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  1. The stadium pictures were added to FM for the Classic mode version in FM13 (now FM Touch) which is when I made the original megapack and started this thread. I'll change it now, I hadn't really noticed before.
  2. December Update 155 images Download New Megapack link with update applied - Download Thanks to Raulic, vuje85 and Qvordrup.
  3. The flut dark skin https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50822/fm-2020-flut-skin-dark-version-11
  4. New pack now available for FM 2020 Download Here If you still have the original megapack with all 3 updates applied you can download this file instead and add the contents to it. Update FM 20.0 Download
  5. Final Update For FM1950 New or Improved Images Download
  6. Update 2 200 New or Improved Images Big thanks to Asket for providing a load of Russian Pics. Download Mediafire Mega.nz
  7. I don't think any mods have been released this year so they won't work with the default/base skins and I haven't a clue how to do it myself, so you'd need to download a custom skin to get them working.
  8. Update 1 353 new or improved images Thanks to DazS8 for providing a few images. Download Mediafire Mega.nz
  9. @Llainen Yeah, I think you've downloaded the PMSC stadium pack because that's the same frame they use for the player faces.
  10. Cheers all. Alreet, Daz. I'm actually using your pack as a base pack in my game rather than the other one on susie because you've kept it up to date and it'll be a long time before I can gather that many images for this one.
  11. This mod will get them on the team info/club overview screens with the default skin, I've already checked to see, don't know if there's anything out there for matchdays. http://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/3232/fm2013-mod-player-overview-club-overview-team-information-panel-for-all-skins
  12. They aren't backgrounds so you'll need each line in the config to look something like this. <record from="benfica" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/741564/stadium"/> The images will also need converting to .png.
  13. The ability to control the reserves, never bothered with it before but with the new instant result button it'd just be a case of picking the team and pressing go. With the game going by so fast sometimes I lose track on how some of the the younger players are developing (got a five star goalkeeper who is now ready for premier league football but just gave my back up keeper a new three year deal) so would help with squad management. Plus when I have another injury crisis/fixture pile-up/cup tie I can rest certain players so that they're fit enough to at least sit on the bench for senior games.
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