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  1. Actually I just came across a regen in my game, which is able to play for either Holland or Indonesia, so he actually has dual citizenship (he was "born" with it in Holland). And also a real player Chris Fayers has dual citizenship. Australian/Indonesian Samuel Sibatuara actually has 3. Australian/Indonesian/Italian Emil Audero Indonesian/Italian. Actually there's a few. So it is possible to have two or more. I guess you have to be "born" with it.
  2. Exactly, that's my "problem" here in Indonesia. I've read online, that you need 5 5 consecutive years or 10 non consecutive years to be able and it's also stated that you need other requirements. Like you can't have dual citizenship, so it would require the player to drop their old nationality. Of course, that would be the question, if they would be willing to do that. There are both pros and cons of doing it. But it could be cool, if I, as manager, could ask my player to consider it.
  3. Well I am not even able to offer them, or ask them, to think about it. Some of them might even get on the national team, because they are too good for the Indonesian but too bad for the Brazilian one. Maybe in real life, some would take that offer.
  4. Problem is, nothing is stated under the players or any of my players nationality information. Not even how long he needs more. I'm playing Touch version on the pc, not that it should matter.
  5. Hi there. I am playing in Indonesia, and I am wondering, how do my brazilian players get an Indonesian nationality? I know if they played in spain, they could get EU-citizenship if they stayed there for 2-3 seasons or something like that. Is it possible in Indonesia?
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