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  1. The stadium pictures were added to FM for the Classic mode version in FM13 (now FM Touch) which is when I made the original megapack and started this thread. I'll change it now, I hadn't really noticed before.
  2. December Update 155 images Download New Megapack link with update applied - Download Thanks to Raulic, vuje85 and Qvordrup.
  3. The flut dark skin https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50822/fm-2020-flut-skin-dark-version-11
  4. New pack now available for FM 2020 Download Here If you still have the original megapack with all 3 updates applied you can download this file instead and add the contents to it. Update FM 20.0 Download
  5. Final Update For FM1950 New or Improved Images Download
  6. Update 2 200 New or Improved Images Big thanks to Asket for providing a load of Russian Pics. Download Mediafire Mega.nz
  7. I don't think any mods have been released this year so they won't work with the default/base skins and I haven't a clue how to do it myself, so you'd need to download a custom skin to get them working.
  8. Update 1 353 new or improved images Thanks to DazS8 for providing a few images. Download Mediafire Mega.nz
  9. @Llainen Yeah, I think you've downloaded the PMSC stadium pack because that's the same frame they use for the player faces.
  10. Cheers all. Alreet, Daz. I'm actually using your pack as a base pack in my game rather than the other one on susie because you've kept it up to date and it'll be a long time before I can gather that many images for this one.
  11. Haven't got a clue as I've tried and failed to get these to show up with the fmbase skin, you'll have to ask Tom Dixon.
  12. Cheers big_bob, I'll have a look at them in a bit, from the previews they look really good. I see you've found FGIF's picassa account. Alvios, you just need to download the latest version of Steklo, the link is in the first post. I've marked the link down incorrectly because it was two in the morning but it does take you v1.2 not v1.1. Update Pack 2 All 286 International stadiums marked down for All/Major matches that weren't already in the Superpack and the first update and that even exist in the real world (there are a few). I've also updated some future stadiums that have since been
  13. These aren't backgrounds. I thought backgrounds had been fixed anyway, I'm not using them anymore so can't really help on that score.
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