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  1. In a direct comparison between a PC and a Mac, PC wins hands down simply because that is the primary platform that the game is developed on. It won't be as well optimised for the Mac. But between OSX and bootcamp i'd say OSX, because the operating system is optimised for the hardware. The Mac version of FM will be designed for OSX. I'm not 100% sure on what Bootcamp does, whether it emulates Windows from within OSX, or whether it's like booting a different operating system like you can do with Linux on a PC. If it's the former, go with OSX. If it's the latter, test it for yourself. If you buy the PC/Windows version on Steam, is the Mac version included?
  2. I'm in 2017-2018 and i'm on £77k per week at Aston Villa after winning the champions league (It was a bit of a fluke). I didn't negotiate (Because I couldn't care less about the wage), but i'm sure I could push for £100k+ per week. I did get an offer from Man Utd a couple of seasons back for around the same, but I was still building my team. You've got to consider the history of these managers, the high wages are kind of justified (If anything, i'd say Ferguson was under-payed based on that figure). Sometimes reputation isn't enough, you need to have the history behind you aswell. You can go from former sunday league footballer/obscure to world class in 2-3 seasons, but it takes a lot longer to build a managerial history that will drive your wages up.
  3. On my game, Messi has a £717million release clause. Minimum fee release clauses are useless most of the time because they are completely unrealistic; if a player's release clause is that high it effectively locks them into their contract. If any team activates Messi's clause, Barcelona's club wealth will double. I don't think release clauses are implemented properly in the game.
  4. The problem is, the board in Football Manager makes these decisions by itself without manager input. Realistic you say? Actually no, it isn't. Imagine a situation where a board of director's commissioned a building project without any input or consultation with both shareholders and stakeholders. It doesn't happen. The manager is consulted when stadium plans are being drawn up. If the board is planning on building a new stadium, the manager should be invited to a meeting to discuss the issue, which will give the manager an opportunity to put across their views. A simple "A stadium expansion would not be good at this time because..." answer would be appropriate. If I can request stadium expansions, the board should trust my opinion enough to consult me if they are planning on it themselves. Then there is the flaw in the system; the AI doesn't have the intelligence or awareness to make these decisions properly. A player may have long term plans for the club and can make an informed decision about improving the stadium. The AI will simply look at the bank balance and the current stature of the club (Aswell as recent ticket receipts) and make stadium expansions based on a simple mathematic equation, which will often result in the stadium being poor value for money/too small an increase to be worth it. I'm of the view that the player should be given complete control over the financial side of the club, because whenever you divide the decision making between the AI and the player there will be clashes. Even if it means gaining the permission of the board for each decision, I want to be able to initiate them, rather than having the board go around my back to do it. It's a reflection of the fact that SI have focused the core of the game on your managerial career rather than the club itself. Of course, simply removing the 20 year minimum, or reducing it to say ~5 years would solve the problem. TL;DR The game should give us full control of stadium building, but with the option to relinguish responsibility to the board.
  5. Just continue what you are doing an re-load the game if you have any long term injuries. Play the game the way you want it, and SI will still push to create the game that they and the core fans want. SI are a very rare breed of developer, in that they lean towards realism and towards pleasing their niche market rather than appealing to the mass market. I commend them for that, despite the fact there are a few elements of realism that I want removed or toned down too.
  6. You should give yourself more credit, this game can be very tough in the lower leagues unless you're a seasoned player. The top leagues are usually fairly easy though; a season or two of squad building and you should be challenging for the title (That's if you didn't pick a big team to start with).
  7. LMA 2005 was constantly stuck in easy mode, as was Total club manager 2004 & 2005. You could literally Start a game with an 'avoid relegation' team in the premier league and win the champions league with 3 seasons. Football Manager I feel is a lot more challenging, but i've only played 2012 in depth, I played some earlier versions briefly, but not enough to learn about the exploits of the game. FM 2012 has a fair amount of exploits relating to formations and tactics; like if you were to play 3 strikers there will always be a man unmarked, as teams very rarely player with more than 2 centre backs and the full backs don't come inside when needed. There is also the corner exploit, where placing someone with a high heading stat on the near post, results in a good 30-40 goals per season. However, both of these things are exploits which people can accidentally come across as they are legitimate tactics. It only gets stupid when you start to play a 2-3-5 or something like that, having 8 attacking minded players. I stumbled across the corner exploit because that was my favoured tactic (I only read about it here a few months after), but the 3 strikers up front exploit I tend to avoid. I'm sure there are other exploits, but to be honest, the best exploit is to have a good well rounded tactic.
  8. My First champions league final: I had to beat Real Madrid and AC Milan in previous rounds to reach this. I really didn't expect to win. as 2 of my key players were injured and my first choice Centre-mid was banned. Moussa (Attacking midfielder newgen, good stats but very inconsistent) came in as a replacement for James Rodriguez, got injured in the first minute. He managed to continue, later scoring a goal to cement our lead. Yaya Sanogo then ripped apart the opposition defence in what was the best game of his career.
