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  1. My Documents/Sports Interative/Football Manager 2008/db
  2. That one made me laugh out loud. Well i've done/do most of the things above, but here are a couple more: 1. Me and me colleague at work, sit and talk about FM signings, play on our laptops at lunch and bore the life out our mate's with talk of FM (and we're are the bosses! so there is nowt they can do). 2. when you've played every version since CM95/96 and now you stay up extra late, at the risk of a huge arguement with the missus, only to play cos your bleedin' 10 year old took Arsenal to Champions League glory with the tactic that you developed and can't get to work with Newcastle. AAArrrgggghhhh.
  3. Hughie Gallacher - Newcastle Archie Gemmil - Forest
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