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  1. Add another notch on the "condense the international call-up" news... Unlockable to use more subs in a match? Just for fun... More seriously, as well as player comparisons, it'd be great to have more control over player searches. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to (for example) search players 15-21 who are worth more than 100K (or whatever.) and less than 1 million. Right now the only option is to limit max price, but that means things are still unwieldy, in my experience.
  2. Some way to compare two particular players might be good - or to compare around a particular position? I don't need to know that young transfer prospect isn't as good as Sanchez (Zanetti regen, I'd guess, D RLC) because Sanchez is going to play on the left and I'm looking at the young player as a right back, so I'd like to know how he compares to my current right back. Not easy on a phone screen/processor perhaps, but it would help with the flow of the game, I think.
  3. Away Games

    gargatouf - I've found: a) Have to be very careful with committed tackling - the free kicks that result are often enough to tip a game against you. b) Dominating the middle of the park is a big part of the game algorithm - 4-2-3-1 might not be optimal for that. c) Starting out balanced and then shifting to Attacking seems to help. I've rarely had good results with Defensive, except when playing 532...
  4. More positively - some kind of feature that helps compare two players - ideally for a particular position. Or just something that puts their stats side-by-side...
  5. Just FYI, I'm playing on the iPhone version. I think I understand how training works in general and I've had success with some players, but others - and more and more young players seem to be stuck with one low score in the fitness area (either orange strength or stamina) and I'm struggling to find a training combo that works for this. (What seems to happen with all my fitness attempts is that their good score gets better and there's no impact on the bad one...) I don't expect a young player with a score of 7 to get to green, but surely 10 shouldn't be out of reach over a year or two? Likewise, I can't find a combo that affects heading at all. There's no mention of it in the manual. Maybe I'm just missing something, but it seems there's an oversight somewhere.
  6. Away Games

    So I don't know if my experience applies, but I found that finding the tactic (formation + approach) to disrupt the opposition seemed more critical than just about anything. More important than players suiting position or assigning players the right roles
  7. One frustration I'm having is that (for example) I've a crop of young players coming through who are quite promising, but they are all rubbish at headers. It'd be nice to be able to train that kind of thing specifically (and also to actually make an impact...) And the transfer market is suffering a similar problem, the only players with headers in green have pace in blue and typically strength in orange... Playing Man City and regularly in Europe, so it's not a price problem...