  9. What training regime do you have him on? The training regime is very important as it governs what attribute changes the player will get. Negative in these areas might indicate that he's on a training regime that ignores these areas (Those stats are all attacking orientated). Is he getting any gametime at all, either in your first team or reserves? If not, loan him out. (I would be able to tell for myself, but you cropped out the date so I can't tell if 10 first team starts is a lot or if he's only playing the odd cup game). The red arrows you see are only the very recent changes. You can view a graph of the overall changes to player stats and there is usually a steady increase, with the odd drop here and there, perhaps from injury. Has your player only recently recovered from an injury? Regardless of duration, injury always impacts on attributes to reflect real life.
  10. If you have transfer budget left over, then the board has extra money to spend on things like training facilities and stadium expansions. It isn't wise to spend your budget when you don't need to.
  11. You make a reasonable point here. Sega are probably worried about legitimate users being gifted a discounted version of the product from Turkey. So to protect their margins, they're screwing over Turkish customers who will probably revert to piracy to get the game in the language they desire. There is no solution here, the price difference is down to bigger economic constraints. Though to support this argument, there has to be a difference in the price, and some evidence to support how each price reflects their respective regions and economic environments. If there is a significant difference, they I can see why Sega have done what they have done. Part of the argument assumes that the hackers who crack the game originate in Turkey. The international version will likely still be hacked. There is always going to be a work around the region locking so that is also a non-issue. All Sega have done is isolate the country from the online servers and alienating those who don't speak the native language (Or prefer to play in English). Also as Oguz Kagan says, Turkish users outside of Turkey won't be able to buy the game in their language even though the translation exists. There happens to be a significant number of Turkish families in the EU who have emigrated, most notably to Germany. These actions will reduce the number of people in Turkey who are willing to purchase the product. It makes no sense to try to reclaim the customers who pirate when through the actions they take they are going to lose some of the legitimate customers.
  12. I don't think any rationale person questions the predicament SI were in a few years ago in relation to Turkey. Translations are expensive. Naturally, SI wants it's game to reach as wide an audience as possible and to do this it needs to be translated into as many languages as possible, which consumes a lot of time and resources. At that time people were pirating the game because they didn't want to pay full price for a game that they perceived to be incomplete. Now that it's available in Turkish the problem should be solved. That is one more language to add to the list of available languages for the user. But nope, Sega want to language lock their product in Turkey. Now they have legitimised the feelings of pirates in refusing to pay for an incomplete game; because an incomplete game is what they are getting. Why it is such a big problem to launch the same version of the game with all of the languages available to use? Sega are shooting themselves in the foot. I suspect this isn't SI, as SI are just the developer. Sega is the publisher, so the buck stops with them. Sega aren't the only one to region/lanuage lock their games. Have a read of this: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/zxbmd/here_in_russia_and_the_cis_were_getting_our_own/ After appealing for a Russian version of the game, the developers of Borderlands 2 have caved in. But the game in Russia is being published exclusively in Russian. The publisher in Russia also has the rights to publish in form USSR countries, so people in countries such as Lithuania (Where a large proportion of the population doesn't speak a word of Russian) can only buy the Russian version of the game. They cannot play against users playing the regular version and nor will they be able to purchase DLC. When will this madness stop; this anti-piracy tactic is turning former legitimate customers to piracy because they feel they're being treat unfairly. Meanwhile, hackers in other countries are still cracking the Non-region locked version of the game, so the piracy levels are not affected at all. There is no logical reason to lock the language in a game to a particular region, there is no excuse for this practice. All it does is turn both existing and potential customers against you. This issues doesn't affect me, but it still infuriates me how these customers are treat.
  13. Strictly speaking, you're both right. The total bank balance is divided up and assigned to budgets. So the transfer budget given at the start of the year is ringfenced for you to spend. The transfer/wage budget is the only budget that the player has control of, the rest just appears in your financial updates (i.e. non-footballing costs). There will be a provision in budgets for liquid assets/capital which isn't assigned to any budget. Any surplus from the budgets at the end of the season aswell as other revenues is pooled together to be re-assigned into budgets again. So whilst the money never goes anywhere (It just comes out of the club bank account if you spend it), your transfer budget is exclusively for you to use, so you can spend it as you wish. To answer the OP; You likely won't get any penalty for using all of your transfer budget unless you finish below season expectations. However, if you have a surplus at the end of the year, your budget will likely increase the following season. Your budget doesn't roll over though, you will only get a fraction of the previous year's budget carried over.
  14. Looks like it might be useful for off-loading those unwanted players. I think the real question about the DoF though, is balance. Will the DoF be able to negotiate better deals than the human player, or will they always settle for a worse deal? I know I probably won't use the feature (Very glad that every role you assign to him is optional). But if the DoF has some magical advantage when it comes to negotiating deals I will use the feature. I can imagine there will be some backlash from other players who like to have full control though if this is the case. If the DoF tends to get worse deals than the player, then I can see this feature being useless to most people. I'm glad that SI haven't forced this on us. Screw realism, if I lose control of my transfers the game would lose much of it's appeal for me.
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