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  1. I'll have a go... CroatiaHT/DrawFT £3 at 18/1 BetVictor - Win = £57 (inc.stake) Croatia 1-1 Ireland £2 at 6/1 Betdaq - Win = £14
  2. Been meaning to give this a crack for a while and i've finally got round to it. Having tried for quite some time to either get Hemel Hempstead or a side with a fairly similar rep i gave up and went with my next local team St.Albans although didn't see them as much as some have when reloading. Board expects us to avoid relegation from the BSS whilst the media predict a bottom 3 finish, will be happy with the latter as the squad is small and requires alot of work before the season starts. A transfer budget of £0 and a wage budget of 4.1K means there's a bit of money to work with in terms of offering wages to potential signings. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/chewitt_photos/Profile.jpg - Manager profile.
  3. Loving the Watford appreciation, about time Dyche and the team got some credit for our efforts lately. Been a real team effort since Sordell signed for Bolton reserves and the emergence of Sean Murray has been a joy to watch, we're still yet to lose when he's started a match. Great win yesterday, and great to see big Chris get on the scoresheet.
  4. Glad this was bumped, what a wonderful story and all credit to the guys who did it and to Oss who were clearly brilliant in helping make it a great experience. Personally the two teams i've had great saves with are Las Palmas on the isle of Gran Caneria and Portstewart in Northern Ireland, i've managed to get a Las Palmas shirt whilst on holiday as a youngster but it was during pre-season in Spain so didn't get a chance to go and watch them. Would love to be in a position financially to go to either of these places and see a game.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17115073 Very pleased we've signed Kuszczak on loan till the end of the season, Loach has been so hit and miss this season. Great shot stopper put too error prone, been our number 1 for three years now at a young age so maybe some time out will do him so good.
  6. As above, the OP was amusingly over dramatic as if the bloke was typing it whilst standing on a chair with a noose around his neck. Seems many have asked the same question but are yet to get an answer, perhaps you could harass them via social networking or suchlike
  7. Likewise, it's worth a go every now and again as long as you use it sensibly, didn't work at Arsenal when i tried to get Tevez but whilst at Watford it worked when i asked them to sign Adam Hamill. Good feature.
  8. I think my collection is pretty similar plus a copy of CM2. I loved those big boxes that had a proper chunky manual in aswell Likewise, mine are scattered across my Mum's, Dad's and both sets of Grandparents houses gathering dust.
  9. When i click on steam it says steam needs to be online to update and to check my connection and try again ??
  10. I'm currently without a permanent internet connection in my flat and have purchased Football Manager 2012 and need to activate it on Steam in order to start playing. I've paid for some internet time on BT Fon/Openzone, seeing as im posting this i'm obviously online but Steam isn't detecting this and when i try to open Steam it wants to update itself and thus needs to be online. I'm at a bit of a loss now and really need some help please. I've tried the steam forums but i'm yet to recieve any help.
  11. Dyche out now! Nice bloke, decent coach, cack manager. Time to act now before it's too late, we will go down with him in charge.
  12. Glad i opted against going to Coventry today, listened to it on the radio and it was utterly dire. We're craving some creativity and another striker otherwise we'll be in trouble come May.
  13. I was preparing a whole hearted rant at the BBC for putting the FLS at 11.55pm and how it's a joke considering that there's no MOTD this week but having seen that the reason for this is Con Air i shall let it slide. One of my favourite films ever, "put the bunny back in the box" Watford fan here, going into the game i'd have been happy with a point but to be 2-0 up with 15 minutes to go and only draw is pretty frustrating, it had all the hallmarks of when Mackay was in charge, spirited performance, doing the hard work then p*ssing it up the wall Everybody says we have a great team spirit but it's time to start showing it when the going gets tough and the more experienced players such as Eustace, Taylor, Doyley and Marriappa need to guide the youngsters. We lost something silly like 37 points from a leading position last season, cut that out and we'll be absolutely fine. Did anyone stand out for us in particular Phil?
  14. I have sinned It wasn't as bad as you'd think. Amen to that!! Fairly sure i've said that and then seen all 11 players running out for the 2nd half in their slippers. This one is for slightly older versions... Thou shalt always apply for the intertoto cup, even if you're rock bottom and 12 points from safety.
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