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  1. Third season of a Spurs save and after Man City sold Sergio Aguero to Inter, this was his replacement: Never seen since a wee rounded forward before and have never seen his name mentioned on these forums. And his history that shows RB Leipzig bought him for £550k before selling him for £20 million. Will edit in a SS of him at beginning of game or even if someone closer to the start could do so, that'd be great.
  2. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Nathan Redmond Your Team: Spurs Buyer/Seller: Man United Player's Value: £10.5 million Offer: £23 million, all up front Just starting the third season, bought Redmond last season for £6.5 million just to provide something different to the 'inside forward' type wide men. He ended up making 20 starts and had an average rating of 7.29 and did change some games when brought on as a sub. After finishing 4th and 3rd in my two seasons so far, I've agreed a deal to buy a transfer listed Raheem Sterling from a struggling Man City for just under £20 million which would leave my wide options as Sterling, Lamela, and Son. Formation wise I regularly switch between 4-2-3-1 and 3-4-1-2 so I think four wide men might be one too many.
  3. Count me in for this - sounds good. What about France - a few 'decent' but not top class teams such as Marseille, Lyon, Lille, etc basically anyone that isn't PSG or Monaco? If not, then I think Villareal, Sevilla or Wolfsburg.
  4. Totally off-topic in regards to your post, but I remember you praising Oxlade-Chamberlain and he has started the second season on fire for me but has dipped in form just as quickly. Just wondering have you seen this too? I realise he's still young and maybe just inconsistent. He's currently playing AML as a Raumdeuter where he got 5 goals and an assist in his first 3 games but his last 5 games since has seen a 6.76 average. I play a possession based 433 with him, Walcott (Winger-support) and Sanchez (False 9-support) the other two playing in my attacking 3 all set to Roam from Position. Might simply switch him and Theo or how are you playing him?
  5. Just started a save with Arsenal. After struggling to get into a save, I actually ran the game through until 9th February 2015 and then decided to take over the Gunners who were sitting 5th in the Premiership upon my arrival, with it looking like Man. City's title to lose so I will be focusing on preparing a squad for next season by assesing everyone in the squad as much as possible before the summer transfer window. Wenger managed to not qualify for the Champions League Knockout stages after failing to qualify from a group containing Dortmund, Roma and Basel finishing with a miserly 7 points so a Europa League journey will be starting soon where I'll be using mainly fringe players in order to concentrate on finishing as high as possible in the league. These were the transfers made by Wenger as well as the squad stats before my arrival. I look forward to what I hope will be a long and successful reign especially seeing some of the success already in this thread.
  6. Mikal personally I'd go for Romeu. c.ronaldo7 if you can use the money to replace him and strengthen elsewhere, then go for it. tyro no, keep faith with Woj. You'd just be signing Valdes for his reputation, I'm sure that with regualr game time and the right training, Woj could become as good as or close to as good as Valdes plus he is younger and unlikely to ever ask for as high wages as Valdes. Greys33 anytime I've played as Chelsea, I wouldn't dream of selling him but it's a lot of money so if you can replace him then go for it.
  7. Moved to a back three? How's that line up then? What players are you using on the wings? I'm not looking the instructions or a link for the tactic btw, just some feedback would be greatly appreciated! Some great progress since my last post but one thing that won't for a while yet will be the success story with Joao Pedro! Any indication yet as to his career once he retires now he's 30? Your next assistant manager perhaps?
  8. Just started a save with Swansea with a database updated as of 15th July. Currently just past the summer transfer window where I strengthened the squad with Rio Ferdinand on a free transfer to rotate with Chico as partner in the heart of defence alongside skipper Ashley Williams as well as tutoring Jordi Amat. Also joining was Oriel Romeu on loan for the season from Chelsea to add depth in central midfield as we will be playing three in midfield most games so need the depth. I felt we needed a right back to compete to compete with Angel Rangel and so, signed Matt Lowton from Aston Villa for £3.8m. We signed another centre back, however he is at the opposite end of his career compared to Rio - John Souttar from Dundee United in a structured which may eventually cost upto £2.6m. I've left my favourite signing to last, after an earlier save managing Argentina and winning 4 World Cups in a row, I bought the heartbeat of that team - Lucas Romero who cost £6.25m from Velez. If he's good enough to star in a World Cup at the age of 20 then he's certainly worth £6.25m, just like with Argentina my team will be built around him and he is a future captain. Regards outgoing transfers, there was none, not even a loan deal as my intentions to give every player a year under me with training and hopefully regular game time to as many players as possible before making a decision on each player at the end of the season. Plans for season one are to consolidate a high mid table position and possibly a push for Europe whilst building and devloping youngsters for 3-5 years down the line when we will hopefully be competing for major honours. Will provide an update for results at the halfway stage, hopefully earlier than that if I get the time. Anyone else playing as Swansea?
