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  1. Managing Inter. When i signed a new contract to MAuro Icardi i had to make him some promises: Better training facilities; and work is in progress and he's satisfied. win Serie A next season and i'm winning it this season, Get to latter stages of Champions League; i'm in quarter finals and he's ok. Play him in preferred position and role; and here is the problem. Obviously i always played him as a striker, with a very good 30 goals scored in 32 league and cup games. At beginning i were playing him as an AF, but he wasnt satisfied, so i tried playing him as a poacher, FM suggested role, and it's more than two months i play him this way but now he 'Feels time is running out to start getting games in his favoured position', very puzzling I dont know if he has a secret desire to play as a goalkeeper, but i'm starting to worry.
  2. All the players i signed are young and most of them unknown, but Tonali, 18 years old, is considered one of the best young italian midfielders and an Italy under 19 national. I payed for him around 20M, not peanuts like for the others. I could maybe have isgned a 30something more famous midfielder at the end of his career, but in a future view Tonali is a lot better and Icardi should realize that. Anyway i managed to calm Icardi down so my career isnt spoiled BTW even if most of the team complain for lack of depth in midfield i'm full of good midfielders: Najngollan, Brozovich, Vecino, Gagliardini, Valero and Joao Mario and in fact one of them every month come to complain for not getting enough playing time. A couple of my wingers are also able to play in a decent way as AM I lack depth in full backs for sure, just four and only one able to play right and left side, I have just one good keeper, but sure i don't have a 'lack of depth in midfield' A month later i talked the boss and there was the improve training facilities option; i asked, the boss was happy to agree, and works will start at end of the season. Looks like excellent is not the top and there is something to improve.
  3. Another thing: i promised him to upgrade training facilities too, but there is no option in the board request talk to ask for it, just better youth training, that i used, and better data. Upgrading senior training wasnt there even before i asked for better youth
  4. Uploaded files as Icardi unhappy.zip including a savegame before january market and one the day it finishes; hit continue and you will upset Icardi
  5. Managing Inter When i signed a new contract for Icardi, dont remember exactly when but around november, I had to promise him i'd have reinforced midfield. In january transfer window i brought in one of the best italian young midfielders, Sandro Tonali, and a bunch of other youngsters; being under strict FFP regulation there was not much i could have done and other promises i did to him, like better training facilities, challenging for Serie A and Champions League, where all for next season not this one. Now Icardi told me i didnt keep promises and he wants to leave, sure not a something i like to hear even if i reinforced the midfield with a 20M player, and i agrered with board to build better training facilities as asked. What should i have done to have him happy? buy Modric and Pogba with the 30M board allowed me? I have not the option, that if i'm not wrong was available in older version of FM, to tell him to look at the good potential of young players i got, just Excuse me, here is a nice place to stay, If you need i have a savegame just before january market window and another one the day before winter marked closes; i dont think to have one before signing new contract with Icardi
  6. I'm unable to upload highlights to youtube. If i try selecting the game from schedule hitting upload nothing happens at all; the grey button becomes light gray, acknoweledging the command, but that's all Doing that after match, just after the dressing room talk, appears the windows that i accept youtube terms and the login one, then: once it looked like match was uploaded but i havent been able to find it in my channel, even the day after, i know it takes some time to see it, another one started the progress bar on top of the screen 'creating match report' once finished started another identical 'creating match report' but id didnt move a pixel and after ten minutes i had to kill FM from task manager being unable to continue
  7. I have no save games before it happened; i uploaded for another discussion, a savegame named 'Rotation Player unhappy.zip' you can use this one or i can reupload it with a different name.
  8. Same (pre-concern) Feels the squad is starting to lack depht in midfield problem but no save game before it happened BTW Borja Valero come to me complaining to play too little and it sounds strange that he wants more players playing in his position It's not just him, a dozen players have the same pre-concern
  9. Uploaded file Rotation Player Unhappy.zip with a savegame after Miranda complained, i had the unsatisfactory talk with him, and some other players come to complain with me leaving the chat satisfied of my explainations. You can see the other CD agree with me while a few others have a PR tag about the talk; not sure if Gagliardini was in the complaining group because i had a 'non talk' with him that was upset too for little playing time but said: 'happy you come to talk with me boss' and the chat ended Think that a few days later also Borja Valero came complaining but i had the same talk i had with Gagliardini. Miranda a week or so later come again to complain and said that seen his poor playing time he wouldnt have signed a new contract and he would have left the club BTW a couple weeks later both first choice central defenders started getting jaded, in november, the other one broke a toe, think kicking barefoot a cannon ball in the park, and Miranda played for 90 minutes six of the last eight matches, included the champions league one against Real Madrid, exactly as i told him: wait a bit and you will have your deserved playing time. Now he's very happy with superb morale; willing to fight to regain his place in the first team; believes that the support i have from dressing room is fair, but still tagged Frt and never come to me saying he's now satisfied of playing time. -- Dunno if it belongs here or another subforum but i received a very puzzling message from my DoF In the first paragraph he said to make a new contract to Ivan Perisic, one of our best players In the second one that Ivan Perisich had a wage too high for his ability I'm more than sure that Perisich's agent will be happy to sign a new contract for a couple millions euro less
  10. I do rotate to avoid jadedness, i always did even in previous versions, but if you have 4 CD two first team and two rotation i think an honest share of playing time is having first team play three games and rotation the fourth; i cannot change my tactics to field more CD also because then FB will sure start complaining Squad status btw is not someting i modified to have the board allow me pay an higher fee, it's something i found this way at start and havent touched.
