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  1. I'm with Newcastle. I've just finished my 4th season. All coaches are 4 1/2 star or 5 star. I leave all players under 17 in the u18's unless I think they will get games covering the first team. All players over 18 are used in the first team and if not, loaned out if I don't think the games will be available. I have all players on heavy training. I have them all set to doing a specific attribute (as advised by the assman) or the routine for their role. Something tells me I need to be setting them to a specific attribute all of the time and checking back. So here are my questions: Should I
  2. 'Ello all, I've just had a cracking season and a dreadful start to a new one. I played through with Whitley Bay in the 9th tier of English football and won everything. I couldn't win the F.A Cup as it wasn't in this database but if it were I'd have had a good go! I normally use my own tactic but this time I went with the 'Mr Langvatn 2-5-3 Angels V2.tac' It's an exceptional tactic that has worked very well but I have a problem. Down at this level the clubs don't have many fans. I need more fans to turn up and the only way I've found of doing that is by playing attractive football. Accordin
  3. Yeah. I'll set my filter to 'nub' and see where that takes me But all joking aside, yeah, that's what I'll do. It's just a shame I'm going to lose my club favourites this season. That's why I'm so desperate to get to L2 this season. L2 will be a better league to consolidate than BSP, just because of the money. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks man. I don't think that would be good for the club in the club in the long run though. The wage budget now is pretty much on the limit. Wage budget this season is about 9k (after I converted transfer budget to wage) and I don't plan on going over it. The club made an extra 400k last season because I got beat in the playoff final. I just need to be careful like the other chap said. I picked up this Man City reject on a pro contract on 250/w which I am really chuffed with. That's cheaper than I'd expect to pay, I just need to keep doing business like that. I also need to accept this se
  5. Sure, sounds like good advice. well I only have the English leagues loaded so the availablity of the other nations will be limited. I did notice that I could attract a better standard of player now. In regards to loans, this is self-evident. Yeah, I came to that conclusion myself. I simply cannot afford to offer pro-term wages to players at the minute. I'm already at the wage maximum. My hope is I can get promotion to L2 this year. I need to because I simply won't be able to afford pro term wages to my senior players without driving the club into deficit. My hope is to get promotion to
  6. This has been a fascinating save for me and certainly one of the most enjoyable. I don't want to be too self indulgent so if I've not included what that is. Here is the point of interest and my question. At the moment I'm at the wage maximum, about 8k/week. That's on semi pro. The club have now moved to pro and most of my players have 12 months left on their contract. The income for the club will be the same for this season as I wasn't promoted. The club have 700k in the bank which I got through gate receipts from the league campaign and the playoff final. Even if I could convince the board
  7. TBH You sound as confident in your tactics as I am. As in, not at all. I've read that it's generally a bad idea to have two playmakers in the side. I'm not saying you're wrong but I'm going to wait for a third opinion.
  8. I've been wondering about player roles. For example: Ball winning midfielder. I'm worried that some roles might take the player out of position. The ball winning midfielder will hunt the ball down. I could see a BWM being dragged out of position and passed around. I've tried to stick with a defensive central midfielder as I see this as a way around the problem but when I look at the stats the player uses for BWM they're far superior to those of the CM. I suppose my question relates to how players will move. For example, the role of Box To Box Midfielder will clearly change the behavior of a
  9. My players seem to be taking a lot of long shots. I've my team set individually to take few. I prefer to work the ball into the box and keep the ball. The players are taking long shots anyway. I put this down to the amount of creative freedom my team has (about two thirds). The only way I've read of is to tell the team to pass into space. Do you agree with this or do you have another solution or workaround to this problem? Also, not sure if it's relevant but my team on in the Blue Square Premier. Cheers.
  10. So here is the craic. I've a team I'm quite happy with. They all perform pretty well. I've no real complaints. I'm at my wage max though. I think next season I'm going to have trouble keeping them as I simply won't be able to afford their wages. I also have zero interest from other clubs though. I don't quite get it though. I'm a club that's achieved back-to-back promotions from the 9th tier to the BSN and you might think that might make some clubs ask questions like 'I bet they have some decent players, let's buy some' but they're not. I think it's a combination of few things things. Lack
  11. I've gone back and played CM 93/94 a couple of times With my trusted 2-5-3 formation which took Hartlepool to ECL.
  12. Yes. If you have 3 attacking midfielders it doesn't matter if they track back or not, they're still attacking midfielders. They can't run at 100 mph and so you're weakening your midfield by playing them up there. Either way, I don't care. You're probably playing a bloody premiership team which is entirely different to what I play. In fact, have you even considered that this thread was started about LLM? I wonder, because if you had I don't think you'd have suggested such a setup and certainly not after I just flipping told you I got 3 back to back promotions. Your suggestions havent been hel
  13. Yes, but they're still attacking midfielders. My point is if you have even one behind the striker it links up with midfield. Three help a lot but also leave your midfield weak so you need to trust your defence. I'm not sure my team are ready to push up quite yet. Besides, I really like dominating possession.
  14. Three attacking midfielders? I've had three back-to-back promotions. I think playing three AM's might be a little ambitious at this stage. Anyway, playing a lone striker behind 3 AM's is hardly a leap of faith whereas I'm playing 5 across the midfield.
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