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  1. I will ask again: Real and Atlético can buy players or not?¿
  2. Someone knows if Instant Gaming have beta early access? I'm a regular of them.
  3. Can anyone confirm that Real Madrid and Atlético have transfer restriction in FM17? Because it is not yet decided RM recurred to TAS and they give the reason i think will be a reduction.
  4. When the demo?¿ I hope before release because i would like to try it before buy it
  5. What we know about the demo? I prefer to give it a try before buy it.
  6. Good news the 64 bit. I have 16GB RAM + SSD now. Hopefully it will be fast enough.
  7. Honestly I don't care so much about graphics. All i want is about funny gameplay,please be good. I skip FM16 because i don't like it so i'm looking forward to FM17 with hope in a good improvement.
  8. I know that this is gonna sound bad but after see the trailer i got horny with the 3D. Omg.
  9. Probably but not for 54,99€ as Steam says. Just for some little updates. Definitely not. Not everybody is rich. Last year i had to buy later for around 30. That is acceptable.
  10. The full game before a Demo to evaluate? This is not a serious stuff. I press the button "download demo" in Steam and not working. Every year later release for the demo. Previous versions was a week before the full game or sooner. I want to try before took a decision because game is more expensive every year.
  11. So it's better to use "shorter passing" instead of "retain possesion"?
  12. Every year is the same,red cards and injuries every game.
  13. So what is the best combination for a fast/full game? Load the most important leagues in europe and a medium database for example? I think my pc can handle around 50.000 players. If i want to play i dont know around 200 years in the game the large database becomes too slow with time?
  14. So the important thing is add all the leagues as you can even if it's "view only" with a big database for a big world?¿
  15. If you select "view only" is enough? Because thats what i do. I don't know how you guys load all leagues,the game becomes too slow. More than 90,000 players omg.