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  1. fair enough, thanks for answering There are too many players to edit so I am afraid I will have to start a new game
  2. I am an idiot, I added 2 wonderkid database editor files (which contained new wonderkids) and loaded them both into my database. I now have duplicate wonderkids. Is there a way which I can remove one of the wonderkid editor files mid save at all? I am in January of my new save and really enjoying it, so was very sad to see when searching for certain players 2 of the same players came up. Both have high potential but different PA. I tried using the editor to remove the players but as the editor files are loaded in already I am guessing the only way is to start a new save and only us
  3. Good evening, does anyone have any experience how an integrated graphics card like the Intel UHD 620 handles 3D? I am looking at a couple of new laptops, likely an i5 8th gen, 8gb ram. Don't really need 3d to look incredible, i currently use low settings on my 7yr old laptop. Also, is the computer likely to get hot if i am playing in 3D if I don't have a dedicated graphics card?
  4. If I set Brazil and Argentina as View only will I get the same quality/number of regens compared to playable? My laptop is quite slow but if necessary I can turn these on as playable. I will never manage in Brazil or Argentina, I am just interested in regens/newgens and potentially buying players from the leagues now (and future).
  5. Arsenal low balling is nothing new. If you were in charge of Liverpool when Arsenal bid 40 million plus £1 would you think that's a real life bug?
  6. Just wondering if the money I do not spend from my transfer budget is carried over to the following season? If it isn't why? If yes, I can look to save rather than going out to spend every single penny sorry if it is a silly question, I have not played the game for a while
  7. I always run a large database with almost every european league as well as brazil, argentina, china, US and a couple of others I have a 7 yr old laptop and it's 1 star but not had too many issues previously. I like to have as much loaded as I can
  8. I had a similar problem, you have to restart the game and sometimes restart steam. When starting a new game you will see the file there
  9. just to check, what database version is everyone using. Mine is 19.1.0 Is that correct for the new version of the game?
  10. silly question but how do you dl the file? I am subscribed but no option to dl?
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