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  1. Sorry SI member hidden behind a "normal" user but i'm not from a native english language country. Sorry. Truth hurts.
  2. I saw the video of Miles on twitch about ME and it is exactly the same some new phisics and animations but nothing more. Actually is exactly the same for a decade now. They really need to focus on ME for FM2020 as a priority. Is not enjoyable anymore.
  3. They really need to focus in a new 3D ME for FM2020. I think it's time.
  4. Omg the 3D ME looks exactly the same ten years later. :facepalm:
  5. It wont be another update. This is how they works: 1 patch one month after release, another one in Christmas and the last one end February/March with the winter transfers update. You better wait for FM19 another $60 and better luck next year.
  6. Im having crashdump all the time since last patch (summer 2019) what a disaster edition is this fm2018.
  7. I don't want to be rude or disrespectful but i'm not impressed with the work/develop of the last months. I remember older editions when the last patch was a huge improvement. The ME team needs some new people with fresh ideas just my opinion.
  8. I dont understand nothing. No ME changes but i notice something different. Its placebo?
  9. Im just glad that the FM most played by me (more than 3 thousand hours) is on the top of the poll. FM12 forever. I have FM12, FM15 and FM17&18. Skip 13,14 and 16. Looking at the poll i was totally right. Spot on.
  10. Unfortunately i have to agree with you guys about the ME but im going to wait for the last patch next weeks before give up. I have the last hope yet.
  11. Yes you better wait. And when the ME changes comes doesn't expect a miracle/too much. I talk by experience.
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