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  1. Hi I have been developing a database that has Cornwall as an added nation. I looked on forums etc and have been working my way through. I have used the extinct CIS nation as a base and built league structure and all the rules around that. I am pretty much there....just need to tidy up a few bits. One thing that I can't seem to do is to get the nation to qualify for the European International League or take part in the European Championship Qualifiers, World Cup works fine. I did swap Kazakhstan to Asia as I had read that worked in previous year but it appears that this year's version needs something else. I have seen post around potentially rebuilding rules for the comps to get them to work. Has anybody done that? I just need a DB to review so I can see how!! Any help greatly appreciated, cheers
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    Holiday Savegame

    Should be working now :-)
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    Holiday Savegame

    lol, I started a game at Man Utd and have £160 million to spend on players!! Though they have no player trained by them in 1st team and 1 player trained in England in 1st team!!
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    Holiday Savegame

    Here's the link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=90JIV52T
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    Holiday Savegame

    Hey all I've been doing a holiday savegame which has involved leaving FM 2011 running for about a day or so on holiday mode!! Why u ask??? Well I quite like the option to play with fake player names that FM gives you but its not very good because some players have nationality and name changed and thats it, you can still work out who it is. Also I like it when a current player breaks a record of a legend, gives you an idea of how good they compare. With that option in FM current stars don't complete their career so you can't judge them against the greats. So I decided to run the holiday game, so far up to 2025(I have got another savegame at 2020). I think 2025 is about right as most if not all of the top names are finished playing at the top level which is really what I wanted. I don't know how much interest there will be in this but I liked the idea so thought maybe they may be some other people who might like it to!! The game starts on 1/6/2025 as I felt this gives the player the opportunity to pick their team and build a great side. It has 3 nations, England(league 2 up), Spain(Liga adelante up) and Italy(Serie B up) with large database. So whats happened??? Well you tend to stumble across things as you go along so I'm sure you'll find things that will made you smile. Like Tottenham having built a new stadium in 2014 called Hoddle Park!! Or Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Castilla after a season in Real Madrid's B team!! So here's a bit more info....World cup winners....2022 Brazil, 2018 Spain, 2014 France. European Championship winners....2020 Spain, 2016 Switzerland and 2012 England(??) As for the leagues Premierleague has been dominated mostly by Man City, 6 times winners and then a spread of Man utd, Arsenal and spurs Serie A has been shared between Napoli and AC Milan La Liga has been completed dominated by Barcelona 12 times winners out of 13 seasons!! With that they have won La Liga 32 times compared to Real Madrid's 31!! Champions League has been shared between Real Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea, Athletico Madrid and Barcelona For those of you quick on maths I've not yet completed it fully to 2025. Currently running on December 2023. I will upload somewhere and share with everyone once its finished. Hopefully in about 3 hours or so!!
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    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
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    Legends Database 2010 : questions

    Deus I've pm'd you. I'd be happy to help with the beta test!!