  11. One of my players, Sime Vrsaljko the croatian full back, is marked as jaded and needing rest after less than ten games played OK he's a full back running up and down the field all time OK he skipped a lot of pre season training being on holiday after World Cup but he's 26 years old, not 45, and 16 Natural Fitness 19 Stamina, a very nice athelet, think it's a bit early to start getting jaded, we are in november not in april
  12. Managing Inter Miranda is a rotation player and complained of not getting enough games even if he played twice in first seven league games. It was rotation from the beginning, i didnt demote him from key or first team. His complaining caused a feud beetween a few players supporting him and the two first team central defenders supporting me in my choice. Consider that he played world cup and come late for training, near the start of the league; even if i would have used him, and i were not because De Vrij and Skriniar are both better than him, he was not able to play for first league game as Perisic and other Croatian players. That was unexpected from Miranda, being him a Borja Valero, rotation player from beginning too, complained for not being used and was in from first minute in two games and getting half an hour as a substitute in other two; this time discussion went well and he retired his complaints I think that for a rotation player once in four five games should be enough, even more if you get some playing time as a sub Unrelated: what does 'team needs more depth at midfield' mean? I'm not english mother language but i think my written english is good enough; i think it means there are not enough midfielders in the squad but i have more than enough for two teams, even considering only three stars ones. I have a problem in full back position, but sure not in the middle of the pitch. Yes I have only one three stars DM but i dont use a DM in my tactics
  13. Professionalism affects the hardness of training the palyer will do without complaining. If he trains hard and he is happy doing that he will grow faster than a less professional one training less or being unhappy to work so hard.
  14. Could be; i'll give a look at that. It's reasonable that if the captain is over confident the attitude will spread to other team members.
  15. He is resolute, that means determined and professional, and ambitious so there is nothing to complain about his mental traits. He is also playing well, unless you think that 7.7 average in this season is bad for one like him. In last season, i started managing Santos about half way in the first division championship, he played well enough to be voted the best brasilian player. Now I'm in the San Paulo championship that is something like a Lombardy championship would be: two very strong teams, a couple decent ones and a lot of teams that i beat 4-0 conceding one shot in the whole game, so i'm not having him play all games because i prefer to to have youngsters play some time and, knowing he's very injury prone, i try to save him for when i will need him. He never complained for being on the bench or being substituted at half time and always played well while his mate Neymar always looked uninterested (before scoring a couple goals ) You say he has always been the captain, so it was not a late choice of the manager before me, and that is puzzling me even more. I'll definitely stick with him and i'll try to sort out the thing with those that have the problem
  16. After many years in Italy i crossed the ocean and i started managing Santos to have the pleasure of having Neymar and Ganso, that in 2018 where surprisingly still there. After the usual problems of being new there with no reputation in Brasil and similar stuff i did a good championship and finished second in brasilian first division but now i noticed a new problem: some players dont like having Ganso as captain and find difficult to motivate themselves. I havent changed the captain, Ganso is by far the most influential player, top of the suggested list, and he also is the captain of Brasil national team; most players see him as a vital part of the team or are honoured to play at his side and i think that demoting him will cause a sort of revolution. What should i do?
  17. I agree for what concerns team gelling and maybe tactics, but why the same exact routine for the same exact player, all bars zeroed and strenght to max to make an example, is a light routine for someone training in first team, you need six or seven more ticks to have it medium, and becomes a medium one, three ticks over light, if you train with the youngster team? It has no logic at all; running half an hour around youngsters field isnt more tiring or dangerous that doing that around the seniors one.
