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  1. Oxford are an interesting shout.Ryan Ledson there looks to be a lower league Pirlo with high mentals and low physicals. Young with good potential. Joe Rothwell is a championship potential playmaker. Good team for playing possession football.
  2. @Jogo Bonito Total of £3.7m for Da-Silva-Lopes, £2.8m upfront + additional installments and 30% sell on. Porbably overpaid but what the hell, the board gave me £8m to burn. @smplfc123 If you go for League 1 both Blackburn and Wigan have championship quality squads that you can walk this league. Players are good enough to enable experimenting with tactics and making a few mistakes,
  3. Bought him, gong to try training him as a CM, possibly mezzala, BBM or RPM - not sure yet. Wasn't sure he's got enough pace to make it on the wing but i'd be interested to know how he does for you there. My record of developing players is terrible so though.. here's hoping his natural ability shines through
  4. anyone suggest what the best role / position is for Leonardo Da Silva-Lopes? (of Peterborough) Thinking of buying him for Wigan given his potential but not sure how to develop him
  5. Ng?! Wow, interesting, he didn't look first team ready at all to me. Nugent does seem the best but I'm toying with whether his £2k wages can be better spent elsewhere.
  6. Any thoughts on which 2 of the CDs of Davis, Guthrie, Ray and Nugent are worth starting? They all seem pretty samey to me and letting one go would free up some funds.
  7. When I try and offer a new contract to Garrett the message from the agent is "my client isn't interested..". My only option is to exit talks, I cannot offer a contract, so I unless I am missing something I don't see how it reflects the rules?
  8. Nice to see this thread, Crewe have been my FM team for years to the point they are now my 2nd club in RL. Something I've been wondering, does FM properly simulate the rules for players under the age of 24 who are out of contract? Garrett has 1 yr left on his contract, as I understand, in RL the club could offer him a contract, he could refuse, but when he left any club recruiting him would have to agree a transfer fee or compensation would be agreed by a tribunal. In the game a player can just leave for nowt regardless of age. Really frustrating.
  9. gutted, just lost the playoff final 4-3 on penalties. Up and down season but starting to get a settled style and squad. Gunning for promotion next season. @baggie23, agree on Lindfield, plays far beter than his stats suggest. Gets a lot of goals for me ghosting in at the far post.
  10. Some decent campaigns going on there. Halfway through season 2 and picked up some good signings. Players who turned me down at season start have got desperate! Fraser Murdoch Amari Morgan-Smith Michael Raynes Paul Turnbull All have league experience and some rated to play in L2. None have played that well so far, they're all severely lacking in match fitness and my dodogy tactics might not be helping!
  11. Got the following on loan and all had good, if hardly world beating, seasons: Japhet Mata (ST); William Bailey and Sean Whelan, both left wingers.
  12. Seen a few people say they've done well with FCUM in their first season. Pretty impressive FM skills considering the squad! What role did you play wolfenden in? Season 2 he's doing ok as an AF. Think i got a bit lucky with Norton, he did suit my brutish 442 though
  13. Season 1 Review Well, what a slog that was. A poor season punctuated by occasional glimers of hope saw FC scrape home 18th. A mid-table position was on the cards until an end of season collapse put paid to that. Looking forward to clearing out the deadwood in the summer and bringing in my own. Star player: Japhet Mata (ST); the online Rochdale striker was top scorer with 11 in 27 starts Honourable mentions: Lindfield chipped in with 6 goals and 6 assists; William Bailey (ML), on loan from Macclesfield played well on the flank, contributing 7 assists and the versatile Liam Blake got 10 goals. Biggest surprise: Mike Norton chipping in with 5 goals until he physically faded Biggest flop: Withdoubt doubt Wolfenden. Tried him in a variery of positions and roles and 3 goals in 20 starts is a dissapointing return Players in: William Bailey (ML), loan; Sean Whelan (D/M/AML), loan; Japhet Mata (ST), loan; Liam Blake (ST), free; James Tunnicliffe (DC), free; Macauley Booth (DRL), free; Dele Adebola (ST), free; Joe Leesley DC (loan) Players out: Adam Thurston, Nia Baynu, Matt Walwyn, Sean Cooke, Dele Adebola Attracting decent signings was a challenge, hoping a few more players are atracted to the cheeky delights of Moston. Next seasons aims: get some more Mancs in. Find a new back 4.
  14. Really struggled in my save so far to the point I am rock bottom about to be sacked after 10 games. Going to try a new save. Anyone offer any detailed information on successfull tactics with the current squad? A diamond yielded some wins, I thought a 442 counter should work with wright and lindfield on respective wings but neither have done much.
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