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  1. BEOWULF Working very well! Lacazette 7 goals in a game! Assistant doing OI's
  2. Just an FYI I’ve had this in previous FM’s where a player has stated they do not wish to be selected for the capitancy and are therefore greyed our, however this has always been stated in the news article when you go to select the captain, which isn’t the case in your screenshots. I don’t think not being able to select him is a bug, I think it not explaining why is the bug.
  3. Are people not missing the fact that the lack of certain leagues is due to licencing, not just a lack of desire to put them in.
  4. Where have you got that from? SI have admitted injuries during matches are too high and are looking into it.
  5. Do we know what time the game will be out? Wasn’t it late Thursday last year? Or is it midnight between Thursday/Friday?
  6. Anyone else having the following issue? All my bar charts no longer display - neither on the match stat widget or in othe rplaces on the match screen.
  7. Oh... well that doesn't sound good. Perhaps instead, change the date the the announcement to July 2nd for example, then change the probably of this announcement being in 2016 to 100 and blank the other year values - then you would know what Brexit you will get two days into your save - meaning that if you get the version you don't want you can keep restarting until you do?
  8. @KUBI - Surley as there is a little Enabled tickbox at the top right hand corner, you can just untick this and it's problem solved?
  9. I can only really give you an opinion based on what I've experienced but for me that isn't really an issue anymore. When FM15 was released I had quite a few of those incidents, after 15.2 they were signifcantly reduced but I was still getting around 10-12 a season (not all scored fyi). Since 15.3 I've played two seasons and I've seen it happen twice (both in the same game! Obviously keeper wasn't having a great day"). Anyway two or three of those incidents a season would seem about right for me and isn't an issue. Of course if you are experiencing it more often than that then a bug report wou
  10. SI have confirmed they haven't made any changes to injuries in any of the patches. Exactly the point. The ME has changed, some roles will have changed considerably. Your players may now be more exposed to rough tackles in certain areas of the pitch where they weren't before, the AI might be closing you down more, being more aggressive etc. Almost every single person who has complained about injuries have said 'they haven't changed anything with regards to their team' and that's exactly why they're struggling, the ME has changed and they haven't updated their tactics. They didn't go away
  11. You'll need to bring it up in the data issues forum. I just checked in the editor and he's wrongly listed as having a dead leg for a year.
  12. It's not just about training set-ups. It's about monitoring your players fitness, rotating your side and not over-working your players.
  13. Having just read through your post history it's amazing that 40 of your posts haven't been deleted.
  14. That's not true at all. Almost all injuries in football are preventable, apart from ones sustained by bad luck (leg breaks etc.). There's a reason Arsenal have so many injuries IRL, it's because we train the players too hard and don't give them time to recover. Every Arsenal fan with any common sense knows this, we hear about it all the time, but nothing changes. There's a reason Raymond Verheijen despises the Arsenal regime, and as much as we Arsenal fans like to belittle him, at the end of the day he's right, we don't do things in the right way. This quote form him sums it up; "An injury
  15. Here's the bug thread, if you're interested in the solution http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/421087-PSG-Marquinhos-amp-Lucas-Digne-On-The-Transfer-List-for-a-pittance!-REVIEWED?p=10209154&viewfull=1#post10209154
  16. There's a bug with Marquinhos and Digne being unhappy (and transfer listed I think) with the new database, you might be able to use the editor to alter that though
  17. Destro - Madrid are the biggest side in the world so it's always going to be hard to keep him when they're interested Lacazette - Presuming you went for the 'If they bid our asking price I'll let you go' option? I'm not sure if it's still screwed up (if used to just act as if you meant any club rather than that specific club that were interested). Presuming it's still bugged then you have a point. Sergio Romero - How long was left on his contract? If only a short amount of time why didn't you renew it earlier? You always risk losing players if you don't manage their contracts well enough. (W
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