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  1. Patches

    Oh cool! Thanks a lot
  2. Patches

    I just (finally) bought FM2012, and I wanna install up-to-date patches before I get going. If I install the latest update will it give me all the updates that the others do aswell? Mainly I want the January transfers, what's the easiest way for me to do that? Thanks
  3. fm 2011 crash

    no help at all? i'm desperate
  4. hi sorry if i've posted this in the wrong place, it wouldn't let me in the "fm2011 bugs" bit so i figured just go here i've been playing 2011 a lot lately, and just finished my third season with lille and now my game keeps crashing. every time i click "continue" it just crashes. i'm using steam on a macbook. i googled for help, and there was a lot of talk of "crash dumps". i have no idea what they are and if that's what i'm experiencing, but any help would be hugely appreciated cos the game is going really well thanks