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  1. I wish i could try them all. I will buy and try FM17. So then i will see some changes from FM14 there, and then again from FM17 to FM20. But first i need to do the finishing touches on my FM14 editor projects. Fire up a game and see how far i can go with my childhood team. It will be the worst team i have ever played with.
  2. Oh, i love the editor. It brings my game to perfection. I do maybe love it to much, could play more instead. Now i do not know, how good other people are with it. But i do think i am starting to get pretty good. After creating Norway Cup for u19 teams, i have been fidling around more on the editor then playing the game. Some small changes now, and i cant think of more i can do for my FM14 game. Hoping the editor, basicly has stayed the same. So i can easily remake them and share on FM20
  3. I agree. In FM14 i do belive you can train whoever in whatever, and they will be better in what they are training on. There are so many GKs with good passing, i try to stay away from GKs with low passing, as i like him to be the one my defence can rely on if under pressure. Not one i have to hold my breath, everytime that he gets the ball played back to him Also, deadly inside wingers.. There is alot of those in the world of football. But realisticly, you should be able to train a GK to have 20 in passing. Wouldnt make him better in more important GK skills, but still. Should be possible
  4. I am really excited to try out newer versions. Jumping straight to FM20, could be alot of changes. So thats why i am a bit persistent in getting some of the versions before. I do think i will go for FM17. If it was almost the same as FM16 as you said, and so many people voted for it on the poll I will have a look. Most likely i will be amazed, as i have almost every version from cm98 to fm14. I was without computer for a half year in 2015, then real life had me occupied until the end of 2016. Bought a house far up in the woods. No phone lines and in a valley, so had no internet connection unti 2018. Now, i found satelite connection, and with a half year of moving, adjusting the dish, and cutting down some trees. I finaly got good enough connection to stream football matches. So, thats why i still am playing FM14
  5. Have there been alot of changes in the editor? I hope it is not still a problem with saving files in advanced rules?
  6. That sounds as some good improvements indeed. Tactical roles has been a real pain I have just downloaded skins, so it is some versions before FM14 i think i have played with the default ones.
  7. Perfect! If i will buy something before FM20. FM17 looks like a little winner
  8. I do think i will buy FM20, if not buying a version before it is released. If i do that, i have to play it before buying FM20
  9. Not saying the newer versions are worse the the ones before. But i do believe alot of people have favorites. For sure, they have appinions on new features, as you yourself say. That is also exactly one of the things i would like to know by making this post. What are the changes people like/disslike since FM14
  10. I do also love details. First month after getting FM14, was all about getting stadium, kit-packs and so on. After getting familiar with advanced rules in the editor. I have been more in the editor then playing a game. Now when i have soon got everything to perfection, i am thinking of buying a new version But. now i know how to do everything, as long as the editor has stayed pretty much the same.
  11. Hmm.. Then i think i wll maybe try FM16. Does it have many improvements when comparing it to FM14? If i remember correct, i read something about training have been improved? If you have played and remember FM14 that is. What kind of issues do you think FM18 and FM19 have?
  12. I have been thinking that it is about time to get myself a newer version of fm this winter. I am still playing around with fm14. What version since fm14 do you think is the best, and why? Has there been any big changes in the game over the years, included the editor?
  13. It is the same for the teams getting relegated from 3 division to 4 division, all of them get a club reputation of 750. The leauge reputation for 4 division is 20 and lower division is 10. So i do not think it is leauge reputation doing it. 750 in club reputation seems a bit much for a team getting relegated to league with 10 or even 20 in reputation?
  14. I have created a Norwegian 4th division (24 regional sub-divisions) for my fm14 game. Everything is finished, i only have one problem. The teams that get relegated from 4th division into Norwegian lower division, all gets a reputation of 750. That is higher then almost every team playing in the division they got relegated from. The relegated team, with its now much better reputation, does get promoted right away next year, and is now predicted to win the division. Is it possible to change the fixed reputation set for the teams relegated to Lower divisions?
  15. You dont need to buy the youngsters for that matter. Many of their players do get to play for their national team, so i think a dealwith a club like ASEC is good for UK-based club as well. If i am not mistaken, you will get work-permit for the players that have played a certain amount of games for the national team? If thats the case, does that count for the ones playing u21/u19 teams as well maybe? But for the youngsters, you would have to get a work-permit deal to. Get them for free from ASEC, loan them out to the "work-permit" feeder club. The ones not getting work-permit you can always sell for profit
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