  18. That would have been a very nice solution, but it doesnt work. I have put my best four youngsters in reserve team but they have not played in the under 20 team for two games, so i think the ass man wont make them play unless they are listed in the under 20 squad. It makes sense because reserve team are reserves for first team, and having them play in under 20 the day before a first team game will make them unavailable for first team game. A simple option to make them available for under 20, like the one for reserves team, that if i remember well was available in some past version of FM, would solve everythink but i dont think SI will be so kind in a future patch. What i really dont get is why force a 19 years old, that has finished his growth and just needs to put on some muscles, to use trining routines for young guys.
  19. That would be a very nice solution, I will give it a try for a couple weeks
  20. No it' s FM12, yes in Italy with under 20, not 18 like in England, and no use for reserve team. That was exactly what i did last years: signing promising players and releasing all crap once they were available for pro contracts. You cannot make them available for under 20, only for the useless reserve team that for me is a parking lot for dinosaurs, waiting their contract to expire, that i dont want to spam my first team list; sure you cvan organize a friendly reserve game every week but, unless you manage the team yourself, your moronic ass man will put in the best youngster to fill the ranks, with the obvious result to have them jaded and needing rest after four months; not the best way to develop them. Your options are: keep them in under 20 team, with crap schedules around one third less the intensity of first team ones but with the same working load and, i noticed, the same chance of training accidents; or put them in first team, knowing theyare not yet good enough to play more than half an hour once in a while or a few games in case of an injury crisis and having them lose game fitness. My present problem is that i signed a couple of very promising young brasilians palyers; they have excellent mental attributes, one is model professional and the other resolute, so they dont need further tutoring, are good enough to easily play most games in one of my second division feeder teams, but if i loan them out i lose the chance to have them home grown because i got them 18 old and they need to stay three years in the team before 21st birthday; having them home grown is a big bonus in Italy when submitting cup list and i'm very positive to play in europe next year or at worst the other one. I think i will move them in first team for a month or so, until they start losing match fitness, and then move them back to youth team to have them play some games. Not sure if playing a game in a month in first team is better than playing four in under 20, but i think that the better training schedules should make the difference. About the fantastic staff i have a very good team of star trainers: three 5 stars and just two 4 stars, a pretty decent ass man with a nice 15 man management that's also a 4.5 stars tactic trainer, and a couple youth trainers that cover the holes left by being forced to sign trainers for first team only (another crap change of FM 12, in FM11 board didnt care about what the trainers where doing, only about their number) That's all because my team reputation isnt high enough to sign more; i need to win something and raise it. Facilities are good, 3 gold stars, and same are youth facilities; i know inter and juventus have better ones, but they are above average for a team of my reputation.
  21. The schedule, and i think the facilities too even if i'm not 100% sure, a player trains with dont depend from the contract but from where the player is listed. If a 17 old is in first team list he will use 1st team schedules, and is automatically put on general schedule when you move him into first team; if u put a 30 old in the youth team, to have him regain match fitness, he's forced to train with youngsters schedules doesnt matter how absurd it can sound.
  22. The sum of discipline determination and motivation account more or less for half the star rating of a coach For the other half: Fitness, goalkeeper and tactics for the respective rating Attack / defence and tactics for attacking and defending Tecnics and mental for ball control Tecnics and attacking for shooting
  23. I'm using your routines with very good results. Th only problem i have is with youngsters because under 20 routines are just a draft, i had to ad a few but that's not the problem, and i noticed that a training routine using exactly the same number of clicks is medium load routine for first team but will become very heavy for youngsters (all bars zeroed, max just strenght, in under 20 it's already medium, in 1st team you can add 7 ticks on aerobic, that's a lot, before having it become medium) What you do with young players; keep them in under 20 team with crap routines or keep them in 1st team getting little playtime?
  24. A few questions: 1)How do you manage those under 20 that are borderline for first team; not good enough to play regular but good enough to make an half an hour every often. If you keep them in main team they will get very little playtime and quickly lose game fitness, if instead you keep them in under 20 team they will reamain fit but train with the CRAP youngster routines and your ass man 100% sure will use them in a game the day before you need them. Switching them from under 20 to 1st you will have to set their training every time and this is a pain in the a.. and there is no way to have them available for under 20, just for the useless reserve team that plays no games unless you organize friendlies I wonder why they changed the training of youngster in such an annoying way; FM11, with all 18+ old doing the same routines, was perfect 2) I have a couple of youngsters that already have very nice mental attributes: one is resolute and the other model professional; having no tutor with such nice attributes i'm afraid that tutoring them i will ruin them, but tutoring has other good side effects that not tutoring them i will miss. 3) Sending youngsters on loan in the right team will sure help development but there is a big problem; time spent on loan will not count for being classified home grown and nation grown and if you buy, for example, a brasilian 18 old you must have him stay all time at the team if you want him home grown that's a big bonus for european cups list.
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