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  1. I would like to see an overhaul for getting a new job. Each club plays a certain way. I should have to put more information in my Profile screen to define my management style. For Example; Manager Profile Favourite Formation - Mourinho likes 4-2-3-1, Rodgers prefers 4-1-3-2, certain clubs like playing a certain way Mentality - Some clubs prefer playing Attacking Open football, clubs like Crystal Palace prefer to play a Counter Defensive Style Philosophy - These should be set at the beginning of the game as you can agree to all the clubs asks of you without actually wanting to play like that Contract Take Current Staff With You - I would like there to be an option for your new club to sign your current backroom staff (or some of them via drop down box) when you agree to take over. I think the Take Current Staff With You is essential as it's pretty common place for your staff to come with you.
  2. Might be acting stupid but I would like to try this but if I follow your picture it doesn't work. I have to got to Advanced Rules and then go to Fixture Rule 6.
  3. And as I write this I find a thread with this already. Apologies.
  4. Now I've been wondering if it is at all possible to include an option in FM2013 to be able to play full screen with the option of using it with the multi-screen option with 10.8. To explain further, if you watch a video you can make it full screen and switch between desktops. E.g. Screen 1 has Chrome other bits and bobs on. Open FM2013 send it full screen and make it screen 2. You will then be able to use 4 fingers on the touchpad to switch between Chrome and have the benefits of FM2013 on full screen instead of Windowed which doesn't look to nice.
  5. Little thing but when you are picking your first club to manage. If you hover over England it doesn't go in the right order, it's done on alphabetical instead of Premier - BSQ
  6. I have found out that if you manage a nPower Champ - League 2 and a country at the same time you have to manage 2 matches in the same day regardless of where they are being played. I have to play Southend at 19:45 then somehow manage England in Portgual at 19:45
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