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  1. Whenever I try to make custom nation rules in England, the FA Cup won't work properly, the rules verify without issue but once I test it in-game for some reason NONE of the top league teams enter it at any stage (even though I set up the rules with all leagues included :/) can anyone help?
  2. how do I do that? it automatically asks for date/month/year it doesn't give me a month only option?
  3. Does anyone know how I can get Transfer Windows for custom nation rules to be the same as they are IRL (i.e. always tied to European window of July 1st - September 1st) I can set them for the first season correctly but after that it changes the dates slightly so it's out of sync with the rest of Europe and it's really frustrating lol.
  4. seems to be working since the update, some competitions (cups) still fail advanced rules after 2/3 seasons of verifying though but it's not as much of a problem
  5. you can't even add them for one nation right now yet alone two, the game won't load ANY custom nation rules at all.
  6. evidently they don't care mate, they've known about these issues since November (see pinned thread on this very forum) and seem to have done nothing about it, no updates, no statements, nothing. apparently SI just don't care about people who make custom databases anymore.
  7. I've tried to run 3 custom databases with custom nation rules set and none of them work, the game won't let me load any leagues affected as it says they aren't default teams so basically no league editing will work, at all.
  8. he's barely played as he had an injury and his mate committed suicide...again he's still a teenager as well so give the kid a break, he showed last season how good he is and if you think you can dismiss that then you clearly don't know football. based on nowhere near as many stand out performances last season, being versatile doesn't make you world class, John O'Shea could play in about 10 positions but I doubt you're gonna tell me he was better than Rio Ferdinand (or maybe you are, <insults edited out>)
  9. Greenwood was outstanding last season as an 18 year old for a side that came 3rd, Saka was promising but nowhere near as impressive in a side that came 8th, claiming Saka is better based off a handful of games this season is daft.
  10. apparently the transfer windows are all set to 1900...pretty sure 2021/2022 isn't in 1900 but I could be wrong and the world is about to reset to that year...
  11. okay, I think it could be related to doing 2 in a row with different managers as I ended the meeting immediately with my 2nd team and now it works for the 1st team without the crash.
  12. game crashes for me whenever I try to do my recruitment meeting ahead of the 2nd season, gonna try skipping it completely but it's happened twice now so could be a bug.
  13. no, he joins on January 1st 2023, I'm currently on March 2022
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