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  1. You do know that Get Carter was made in the 70's don't you.
  2. Mini stadium background pic not showing

    This mod will get them on the team info/club overview screens with the default skin, I've already checked to see, don't know if there's anything out there for matchdays. http://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/3232/fm2013-mod-player-overview-club-overview-team-information-panel-for-all-skins
  3. Stadium Mini-Image still don't show - Help

    They aren't backgrounds so you'll need each line in the config to look something like this. <record from="benfica" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/741564/stadium"/> The images will also need converting to .png.
  4. FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    The ability to control the reserves, never bothered with it before but with the new instant result button it'd just be a case of picking the team and pressing go. With the game going by so fast sometimes I lose track on how some of the the younger players are developing (got a five star goalkeeper who is now ready for premier league football but just gave my back up keeper a new three year deal) so would help with squad management. Plus when I have another injury crisis/fixture pile-up/cup tie I can rest certain players so that they're fit enough to at least sit on the bench for senior games.
  5. I'm ranked as the 12th best manager in the World, I've won two Premier Leagues, two League Cups and I've just won the Champions League but I cannot get a National team job. I haven't just been turned down either I've been laughed off by the FA's of England, Nigeria, Australia and Bulgaria. Just reloaded the save and resigned from my club incase it was the five year 60,000 contract that was getting in the way, nope still getting laughed off with my application not even being considered. Just ran an experiment, added new England boss, retired and applied for the job. I was laughed off of course they obviously think I might actually go and do something silly like win something, these are the guys better qualified than me apparently; Di Canio - sacked by League One Swindon 2 years ago. Eddie Howe - sacked by Championship Brighton 2 years ago Paul Jewell - sacked by Swansea last season Steve Tully - sacked by Birmingham last season after getting them relegated to League One. I hate to rant and rave because I really am loving classic mode but this is a bit annoying as it is the only unlockable I was even remotely interested in.
  6. FMC Stadium Superpack

    Haven't got a clue as I've tried and failed to get these to show up with the fmbase skin, you'll have to ask Tom Dixon.
  7. FMC Stadium Superpack

    Cheers big_bob, I'll have a look at them in a bit, from the previews they look really good. I see you've found FGIF's picassa account. Alvios, you just need to download the latest version of Steklo, the link is in the first post. I've marked the link down incorrectly because it was two in the morning but it does take you v1.2 not v1.1. Update Pack 2 All 286 International stadiums marked down for All/Major matches that weren't already in the Superpack and the first update and that even exist in the real world (there are a few). I've also updated some future stadiums that have since been opened. The total number of stadiums with all updates applied should now be 1512. Make sure you have the Superpack with the first update applied before downloading this one. Same as with the first update: Extract to desktop, open the folder, highlight the contents (Ctrl and a) and then drag or cut and paste the highlighted images and config file into the stadium superpack folder, hit yes to replace all and you're good to go. Download
  8. fm 13 Steklo skin built new stadium

    I don't think so, you'd have to find the ID of the new stadium and I'm not sure if that's possible.
  9. fm 13 Steklo skin built new stadium

    Don't know if this works as I haven't got around to it yet, name the pic you want to use as none and add this line to the config; <record from="none" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/none/stadium"/> the only problem is it'll show up for every stadium without a pic.
  10. FMC Stadium Superpack

    Put them in the graphics folder with everything else.
  11. FMC Stadium Superpack

    These aren't backgrounds. I thought backgrounds had been fixed anyway, I'm not using them anymore so can't really help on that score.
  12. FMC Stadium Superpack

    I'm getting a few people looking at screenshots of other skins and wondering why they aren't working with the skin they're using and coming to conclusions so for the sake of clarity; List of skins these will work with in full game mode and where to look for the pictures to save confusion and hopefully cut back on the "these don't work" comments; Steklo X3 v1.1: Matchday Club Overview added in v1.2 Club Information, News Inbox, Processing Tab. FMC Skin For FM13 (latest version): News Inbox Matchday Club Information, Processing Tab. OPZ Beam v5.1: Club Overview, Matchday If you want them to appear on extra screens ask the skin creator how to do it.
  13. Background Images in FM 13 - fix on the way

    I think he just exited TV mode.
  14. FMC Stadium Superpack

    Are you seeing empty seats or is nothing showing at all?
  15. FMC Stadium Superpack

    You should only have one folder, if you've downloaded the superpack and the update and put them both alongside each other in the graphics folder then there's probably a config clash going on. You need to cut the contents of the update folder and paste them all into the superpack folder. Or have I misread the bolded part?