  9. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2014/04/10/bayern-munich-3-1-manchester-united-guardiola-uses-his-full-backs-in-midfield-but-bayern-better-with-a-standard-system/ Might be worth reading that link about Pep using Lahm and Alaba in midfield against Man Utd, may not be much help to you as it may not be possible to replicate them playing two positions as such in FM but I'm sure it'll be worth a glance anyway
  10. Fantastic idea for a thread some great analysis. I plan on starting with Argentina tomorrow and will analyse my tactics as best I can but it won't be upto the general standards on here so far. First course of action will be trying to put in all the attacking talent at my disposal.
  11. I'm no tactical expert compared to some of the posters on here, but recently started a save with Arsenal and also using a 4-2-3-1 which is pretty close to the suggestions on here but I'll post it anyway and hopefully it helps in some small way:
  12. I actually stumbled on it by accident when playing with Newcastle in another save. I meant to use WB-A but instead selected FB-A and the results were great so I stuck with it and had good success with it. I then read a great thread by JDownie in the Tactics forum about his 4-3-3 where he explained the benefits of it better than I ever could: RB - Fullback/Attack - I want to see the RB overlapping the AMR and supporting him whilst also looking to get in decent crosses. Having said that, I still want my RB to be defensively solid. I feel that FB/A offers better defensive cover than either a WB/A or CWB/A and so I have gone for the FB/A because defensive stability should never be compromised. LB - Wingback/Support - Like my RB, I want to have my LB be defensively solid. At the same time, I do not want him to be purely focussed on defence and so a Wingback role will grant him the freedom to get forward enough to support my AML properly. One great little thing I have noticed in my time playing FM14 is that a WB/S absolutely loves to get into the opposition's third and play beautiful through balls for the man he is supporting. An additional method of playing in the AML is always welcome. Yes its 14.3.1 on this game as far as I can remember, haven't been on this save in a while. Kovacic looks unbelivably good and still only 26, team will be built around him for sure in the trequarista role at AMC.
  13. Just took over Inter in May 2020 after 5 seasons with Celtic and 2 seasons with Benfica. They finished 3rd and 8 points behind champions Juventus in Serie A in the season just finished and dismissed Roberto Mancini. The squad is pretty strong currently and I'll be hoping to compete with Juventus for the league title. I am looking to play a 4-3-1-2 with the option of switching to a back 3 some games which will be new for me but something I want to develop as a back-up tactic. The main tactic will look something like this based on the players currently at the club. The club have won a few honours in the past 7 seasons and spent some big money: Consistently in the top 3 in the league apart from a disastrous first season, a Champions League triumph but serious under performing in other years so a lot to improve on. Aims for my first season in charge will be top 3 in the league and hopefully get closer to Juventus as well as the Quarter finals of the Champions League as well as trying to bring through some youngsters and make the squad as Italian / Ar gentian as possible (for some reason I associate Italian clubs with Argentine players haha think its mainly due to Maradona at Napoli and Inter IRL with all their Argentines in recent years).
  14. Another good month but as RTHerringbone says, a real shame it's such a two-horse race and no other team can step up to compete with you and Dortmund over the course of a season. You still using the 4-4-2 diamond you spoke about on Twitter? Also, is there any job currently you'd leave Bayern for or do you see yourself staying there for the foreseeable future and building a legacy with the great young prospects you have?
  15. Actually just found that screenshot in Cleon's Ajax thread but cheers Looking at him in that screenshot, he doesn't look like a future Ballon D'Or and World Player of the Year winner but his development and more importantly, performances show how good of a job you've done with him despite what some might say!
  16. Been following this career mainly on Twitter and reading the odd bit here and there in this thread, but just took the time to read it from start to finish this evening. A quite remarkable career so far, especially winning the Champions League with Benfica and having the salary cap of £25k per week. One thing I'd like to see which I either missed or there is none, is a screenshot of Joao Pedro when he came through the academy at Benfica?
