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  1. Im currently playing FM13 and Ancelotti is the England boss on my save
  2. West Ham's Premier League results in real life this season suggest you're talking totally out of your anus!. Beat both Arsenal and Liverpool away, lost both at home to Leicester and Bournemouth Time to grab ya coat and call a cab , I'll do a whip round here for some cab fare. You might resort to a cheap insult or point out the numerous reloads, but even that proves nothing. Real football and results back my point up which is its happens, get over it. I could only draw with Ipswich in a league game not so long ago, but then I went and beat Man Utd in the FA Cup Final. Face it, you don't know w
  3. I'd like to see a new camera angle from your technical area, maybe a little higher than head height
  4. August fool as well with me. Anyone got a hole large enough for me to crawl into? LOL
  5. I would suggest to the developers that you, as the manager, can "say" things to the referee/4th official the same way you give touchline team talks during the match. Maybe you feel you should have had a penalty and want to put that to the referee/4th official. You might do so in a calm way or a more aggressive way with potential pros and cons. And of course, if you're say 1 goal up with time running out, select that option to tap your watch Fergie style and urge the referee to blow that whistle. I'm sure there's a ton of possibilities with this and quite complex in how it's done, but I'm posit
  6. Yes, its confirmed. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/exclusive-football-manager-unveils-new-5434869 is a link to an article about it with a video showing a littlle of it
  7. Manager animations also are in so expect to see an FM version of yourself in the 3D match engine waving his arms around like a lunatic From what I've seen of the animations, most will probably look pretty good
  8. How does 2,100+ hours and counting, no holidaying and watching every match in full (FM13) stack up?
  9. I feel your pain. This problem isn't just confined to FM15 as I also had a problem posting to FB from FM13 because of Windows 8 (I forget why). And with a 7-4 win, its worth posting!
  10. In a previous patch it worked, but for whatever reason, it was taken out or it stopped working with the most recent patch. Just hope it's back in and working on FM16
  11. An issue I've had since FM13 at least is when you go to your tactics screen during a match to make changes and then go back to the match, the information in the latest scores and updates widgets go blank for an X amount of time. Is there anything I can do to fix that?.... it's not a major issue, but it'd be better if there was a procedure to fix it.
  12. I don't think there is although this is a long overdue feature in my opinion
  13. 3D only, TV view on reversed (so Im on the same side as the dug out), no replays, FULL match with the speed setting one notch above centre. Always done it like that for as long as its been possible.
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