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  1. I thought regens could only regen as the same nationality (or one of two if the original player had dual nationalities). Is this not the case?
  2. I think I may have Giggs. He's called Richard James, generated beginning 17/18 and appeared as a graduate of Arsenal's youth team. Nationality Welsh. Pos: AM/F RLC (but prefers left as evidenced by brighter green dots on the left & center of the player position chart than the right hand side).
  3. Not sure how to do screenshots. Here are his stats. Crossing 15 Aggression 8 Pace 14 Dribbling 17 Creativity 19 Stamina 15 Heading 15 Decisions 17 Strength 12 Passing 18 Leadership 20 Shooting 14 Movement 17 Tackling 15 Positioning 17 Technique 20 Teamwork 20 He is currently 18 years old. Positional info: Preferred Role - Central Mid; Rec role - Adv.Playmaker Central mid: Natural Att mid: Competent; Def Mid: Competent All others: Awkward And the colored dots: Bright green for the central mid one (in the center circle in the opponent's half). Yellow for the dot above that one and below that one. The three dots to the right of these dots are all red. All other dots have no color. Hope that helps. Thanks
  4. Eric Sissoko dob 10 May 2000 Nationality: Martiniquais (French flag, but not named as being dual nationality) Generated around July/August 2016 - I picked him up from "no club". He is a solid CM, preferred role - central mid, recommended role - advanced play maker & "superb set-piece specialist" Most of his stats even at 17 years old are in the green. Already has 20 for technique & teamwork. His aggression is the only low rating (8) - this may help identify who he is a regeneration of.
  5. I have one regen who is Albanian/Welsh and plays for Albania with the name Ryan Davies. He plays for Stockport.
  6. i use a 3-4-3 attacking formation at home and a 3-5-2 standard away. I seem to do a bit better away from home by not being so super attacking.
  7. One way that I've managed to assemble a top squad is to sign up loads of kids who start as regens with no club Many of these are Euro so no need for a work permit. However, so many who show up as being e.g. Argentinian turn out to have dual nationalities. Loads and loads of kids are part Portuguese it seems. Has anyone else noticed this ?
  8. One thing I'm always keen to know is how my previous players are doing. Is there any way (other than to keep your previous players on your shortlist) to see how players you had play for you in previous seasons are getting on with their new clubs?
  9. I haven't played FM for a long time but have come back for the iphone FM12 game. I'm 4 seasons in now. One thing I've realized is that I can't find a screen to scroll through teams' histories. Is there any way to know how a particular team has fared over the last few seasons in terms of league position/record etc?
  10. Not sure this is the right place for this .... [FM12 on iphone] One bug I have found is when you select player interaction with a long-term injured player and do a positive interaction. The news screen often will say something like "You have indicated you were pleased with X's performance in the last first team match". This happens even if I've interacted with a long-term injured player who has never played for me. I'm obviously interacting to get their confidence up during rehabilitation, not to congratulate for any match performance.
  11. Hi everyone. I have just got my first iphone and downloaded FM12. I first played the 1993 Champ Man series and must have been one of the first ever users. I last played the CM/FM games over 10 years ago now, so I am learning a lot of things all over again. I am happy to see that the iphone version is very similar in gameplay to the classic Champ Man games. I have a question about training. I have limited patience for tinkering with training schedules - it's not my favorite part of the game. Is it hugely detrimental to just leave training on 'general' for each player (Excluding goalies), or should I be paying more attention to that? (I play as York City and have got them promoted to L2 and am playoff bubble type team). thanks.
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