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  1. Not really, they had 2% more possession and I created more ccc's. Most of their shots were from distance. Try the save, then you will understand home difficult it is to get even just an even game vs this man u team
  2. Same mentality home and away for all teams, I don't change anything
  3. Finally, I've created a tactic to compete! I've posted a link in the tactics sharing forum HERE Give it a try and let me know if it works for your teams struggling with the big boys...
  4. Download Having amazing results with this tactic - very attacking, with great movement, possession and plenty of CCC. Defense could do with a little work but nothing major. Give it a try and post your results
  5. Some nice attempts, I tried a few more times but couldn't get anything to work, this man utd team are like machines... I'll keep trying and if I get something that works I'll post the tactic
  6. Thanks for the attempts guys. Its not really about the result as a win doesn't do anything for me, its more about the fact that this 4 2 3 1 Denmark formation is the most overpowered tactic I have come across in any version of cm/FM. I'll keep at it and see if I can find a hole...
  7. I must have played this match 100 times now and not won once. Used some premade tactics from sharing centre and none of them work either...arghhhhh
  8. Thanks for the attempt. What sort of formations were you trying? Anyone else care to give it a try? Free cookie if you can get a tactic to consistently win!
  9. I need help, is there a tactician out there that is able to beat this next game vs Man Utd on my save? I've tried everything I can think of but get hammered every time. They play the AI 4-2-3-1 Denmark (I have no idea why people refer to it as the Denmark, can anyone explain why?). I've tried narrow, exploit the middle tactics, possession based tactics, tried beating them at their own game...nothing is working and they score on average between 3-5 goals every time I try to replay the game, have around 20-35 shots at goal and basically I cant get out my own half, it's really annoying me So, can anyone help, is there a tactic out there that can consistently beat this next game on my save? My save file is linked below. https://www.mediafire.com/?zldsu7oz7fc254c Good luck & have fun
  10. I find the same. With teams that sit back and defend the chances to counter attack become more difficult to come by and it can turn into a stalemate. Taking Sunderland to 3rd is still well above expectations. If you finish in the top half of the table and can get 2-3 better players in the close season eventually some of those draws will become wins. I think from what I have seen overall - the tactic is stable and fun to use. I don't really like tactics that are unrealistic and are created to just confuse the match engine with instructions that would never work in real life. I find it much more fun to create a solid 'realistic' tactic and slowly improve the quality of players I have.
  11. Just to add, I selected the 'Very Fluid' mentality as I like my teams to all work together in attack and defense - which I think works well with the Counter attacking strategy. I try to look for players that have high ratings in teamwork, workrate, determination and decision making.
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