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  1. @Hugo Mendes Albino Now it crash without any error? it just shuts down New game, no edited files.. Only ingame editor.
  2. @Hugo Mendes Albino The day that the save starts at, just when i press continue 2 or 3 times. Before the next day
  3. Hello @Hugo Mendes Albino I already did it Name of the files: Brøndby IF Anno 2019 test.fm WorkTheSpace - Ultimate Squad View.fmf FM 2019 v19.2.3.1187971 (2019.02.27 15.33.57).dmp
  4. Hello My FM19 crashes at an exact date. I tried to uninstall the game, verify game cache, update drivers etc etc. Nothing helps - can you please help me? I used the ingame editor. The link shows which files and workshop files i used. Files Hope you can help me. /Philip
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