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  1. Please let the 3D going over 60 fps for people with 144hz monitor this year please please.
  2. Please just let the 3D go over 60fps for 144hz monitor players. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
  3. 144hz monitor?

    Yeah that working well on 3D but the problem is if i set at 60 i have vibration screen on menus. It's much smoother at 144hz. I have in preferences 1920x1080 144hz but in "frame rate" only let my choose 60 at max. It is me or 60 is the maximum for 3D? I hope this will be fixed for fm18 because if not it will ruin my experience. A lot of people is acquiring a 144hz display.
  4. There are a lot of players lately signing at least 6 years contract. I think FM should implement that.
  5. I recently got a 144hz monitor (without gsync or freesync) and i notice the 3D like having like "lag" but is not fluid. It was better with my last monitor at 60hz but i want 144hz i have no problems with other games and i don't know what is the problem. In config i already change to 1920x1080p at 144hz and i can reach 144fps without problem. Maybe I have to do something more like reload skin or clear cache?¿ Can anyone help me? Thanks. Sorry for my bad english i'm spaniard. Oh i forgot to mention that i tried with v-sync on and off (both) and it didn't work either. It's a bit better in on but nothing special.
  6. Best Skin?

    Gunzo Skin and CFM for me.
  7. GUNZO skin FM17

    Me too. I have 3.0 version but if someone have the latest version please PM me please.
  8. I'm quite happy without ME changes if become worst. There are still some minor tweaks to improve a bit i think. Maybe they will consider some day release a last patch to improve it,who knows.
  9. GUNZO skin FM17

    I already try but i cant find a download link there. No problem i'm going to ask dwood thx.
  10. GUNZO skin FM17

    Can anyone PM me with a link for the latest version pls?¿ Thx in advance.
  11. There are some wonderkids that are playing awesome lately in real life like Adrien Rabiot,Amadou Diawara and Ousmane Dembelé. I expect a good improvement on them in the next db update. I'm impressed how this youngsters are doing in CL especially Rabiot he is playing like a better version of Paul Pogba out there.
  12. I'm trying to download the file but i can't because firefox says to me it has a virus.
  13. We will have an update on SUPREME tactic (17.2) ?¿ Suits better for me.
  14. [FM17][UPDATED] NPT&C 2017 Classic Edition v1.1

    Woooho i was waiting for you and your textures Cordobes! Thanks! Eres un grande!
  15. Damn i can't play until night. If you guys can give your feedback about the new patch meanwhile i will aprecciate. (specially about ME)