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  1. that was a big true....but i really think that si don't listen in any offers
  2. the big database was too easy to make a good squad with less cash
  3. This is the true reason i think that many ppl left the game...many ppl had about 5 sub's etc...!!!but for me personally wasn't a trouble cause i was too good...someone who has cash of 5 sub's can't win someone who playing near 15 years....!
  4. this would never happen...si would never sale game or publish fml for other company....The ppl just don't give so much attention on live game cause fml worth 50$ per game....!!once they release it they have earned the money....if they release again fml they won't have so much profit and fml need ppl 24/24 and it doesn't worth it for 5$ per month....i personaly believe that si should split the ppl working on fml and fm or a new company should help them (that's why they cooperate with korean company about fmo)..!
  5. http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/6626/greisha.png
  6. personally i think it was si fault cause it had rubbish adv....!!! anyone has idea??i'm borring searching forums about any release or fml etc... :/
  7. on fml every match was derby...as i remember me i had a decent team and always playing attractive football and catch up best opponents...it was something magical... i'm now playing fm12 and i'm really boring...i don't find any reason to play fm12 cause i don't want to win cpu... ^^ i want challenging versus real ppl...also fml was pretty realistic...!
  8. that's not the point...it was a crime that fml closed...i think that fm sales was dropped down too...i'm buing fm near 10years now and i loved fml too...fml was the best fm ever made and i think that if they don't release something same sigame will lose many fans of that kind of game...
  9. hope someone listen us and make a miracle!! si bless us all amen
  10. i'm really missing it...the first days i wasn't thinking it...i was so mad so angry...afted i played fm again (Fm12) i never stopped thinking it...damn god i would sacrifice many things for that game...Noone who played it could resist it...if someone say that was crap or he is lyier or he is noob...that was the game of our dream and not fm...fm is a cheapie crap...fml was the best game i ever played and the game of my dreams actually...every day i'm looking for any announce about any new fml... i hope god and si give me again my dream back..!
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