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  1. I use teamwork match prep with default training. Took bournemouth to the championship title and an FA cup semi final.
  2. V3 is working superbly well for me on latest patch, Switched back to it after a 4-2 humiliation to Napoli in the CL. Won the return, away 6-0. Currently unbeaten in 15.
  3. It is possible. Place the fm10 tactic into fm11 (may be possible for 12 too). Load it and save the tactic again, now its saved as an fm11 tactic which can be imported into fm 13 as long as you are not in FM Classic mode.
  4. Media Fire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/72fz8ey8z9n2292/Barca__Barcelona__Nov_2010_.tac New defensive tweaks http://www.mediafire.com/?gwabz0wz4zynnmc Defensive Line: Dropped to the last notch of normal (before it changes to Push Up) Keeper: Sweeper Keeper Defend Defending Corner Set Pieces altered Match Prep: Defend Set pieces I have found these tweaks make my defence more stable, stifle the amount of chances the opposition have and also creates more space for your front trio to cause havoc as the opposition is more stretched where they are pushing up more. Using the defensive tweak version i won Prem CL and FA cup with bournemouth in my debut CL season. (4th season in Prem)
  5. Original thread (with screenshots): http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/332946-FM13-HBQ-s-quot-Messi-Barca-Tactic-quot-%28originally-for-FM11%29http:// Same thread on FM-Base with link to a defensively tweaked version and more screenshots: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-tactics-training/109301-hbqs-messi-barca-tactic-originally-football-manager-2011-working-great-fm13.html Edit: Original poster also posted links for defensive tweaked version. Oops
  6. Hi all, after failing miserably with couple of tactics on the latest patch I went back and tried out an old FM11 tactic by HBQ (from FM-Base). I'd like to credit HBQ for this tactic, it's 100% his but it has brought my rediculously weak Bournemouth Squad promotion to the Premiership and after 24 games I'm sitting pretty in 9th with a team I would expect to have been relegated 20th. Link to original tactic thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2011-tactics-training/70762-my-messi-barcelona-tactic.html Formation: Its a 2-3-2-3 or 5-2-3. Players: GK: Standard DC's - Fast and physical are ideal as a high D-line is used. WB's - These guys provide your width and link up with the STL and STR. I'd prioritise defensive traits over offensive so you don't get caught on the break so much. CM's and DM - Ideally you need midfield destroyers here. The cm's and dm break up play and thread simple balls to the strikers / WB's. The key to your defensive success lies here. STCL - This guy is essentially a Poacher. Matt Tubbs is still ripping apart teams at Prem level in this spot. STCR - Essentially a winger. A more technical striker should go here. STC - You need a creative technical striker here. This is the "messi" role and he will roam into space created by the other 2 strikers, breaking forward with through balls to either score or perfectly set up your supporting strikers. I use Jonathon Viera here who has scored 15, assissted 17 in 30 apps. Viera in STC role: Matt Tubbs as STCL: Fixtures: Table: When the tactic works best: OI's: Leave to ass man or turn off Pitch Size: Maximum Match Prep: Teamwork Notes: - You'll notice my defence is leaky and there are some rather embarrassing defeats in my fixture list. Being my first prem season this is a result of (1) Not having the correct players at my disposal (2) Probably employing the wrong team talks (3) Simply being overpowered by a far superior team. - The amount of own goals the AI has scored for me is actually quite comical. Never before have I seen a tactic pressure AI defenders so much that they regularly conceede own goals. Download Link: http://www.filefactory.com/file/2d0wfbwu9c41/n/Barca_Barcelona_Nov_2010_.tac As with any tactic, you will need to let it bed in for a few games before it starts to work.
  7. Yup, i'm on the latest update. Its going well. I'll win 5-6 game sin a row and then lose a couple. Really frustrating how somegames we destroy teams and others we are so useless. Still a great tactic tho. I use the absolute default version and i implement the contain/retain possession/play it safe tweak if im winning after 60 mins or so.
  8. iMan - do you use the default version? Currently in 2nd season with Bournemouth and i'm punching above my weight in the championship with the default tac but i do ship a lot of goals.
  9. Using this tactic with Bournemouth too. Got rid of barnard (ridiculous wages) and got in Federico Laurito on a free. Top after 19 games.
  10. If you're trying to play FM Classic then this wont work as only tactics created in the tactics creator will work. Try it in the full blown version and it will work fine.
  11. Went unbeaten in the prem with Bournemouth using the Stand off tactic. I do have a good squad but its a squad built on limited budgets as ive scrimped and saved to persuade my board to get a new stadium. My friend with Liverpool has an amazing no expenses paid team and apart from a loss in the FA Cup, dominated him that season.
  12. Im going to hazard a guess here and say 4-1-2-3. Going by Brob's previous tactic releases. Still, I may be 100% wrong on that.
  13. Hi, Is it possible to add tactics for the ai to use? Would love the ai to be able to use a few decent user submitted tactics to see if it makes the game a bit more diverse. (E.g. AI using JP Woodys or Raikans tactics, FM Grid etc).
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