WB depends on how fit they are, still CWBa tho' The version of BoC I use is the one Rosler put up by mistake uses 3 CB rather than 2
  10. 11 games into my Belarus Div 1 save and just gone top on games won (prediction 15th out of 16 team) using DoM and BoC (sparingly) with a couple of tweaks for my down right slow CBs Just have to not take any team photos on the pitch after the game:)
  11. Belarus Div 1 update played 6, won 4, lost 2 both defeats involved me going down to ten men early in the game. Looks like its important to have a covering CB with plenty of pace/accel and a decent SS will score for fun. Next three games against 'yo-yo' clubs (****sk,Granit and Belshina) so bit more of a test.
  12. Quick update on my Belarus 1st Div save, decent pre season got some good strikers in and some old and not exactly quick CBs but at least they can jump and tackle did go for WBs as my RWB bagged an hat trick in the final pre season game. First league game was a 4-0 home defeat to Dinamo Brest couple of excuses for it they were relegated last season and have kept most of their players plus I had my 16 yr old centre mid sent off after 8mins followed that with two wins away from home currently 6th and I'm pretty happy. Used DOM for all games but moved the WBs to FB for the third game as my WBs couldn't manage 3 games in 10 days.
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