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  1. Player Promise

    I had the exact same thing which annoyed me. I'd also like to add, on the same topic: Player asks for new contract, I think it's fair so agree to give him one. We even agree on salary. I offer contract, but refuse to give him the minimum release clause he wants, so remove it. Eventually after to-and-fro negotiations I offer more than we originally agreed upon in our conversation. He (or rather his agent) declines. One week later and he's back at me telling me I broke a promise to him and he wants to leave. Well no I didn't. I promised to offer you a contract with X salary and I did and you declined that. So how can he say I broke a promise? Now m best player has negative morale and again, very frustrating when I did what he asked for.
  2. Penalties

    Blah blah blah. He has missed 14 out of 15 penalties. That isn't normal. The game is supposed to reflect real life If it's coded in this way, it's coded wrong because this just doesn't happen.
  3. Surely I cannot be the only one who has noticed this, but it has not been fixed in any of the updates so I think it's necessary to note it here. I have good players. I don't have particularly good penalty takers. However, my record since I got to the PL 3 seasons ago is 15 penalties, only one scored. In two cup shootouts, I scored a 'normal' amount, around 80%. So there is clearly something wrong here. It's just so frustrating. Every time we get a penalty, I know with almost 100% certainty we will miss it, so I can't even get excited about the award of a pen anymore. Yes, my top penalty taker is only a 12. And he's against top keepers...but 1/15? Come on. I've switched it about too, an no one else any better.
  4. Upgrading Training Facilities

    Rich. Over 200m in the bank.
  5. Upgrading Training Facilities

    Below average training facilities
  6. Upgrading Training Facilities

    So that might be the reason. But why, now that I'm a PL club, have I not bought my own training facilities or have any option to do so?!
  7. I'm not sure this is a bug so I've written it here. I have, in 16 years of playing FM17 (game time) never had the option to ask for an improvement to my training facilities. I have upgraded my youth recruitment, youth acaedmy and expanded my stadium to the max, but still have 'poor' training facilities. It's getting to the point where I'm a big club now and really need something decent. Playing PL football and also Europa League, so it's really frustrating. Is there something I'm missing? Or could this be a bug? Or is it just my team (FC United) that won't allow it? Thanks.
  8. Work permit constanly denied

    From further investigation: If I offer him a regular contract; WP also denied. If I offer him a high salary in comparison to teammates: WP granted. This does not match the league rules, which say for contract renewal, only % of matches played for nation & nation's ranking matter. It is also contradictory to the appeal rule, which states I need 4 pts, and making him my highest earner would only get me 3 pts. Looks like this whole area of the game has been confused.
  9. Work permit constanly denied

    And now I see someone else posted about this earlier this week. I have been having this problem for months but thought I must have been making a mistake until now when I finally cracked and had to come and post here. Really really frustrated, don't know if I want to continue my game now
  10. Getting so tired of this now, I reactivated my account to post here after many many years. I keep applying for a work permit and it keeps on getting denied. Here's the story: I have signed many players, who could not get a work permit, but I signed them anyway. After a while, they play for their countries, fulfill the league requirements (Championship, 75% or more games played in 'recent' games for their country and ranking between 41-50). I tried for over a year now to get my Moroccan (World Ranking 21st) goalkeeper who is the number 1 and now has 13 caps a work permit but he always gets denied one. So I thought maybe 'recent' might mean over 24 months. So I applied for a work permit for my 20yo Burkinabe (43) right back. He has 26 caps for his country, got his first cap 3 years ago, and Burkina Faso have played 29 games since his debut, so he definitely has over 75% or more games played for his country in the previous 2 years. It is getting SO frustrating that I am paying this guy, and, being one of my best players, being unable to use him even because of a bug in the game. Can't tell you how annoying that is. I am 9 years into the game now, English leagues only are playable. I am so shocked that I have been unable to find anyone else have this issue because surely it's not the first time this has happened.
  11. Personal Problems

    He's not causing any problems though! Just want him to be happy so he can sign a new contract... and not have him have personal problems every few months!
  12. Personal Problems

    Yes, but then he won't sign a new contract. And he is one of my best players.
  13. Personal Problems

    His morale is still 'superb' and my squad has been 'willing to die for each other' for the past two years now, so it hasn't had any effect in that way.
  14. I'm starting to get really fed up with one of my players. Every few months he suddenly has 'personal problems'. This has gone on for the past five years. I've sent him away for a month, I've kept him home and ignored his feelings, I've played him regularly, I've left him out, I've done absolutely everything... it's not a big problem as he still plays well, but I do get a few media questions about it, and the fact that it keeps happening is starting to bother me. That and it's making it very difficult to persuade him to sign a new contract. I've just recently sent him on leave, he's been back no longer than a month, and he has more problems. What kind of person has these problems for over five years?! I was really hoping the new patch would sort this out but it's getting very irritating. Are there any tips? Any idea from anyone who has had similar? Cheers.
  15. Can't open patch

    Sorted. Thanks guys!