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  1. Are we to expect this every time Apple release an update to the OS ? is it too much to ask that SI test on the latest OS available , even those in BETA , surely it isn't rocket science ?
  2. Turning off Retina display and restarting the game using 2d works as a temp fix until they come up with a more permanent solution , not ideal but at least it makes the game playable
  3. Didn't I say SI Speak to Apple , not the other way round ? Exactly what you said , the OS update was there , This is exactly the same situation as before when the game obviously wasn't pre tested with OS before release
  4. Same Problem as before in January , Apple release an update and FM becomes unplayable. Interim solution last time was the the release by SI of a Beta which made the game playable until a full solution was released a few days later . Permanent solution is SI and Apple communicate better
  5. unacceptable this has been ignored all weekend , this is what happens when a company monopolises the market . FM seriously needs a rival to keep them on their toes rather than the arrogance we're experiencing
  6. agreed , one person giving a generic reply every now and then just isn't good enough.
  7. Apple has the most stable operating system out there , the blame is purely with SI and there lack of respect to Apple users resulting in the release of an unavoidable update which ruins the game. Four days now , I cannot believe it would have taken this long if it was a problem with PC's
  8. Hopefully you will learn from this experience and test your updates on both PC and MAC BEFORE releasing . So far its been three days which , imho , its unacceptable .
  9. not after an apology , but its poor practice , as previously mentioned , to release an update that they clearly haven't fully tested . Doesn't reflect well on them. Still they'll probably pull a couple of creators in , chuck some photos and money at them , and everything will be ok again ....
  10. if this happened to the 'Content Creators' this problem would have been solved by now . Because Mac users don't help sell their game priority is low
  11. I guess if we delete the game then reinstall because its a digital game it will just install to 19.2.2 rather than letting us untick auto update and stepping up to 19.2.1 ? \
  12. MacBook Pro 2018 (13-inch, Two Usb C Ports) macOS Mojave version 10.14.2 Processer: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Startup Disk Macintosh HD Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB all graphics levels attempted , retina turned on , Full Screen , 2560 x 1600 Attempted to play 3d and 2d , both unplayable No other programs running.
  13. Same issue here , 2018 MacBook Pro , i5 2.3ghz , 8gb Ram , Iris Plus Graphics 1536mb , 2560 x 1600
  14. Perhaps when Kasper gets beaten at his 'near post' he makes some kind of attempt to save it rather than just standing and watching the ball go past. The FM Keepers don't move at all , This is either down to the lack of goalkeeping ability where upon they aren't good enough to equate the position and timing of the shot in their head in time to react to the situation , Or , they can equate the position and timing of the shot but lack the positional sense to realise the shot is a threat on goal and think the attempt will go sufficiently wide to require any movement from themselves to cause a trajectory difference to the ball . Manuel Neuer, First priority is to protect the near post . The ball has a shorter distance to travel and its speed will be greater
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