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  1. Normally patches are produced for improving the game and fixing the bugs it's not valid for FM14. First Beta version was the most playable and bugless version of the game (mostly match engine and some interface bugs). After any new patch game started to be a little more unstable and of course unplayable. Just please give us the first beta release of the game. Every new patch is chopping our gaming enjoy.
  2. Mate check the link please i'll try this in my Roma carrier rotating with the original one.
  3. Firstly i will take Inter but right after the learn the dynamics of new system, my favourite story will be with RedBull Leipzig.
  4. Hi guys, i preordered the game from Playstore (a Turkish retailer), they say that they will send the beta code for the preorders but when i check here it looks that playstore.com isn't one of your official retailers... Please clearify this there are a lot of Turkish fm fans who bought the game from playstore.com, would we play the beta game?
  5. First official match with ModernWarfare tactic and it's not fully gelled. My first eleven was like this; Pandev Cavani Ayew Inler Hamsik Maggio Aronica Okore Cannavaro Campagnaro De Sanctis Thanks for sharing this tactic, finally i'm back to FM13 which the game i almost give up playing it.
  6. I love 4-4-2 formation and yes, it started like a Diablo tactic. Let me play a few more matches...
  7. Let's see what we got in new ME, thanks for the effort. Maybe i would come back to play FM13 again.
  8. Even Mr.Hough gave up to create a new tactic for 13.1.3, surely ME's still broken. Also I'm not playing it until a stable ME released...
  9. Absolutely the best solid tactic for this ME. After i sacked from Villarreal in my first season, Leicester City has accepted my job application and i took over them in 19th week of the season. While i was looking for a good solid tactic both on defence and attack just decided to use Mr. Hough's tactic. I started to using this in mid season, i have only one average wingback and the team was awkward about the formation but still we manage to promote to Premiership using with this amazing tactic. I've added some screen shots above, thanks Mr. Hough. You're really a tactical genius.
  10. I love your tactic naming... Thank you mate, firstly just try it one of my midseason lowerleague game and after a fresh start one of the big boys.
  11. It's quarter to 6pm in here. But of course Dave meant his time zone, we're +2 in here.
  12. Tremendous stats for a first match, thanks for your effort...
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