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  1. Been meaning to give this a crack for a while and i've finally got round to it. Having tried for quite some time to either get Hemel Hempstead or a side with a fairly similar rep i gave up and went with my next local team St.Albans although didn't see them as much as some have when reloading. Board expects us to avoid relegation from the BSS whilst the media predict a bottom 3 finish, will be happy with the latter as the squad is small and requires alot of work before the season starts. A transfer budget of £0 and a wage budget of 4.1K means there's a bit of money to work with in terms of offering wages to potential signings. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/chewitt_photos/Profile.jpg - Manager profile.
  2. Glad this was bumped, what a wonderful story and all credit to the guys who did it and to Oss who were clearly brilliant in helping make it a great experience. Personally the two teams i've had great saves with are Las Palmas on the isle of Gran Caneria and Portstewart in Northern Ireland, i've managed to get a Las Palmas shirt whilst on holiday as a youngster but it was during pre-season in Spain so didn't get a chance to go and watch them. Would love to be in a position financially to go to either of these places and see a game.
  3. I have sinned It wasn't as bad as you'd think. Amen to that!! Fairly sure i've said that and then seen all 11 players running out for the 2nd half in their slippers. This one is for slightly older versions... Thou shalt always apply for the intertoto cup, even if you're rock bottom and 12 points from safety.
  4. I'm suprised nobody has mentioned Ronald Gomez on one of the CMs, either 00/01 or 01/02 when he was at OFI, you could pick him up for a reasonable fee and he'd always get you goals. Also i think it was 01/02 you could pick up Hadda Kamatcho on a free transfer and he was lethal in front of goal for most bottom half Prem sides and below.
  5. Good god, he's worse than your average hormonal 15yr old teenage girl, every ruddy club i had him at he'd kick up a fuss going off on strop after strop not giving a stuff who he upset or hacked off and usually his stay at my club was short and he was often sold off. Yep, that's when the great man was at his best. I didn't love him quite so much on that game when i was in charge of Hammarby though I thought it was common knowledge To Madeira doesn't exist, if i remember correctly the person 'To Madeira' was at the time a Portugal researcher, i could be wrong though. He was at his best on CM 00/01, he was part of many a lethal strikeforce. Great shout, although i think he was better on 01/02 when he was at Djurgardens. Personally i always love Mohammed Camera a young striker that starts off on CM 00/01 at Bordeaux who unless gets signed by someone never actually gets any good but if you signed him up he'd develop into a world class striker, he had an uncanny knack of scoring from 45 yards too
  6. I'd have liked to see the next step in the non-league pyramid added but i don't think they had the researchers to make it possible. Ho Hum.
  7. Yes and that one tier is only really just getting off the ground so it's probably best not to get ahead of yourself just yet.
  8. Is that because the hatters are heading there ? What if people want "true LLM" in England ?
  9. They aren't going are they ? Surely not !?!? I'd be VERY angry if they did get taken out.
  10. Welsh 2nd tier please, as i've said in other threads it'll mean ALOT more people will play in Wales and mean a career game is much more viable. Please don't say "if that gets added then add the Highland league" beacause until a pyramid system is formed in Scotland there's little point.
  11. I didn't check the dates of this thread and was about to post exactly what i said back in January. So there it is, again.
  12. I don't manage abroad that much although what with the standard of African footballers becoming higher and the African Cup of Nations becoming more and more of a high class tournament i think the inclusion of some African leagues would be good. Personally i'd love to have the next tier of English football as i'd be able to manage my local side Hemel Hempstead without having to wait for them to get promoted. I think that adding the Welsh 2nd division is a must, it would mean so many more people such as myself play in Wales. It would mean that for those again such as myself who enjoy long term games would be able to do this in Wales with the inclusion of promotion/relegation. As for adding the highland league in Scotland i think it'd only be worth it if the propsed relegation from Div 3 goes ahead which i truely hope it does.
  13. I've had very few disallowed from corners and not too many in my favour either !
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