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  1. Basically, I could select leagues (I always chose European ones) and go all the way until I hit the "Manage Club," "Manage Nation," etc. screen, which was greyed out. I followed the FAQs, which suggested reinstalling, which completely took care of the problem.
  2. Thanks for the offer to look at a save. I actually reinstalled the app because it wasn't letting me start new games. I'll post again if the intl problem persists.
  3. I don't know if this is untypical, but it seems that my nationality really is barring me from jobs. It's 2020 and although I've been in the top 5 or 10 since the first year, I have not gotten jobs at France, Holland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and Belgium (I'm Italian, btw). I have no trouble moving between top clubs in Europe. Is the algorithm perhaps a bit off? I mean, Scotland took the manager of Portsmouth over me, which I don't remember being the case in previous iterations of the game.
  4. From what I have noticed, you can only get to National reputation by winning cups (or placing high in them, it seems). If you don't also know, it helps if your nationality is the same as the country you want to work in. I think the current system is trying to be realistic (how many championship managers that have never managed in the PL are well-known among PL fans?), but it would be nice to have more upward mobility.
  5. Has anyone noticed it being harder to get an international job in this year's version, especially after the first round of post-Euro Cup sackings? Perhaps the formula has changed? In several games, I have hovered between World #1 and World #4 but can't even get hired in lower tiered national clubs like Ireland/N. Ireland. The same is true for my nationality. Although, oddly, Denmark almost always hired me.
  6. I am curious exactly what the editor does that is different than MyClub? Does it just change players? I'd really like a situation where I can start with a high reputation so that I can begin a game unemployed but not have to work my way up from Local reputation. Can the editor do this, or does anyone have a workaround to approximate that?
  7. I have had this happen to me rarely. The Staff page will say that there is room for 3 coaches (for example). I will sack one in order to hire another, but after the sacking, ALL coaches for more than six months have been greyed out. If there's a behind the scenes reason (i.e. a budget I can't see), it'd be great if it was visible in the next version or otherwise explained more clearly in-game (i.e. instead of greyed out a message saying you don't have the budget).
  8. This problem has happened to me as well. I had gone through the download and started a game, but the app will not start without a network connection (same error message).
  9. Do you find that the AI plays players who are obviously not fit? By minute 20, I usually have 1-3 opposition players in the mid-to-low 70s as far as condition goes, almost every game. Also, how do you make it go fast? On mine, using the enhanced, even when I have it on Very Fast, a single game easily takes 7-10 minutes. But I agree, I do not notice a performance bump following the update.
  10. It's also worth noting that your reputation generally needs to be "Continental" or "World Class" to get a national job. It's possible (I think) that you can get a job for smaller team, i.e. Northern Ireland, if you are just "National." Also, it helps to be the nationality of the country you are seeking to manage, especially with the best teams.
  11. That would make sense, although FMH never seems to care where the championship takes place.
  12. I started a game playing the French national team but was not selected to compete in the Euro Championship Qualifications. Is there a reason for this or is it a bug or known issue? If it matters, I also loaded England as a primary country, and Germany as the third country.
  13. Does anyone else find that the enhanced match engine slows the match down. Even with "very fast" and "commentary only," the game creeps by when nothing's happening for me.
  14. Thanks, I'll check back! fyi, it's not just the "Processing Match" or tactics change, but the general match play is noticeably slower.
  15. Hi, I'm really excited to have FMH back in my life! I've started the game on a Nexus 7 (2nd generation) but the matches are much slower than previous versions. I have it set to "commentary only" "very fast" and "key highlights" but it kind of ticks by and before I started the second half, I had a "processing match" screen for a minute or two. I don't have many other apps open. I like the new match engine, but is there a way for me to streamline it?