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  1. My PC seems to be very load when I play FM17, It is very quiet when I play FM16 and even on some high-end games it is quieter. I think it maybe is my PC fan as it is spinning quite fast. This happens even during the game processing and not even in a match. i have attached my dxdiag so you can see, my pc is way above the specs needed DxDiag.txt
  2. Every time I try to start the game this message comes up ] I have tried restarting steam and reinstalling the game but nothing has changed I have clicked next to go to the support page and it gives me this response code
  3. Anyone know why this is happening I have custom graphics installed but they have caused any problems before today. I have cleared the cache and revalidated it
  4. Problems I have seen or noticed - Lots of lag in the UI when clicking buttons - Poorer finishing - Corners are atrocious both on human and AI side - Alot more fouls - Psssing is worse
  5. 4-2-3-1 wth 2 DLP Defending, one AMC Support and 2 Inside Forwards atttacking, 35 yarders are nothing to do with tactics
  6. Just did a a test game with Chelsea, won the league and FA Cup but only had 1 clean sheet in 55 games, the AI always finds away to fluke or cheat their way to goal
  7. Still cannot keep clean sheets, somehow the AI always scores, 5 clean sheets in 25 games before the patch, 0 in 5 after the patch, yet I am 6th in the league with Rochdale so nothing wrong with the tactics
  8. I have tried numerous way to defend corners but they I still conceded. Even playing as Chelsea, I lost 4-1 to Sunderland, despite being top of the league, all 4 goals come from corners. I noticed no matter what you set players to do they dont do it, most defenders are static and dont move at all, The AI after one corners finds a way to counter your set piece defending, You put players in the 6 yard box they go outside the box shot, it hits defenders who dotn move, then the striker scores. The defending at set pieces is garbage.
  9. 12 goals currently in 9 games in League Two yet I average nearly 4 goals a game in my save
  10. Thats ok until the AI start aiming corners outside the box for someone to shoot, it either flies in or hits the players you have in the 6 yard box and goes in
  11. I need a team where I dont feel I am always going to lose or score due to the Match engine. But no too easy I can exploit the problems
  12. On the opening in the Championship, 6 teams scored 5 or more, if you want that then you have that
  13. Question is who tests the game beforehand the goals thing is obvious, Are the testers sacred they wont be a tester anymore if the say negative things about the game
  14. I am really not enjoying this years game, the match engine is very bad. For me it is one of the worse FM games made. I could be cruising 3-0 then all of sudden the AI smash 3 long rangers in and then my GK makes a stupid error and with no fault of my tactics I lose.
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