  17. Go into the editor, click on File, the Load Database. Then click on Clubs, type in Barcelona and double click on the relevant team. On the details page, it should mention 'Reserve Teams' Click add then select 'B Team' Down the left hand side it should now say Barcelona B Go back and find the original Barcelona B and double click on the relevant team. Go to 'Staff and Players' then select all the players/staff then click 'Edit'. On the 'Contract' section. change their club from F.C. Barcelona 'B' to F.C. Barcelona ''B'' who will have a reputation of 1000. Finally you will need to swap the teams in Liga Adelante so go into that and click 'Teams' then click F.C. Barcelona 'B'and swap them with F.C. Barcelona ''B'' Save this as something, then fire up a new game. Obviously that's for Barca but you get the idea!
  18. There is a way of changing this in the editor so that you can manage the reserve team if you are interested?
  19. I would happily take £10.5 million for him as he's third choice on either wing, poor mental attributes and with his poor personality, he isn't a good tutor. Possibly will look at bringing in a young centre back and goalkeeper to replace Dawson and Friedel / Gomes respectively in the next season or two.
  20. I have also started a save with Spurs. Like JDownie, I'll be playing a 4-3-3 and my only real transfer target is a new left back. Only signing so far has been Luke Shaw for £17.25 million. Will be lining up something similar to JDownie: GK - SK/D - Lloris/ Friedel / Gomes RB - WB/S - Walker / Naughton CB - CD/D - Kaboul / Dawson CB - CD/D - Vertonghen / Chiriches LB - FB/A - Shaw / Rose DMC - HB/D - Sandro / Bentaleb CM - DLP/S - Paulinho / Capoue CM - CM/A - Dembele / Siggy or Chadli AMR - IF/A - Lamela / Townsend AML - IF/S - Eriksen / Chadli or Siggy ST - Treq/A - Soldado / Adebayor Like JDownie, no room for Lennon but unsure as to whether I'll sell him or not.
  21. So injuries to Rhodes and Campbell along with Aguero needing a rest before we play Dortmund in the Champions League quarter final, we face a striker crisis for the visit of Fulham to St. James Park so I give a debut to 17 year old academy graduate Joel Patten and he didn't disappoint: This is my favourite part of the game, along with news items like this:
  22. @Geordieboy52 Man City finished 12th in the second season and most of their players requested transfers including Aguero. Southampton didn't go down no, but I have constantly praised Ward-Prowse and Shaw since day one and am now on both their favoured personnel.
  23. Haven't posted in here in quite a while, so an update on my save. In season 1, we finished 2nd to Man Utd in the league while winning the FA Cup. Following on from my last update (post #558) I am now halfway through season 3 and things couldn’t be going much better. Firstly, I’ll start with transfers. The major outgoing transfers have been Fabricio Coloccini leaving in February 2015 to join Man City for £8m, I’d have liked to have kept him but he wouldn’t agree a new deal and so I thought £8m was too good to turn down considering he wasn’t first choice no longer. The summer of 2015 proved to be a huge window with a major turnaround of players leaving and joining the club with the squad becoming even more British. A recurring theme in this save is PSG targeting my French as they bought Mathieu Debuchy in Summer of 2015 for £22m, again too good to turn considering I rejected their first offer of £15m and he then proceeded to hand in a transfer request. Sami Khedira also left the club after an underwhelming first season, joining Bayern Munich for £15m. Man City bought Cheick Tiote from me but I would get my revenge on them very soon after. Others left the club for small fees or free transfers included the Ameobi’s, Mehdi Abeid, Paul Dummett, James Tavernier, Ryan Taylor and a host of young players who were never going to make it. Now onto the players to arrive at Newcastle. Ross Barkley joined us in January 2015 for a fee of £14.5m joining Steven Caulker who handed in a transfer request at Cardiff who were sitting in 18th position and joined us for £4.5m, bargain! In the following summer we bought James Ward-Prowse for a club record of £30m plus Craig Dawson going the other way and he was joined by Aaron Ramsey on loan for the season from Man City who bought him in season 1 and then barely played him in the second season. We also bought Leon Britton in on a free transfer following his release from Swansea, highly unlikely he’ll ever play a game for us but a fantastic tutor. We have just bought Nathaniel Chalobah from Chelsea for £15m who will most likely be a replacement for Moussa Sissoko who is subject of interest and bids from all the big European clubs including PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid and Juventus among others so it’s only a matter of time before he