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  1. Millsinho really need to fine-tune the game to your defensive 4-3-3. Terrible mistakes .. The attack is good. But the defense, unfortunately .. Let me see if this is worth twoka 4-4-1-1 ..
  2. Millsinho, you are troll You must have a poor life when you waste your time to search for my posts in this forum games. He writes real examples where a tactic August does not work. Instead of a fool of myself do write something specific on tactics. Poor thing. Tactic works better after playing a few matches (8-10). But I have to play defense is still a very big concern.
  3. Milsinho why my team first goal must always lose something to start to play better? It's very annoying .. Even playing with a very weak team lose a goal or two and then chase result .. Offensive game looks good but the results are denerwujce .. Personally, I prefer to win 2-0 than 6-4 :/
  4. Why do tactics like this you can not make a solid defense? Awful lot of goals I lose :/
  5. Why do tactics like this you can not make a solid defense? Awful lot of goals I lose :/
  6. Moussa Sow wiht Lille.. G.Sigurdsson have 15 finishing -_- Falcao 0 goals in firs 4 match and notes after match: 5.5..6.0..6.3...5.9:/
  7. Poor finishing:((( My fowards: M.Sow, G.Sigurdsson, Falcao WTF?
  8. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/lionelmessiwidokoglnyat.png/ 40 goals in 14 matches in LaLiga O.o http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/407/lionelmessiwidokoglnypr.png/ 46 goals 22 apperances MONSTER!!!
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