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  1. [FM14] The U's and Me

    Just had a skim through this. What an incredible career so far! A few questions, which may or may not have been answered. Are you playing these matches in full or using instant result? More importantly, what happened to Dafydd? Did his career take off at celtic?
  2. So, are we saying if you switch to overload with a defensive tactic you're just going to be playing silly high risk balls without any real attacking threat?
  3. I think with a two man midfield the rule of thumb is two players that will sit more often than not. My personal preference is a DLP (D) and a CM (S), but there are quite a few options. Either slow tempo with short passing, or since you would like to counter attack try quick tempo with direct passing. That doesn't mean long balls necessarily, but allows quick distribution to your wingers and front players, which you're going to need as your centre mids will be sitting a little deeper. Also, might want to set your goalkeeper to quick throws. I have had good success mixing this with counter attacking. Edit: Just a note to say I may be way out with this, but it is my general understanding.
  4. I don't think short passing really works with a quick tempo and championship players either. I bet you see an awful lot of misplaced passes? Also, 3.5 specialist roles means your tactics should be more rigid, I think.
  5. I'm merely a tactical novice, however, it seems to me having attacking full backs and attacking wingers and a ball winning midfielder running all over the shop is going to leave you very exposed, especially on the counter.
  6. That's sent now Marc. (Initials - J F @gmail.com). Oddly enough every time I have tried this since my first post it has been a very slightly different outcome to the Ronaldinho transfer. However, although I have half my squad up for sale, it's been the same 3 that have left in that time frame (Morgan, St Ledger, Pantsil).
  7. I have one from approximately a month before that little exchange, and have reloaded about 10 times now attempting to recreate the same behaviour. The time around he says he doesn't want to join a smaller club (fair enough) and has moved to various Premier League teams and one Championship side (this time Barnsley). Would this save game still be helpful or is the behaviour too random?
  8. Afternoon all. First I'd like to say having only bought FMH for android the day before yesterday I am thoroughly enjoying the portable version of one of my favourite ever games. That said, I've been playing as Leicester City and having been promoted to the Premier League have found buying players a real chore. My favourite example so far goes thusly: I place a 1.2 mil bid for Ronaldinho Gaucho, which is rejected, up it to 2.1 and have it accepted. However, the player does not want to move to me as he doesn't think I can meet his demands (I can offer up to 55k per week). Continue two days, see Cardiff City (still in the Championship) have a 975k bid accept. Fine, I think, he still won't move to you. But he does, and they're paying him 13k per week.