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  1. no, he joins on January 1st 2023, I'm currently on March 2022
  2. He doesn't have a 2nd nationality and the scout report doesn't mention needing a WP, on the League rules it just says EU players now need a WP it doesn't mention non-EU players at all so I think that it bugged out or something? screens below: (EDITED TO ADD LEAGUE RULES SCREEN)
  3. Hey guys, this is a kinda ironic glitch/bug in my save but apparently I don't need work permits to sign any non EU players in England post-Brexit, I know this because I just signed a 17 year old Argentine goalkeeper and at no stage did anything about work permits come up...pretty sure this isn't supposed to be the situation?
  4. I was just thinking about how leagues like the premier league often let their teams vote on rule changes (things like transfer windows, etc), it would be cool to include this in Football Manager, though it's obviously not super realistic as IRL this would be a decision made by a board member rather than the manager, but it could still be a fun little addition and allow for more dynamic things within long term saves like rule changes that you can have a say on (for instance clubs could vote to change the leagues rules over discipline or even relegation/promotion) curious if people have any thoughts on this idea?
  5. so does having an assistant manager determine if you can do this or not? I've had issues constantly on the game since launch whereby the CoC coming up or not seems almost random, I always tend to change my staff though so could that be why?
  6. maybe not an issue per se, but I don't get why Daniel James (Manchester United) has such a low Potential Ability in this game? like I know for a fact it's only 153, which is mad cause in real life he's already performing really well in the Premier League and is only 21 so it seems unlikely to me that he only has a very small potential to grow!
  7. please if anyone can help me with this, would be much appreciated x
  8. hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can change the colour that the team name appears with on tables and such, I use the Wannachupbrew White skin but the light blue on white hurts my eyes so was wondering if I can change it somehow to purple or a darker blue instead?
  9. is the time Brexit is decided random or fixed? only done one season so far tbf but nothing about it yet lol
  10. so what happens with the full release? does the game auto update at Midnight? will the Editor be released at Midnight as well? sorry lol, just so so hypyed! LOVE the beta btw, great job SI!
  11. had a couple of weird issues playing with two managers on the beta, every now and then the game refuses to continue unless you switch manager even though there is nothing you must respond to in the other managers inbox, it's only a minor issue but I figured it's something you might want to look at in case it can develop in to something bigger.
  13. 3 hours till the pre-game editor and in game editor are released with the full game...the wait is torture!!!
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