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  1. Mines not working either what a joke!! If any body knows what to do let me know please?
  2. Your Son

    Has anybody managed to unlock this on psp 2012 version? I bought a player in my 1st season Iv played him every season and I'm now in season 2027 and still no joy? Anybody know whether I need to do anything or just keep playing? Iv just stopped him retiring is this the right thing to do? What happens if he just retires? Any help would be much appriciated cheers
  3. How to get on the board?

    All I have in bonus content is sugar daddy and remove loan restrictions?? I can't find anywhere what you can unlock on the psp 2012 version either? Just seem to playing none stop and not unlocking anything?
  4. Testamonials

    Iv had a player play at least 2 games every season till 2024 and nothing? Is this a glitch?
  5. Can you get these on football manager 2012 psp?
  6. How to get on the board?

    This is on the psp 2012 version
  7. I have been in charge of Luton now from the start of the game and now in May 2024, I have won the Premier League 4 times, Champions League 3 times, FA Cup once, League Cup once and Club world Championship twice also won the Euro Championship with England but still not been invited on the board any tips on how to?