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  1. So that might be the reason. But why, now that I'm a PL club, have I not bought my own training facilities or have any option to do so?!
  2. I'm not sure this is a bug so I've written it here. I have, in 16 years of playing FM17 (game time) never had the option to ask for an improvement to my training facilities. I have upgraded my youth recruitment, youth acaedmy and expanded my stadium to the max, but still have 'poor' training facilities. It's getting to the point where I'm a big club now and really need something decent. Playing PL football and also Europa League, so it's really frustrating. Is there something I'm missing? Or could this be a bug? Or is it just my team (FC United) that won't allow it? Thanks.
  3. I am in 2015 in my game and in the EPL there are three teams with a point deduction for going into administration, and 90% of the clubs in the Spanish league are all in massive amounts of debt. It is stupid how badly the clubs are in debt; not sure if this reflects real life or not, but it is very hard to make a profit and keep your club stable in the game, especially if you are not winning things regularly.
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