hands in a transfer request. My biggest signing however has been getting revenge on Man City for stealing Tiote from me, Sergio Aguero handed in a transfer request and was listed for £20.5m so I made a bid and offered a contract not expecting him to choose us considering he could choose any club in the world but surprisingly he chose Newcastle. The only bad thing is that he is on £180k per week and had been keeping a wage cap of £60k per week and I’m already regretting it, so as good a player as he is I’m already considering selling him in the summer. That leaves my squad looking like this as of 14 January 2016: And the only regen in my first team squad is Aaron McGlone, who I bought in July 2014 from MK Dons for £3.5m. Now onto how we’ve performed on the pitch. We started the second season beating Man Utd in the Community Shield with a Sergio Aguero debut goal winning the game. We also won both the domestic cups, beating Man City on penalties following a goalless draw in the Capital One Cup final. In the FA Cup final, we won 1-0 after extra time, beating a very good Arsenal team. In the Champions League, we came through a group containing Real Madrid, Fiorentina and Schalke. We finished top and undefeated thanks to winning home and away to Fiorentina and Schalke and two draws with Real Madrid. We then faced Marseille in the next round, losing 1-0 away in France in the first leg before a fantastic 3-0 win at home saw us draw Barcelona in the quarter final. We were at home the first leg and a 3-2 defeat meant the second leg would be an uphill battle, we went there looking for the win and trying to dominate the game, it started well as we raced into a 1-0 lead and won a penalty but Rhodes put it wide and Barcelona then dominated the match and a Messi hat trick saw us bow out 5-3 on aggregate but an encouraging performance I was pleased with. Barcelona went on to win the competition so at least we can say we were knocked out by the winners. In the league however, we dominated winning the league with 12 points to spare over second placed Man Utd, finishing with 88 points and only losing twice. Perhaps the most surprising was Chelsea finishing 8th, Liverpool finishing 10th and Man City finishing 12th. Onto the current season and again we started it off beating Man Utd in the Community Shield. In the Capital One Cup, we are into the Semi-final following wins over Blackpool, Birmingham and Liverpool. We also won the first leg 1-0 and will play the second leg very soon. We will play Man Utd in the final should we get past Southampton in the semi-final as Man Utd beat Arsenal 6-0 in their first leg. In the FA Cup, we just beat West Brom 2-1 in the third round and have drawn against Fleetwood in the fourth round; I would love to make it three FA Cup wins in a row. Our progress in the cups is really pleasing as I have chosen to rest the majority of my first team players and play my fringe players and youngsters. In the Champions League, we somehow topped a group consisting of Juventus, Bayern and Granada despite two bad defeats to Juventus (2-0) and Bayern (4-0) but wins over Granada – 3-0 in Spain and 4-1 at home – as well as narrow 2-1 victories over the big two saw us top the group with Bayern failing to qualify. We have been drawn against Benfica in the next round and I would love to go a step further than last season and hopefully make the semi-finals at least. In the league, we remain undefeated after 22 games having only conceded 3 goals all season – Denys Garmash (Swansea), Son Heung-Min (Arsenal and Juan Mata (Man Utd) the three lucky players to have breached our defence. This run has included home wins over Chelsea (3-0), Tottenham (1-0), Everton (1-0), and Liverpool (1-0) as well as terrific away performances against Man City (1-0), Man Utd (2-1) and Chelsea (2-0). I really do love a 1-0 win, its happened 8 times this season, even had a run of five 1-0 league victories in a row. We sit top by 17 points from Man Utd in second so if I don’t win the league I will immediately resign! The target is 100 points and to concede less than 10 goals, we have 16 games left so 48 points to play for and we need 42 points to break the 100 points barrier. Sorry for rambling on, but that brings my save upto date. Thanks to anyone who read even part of it.
  24. Well it seems to be working for me. The IF(a) plays as a second striker, with the CM(a) getting into the box quite often. So although it seems they'd get in each others way, they actually don't. The IF(s) on the left depends on who I play there. If I play Ince/Shaw, they'll generally play a bit wider due to being left footed and put in more crosses than if I play someone like Barkley or Ward-Prowse who will come inside and almost play as a no.10. Another option I use is Sissoko as a DW(s) in the tougher away games.
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