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  1. You can find anything else out about this feature when/if it happens to you...
  2. When a player in your squad retires, if he gets a testimonial (at least 10 seasons at the club) and you have been at the club for longer than him, your son will be generated. He'll have a random first name but the same surname as you.
  3. They will need to retire at your club having completed at least 10 seasons (where they have played matches) and with you having completed at least the same number of seasons (so you have been instrumental in their career). You know they are your son because they have the same name as you, you are their favoured personnel and you get a news item informing you that your son has come through the ranks.
  4. Yes, having a son come through into your first team squad is part one of the new unlockable. To unlock this the player will need to have been at the club for fewer seasons than you (ie you brought him through, so the example of Giggs posted by someone in this thread would not unlock it). There is another aspect to this unlockable - but you'll need to treat your son well and play out the whole 30 seasons to see it (and no, this isn't one you can switch on/off in the preferences. Personally, I quite like having a few unlockables in the game that can't simply be downloaded from the internet...)
  5. I must admit I'm a little surprised no one has discovered one of the other new unlockables yet. Maybe we'll give a few more clues as to what they are when we update the hints and tips guide...
  6. lack of harmony

    Each of the individual confidence bars carry a certain weighting when deciding the overall confidence the board have in your ability (the overall confidence bar is the key to whether you are sacked or not). For example, the competitions confidence has far greater importance than squad harmony in the board's eyes.
  7. From memory, I think you can save it for as long as you remain at that club.
  8. We don't model anything like that in Football Manager or Football Manager Handheld, so I can only presume this is a misguided attempt to 'guess' the unlockable...
  9. Do you have a save game which reproduces this crash? If so could you upload it to our FTP (instructions in the sticky at the top of this forum) and let us know. Thanks.
  10. Fresh competion for FMH2010

    Can we please keep comments about other games constructive (and post these in the off topic forum as this forum is for discussing FMH only).
  11. If you've got a save game where the squad selection screen crash will occur again we'd be very interested in taking a look - if you do have one could you email it to me? I've PM'd you my email. (and indeed the other crash you have posted about)
  12. FMH 2010 - New Features

    That might not always be all you get from testimonials...
  13. Do you have save games that these issues can be easily reproduced from?
  14. I vaguely remember a similar cheat being in the PC game back in the CM2 days, I think doing certain button presses would enable you to buy a player for free - back then, before I joined SI, I used to use that cheat but eventually had to stop myself because there wasn't any enjoyment from cheating. I'm sure most people will feel the same with this exploit (if it is indeed possible)
  15. Thanks for alerting us to this - I'll be making sure you can't do this in the future...