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  1. I already try but i cant find a download link there. No problem i'm going to ask dwood thx.
  2. Can anyone PM me with a link for the latest version pls?¿ Thx in advance.
  3. There are some wonderkids that are playing awesome lately in real life like Adrien Rabiot,Amadou Diawara and Ousmane Dembelé. I expect a good improvement on them in the next db update. I'm impressed how this youngsters are doing in CL especially Rabiot he is playing like a better version of Paul Pogba out there.
  4. I'm trying to download the file but i can't because firefox says to me it has a virus.
  5. We will have an update on SUPREME tactic (17.2) ?¿ Suits better for me.
  6. Woooho i was waiting for you and your textures Cordobes! Thanks! Eres un grande!
  7. Damn i can't play until night. If you guys can give your feedback about the new patch meanwhile i will aprecciate. (specially about ME)
  8. For me in 17 Hazard always sign for Man City
  9. I'm on 2020 (year of Brexit) playing with Man U and nothing changed is that normal? I received a message that nothing is going to change on WP and rules.
  10. It is possible to have 110% or 115%? Thanks
  11. There are too much yellow/red cards this year even if you don't use hard tackles. And the red card is always because a tackle with both feets (a little bit of variety it would not hurt)
  12. Nope you have to pause the 3D during a match and come back. I encounter a better filter "Dark 2" is really great.
  13. I am curious to see what type of filter people are using. I'm with Frosty 2 right now and is not bad at all for the eyes.
  14. For me totally. I buy there FM 15 and 17 and perfect. Key at the moment.
  15. Thanks. The only problem for me is in the menu i can't have the schedule/calendar anymore and i can't choose it. Otherwise i love your skin,keep it up.