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  1. hey people! i know that its rare for teams to go a long run without conceding a goal. even though im Leciester, i struggle to believe that means i should be conceding on a regular basis. ive kept a clean sheet once this season, is anyone else having trouble keeping them? or found a way to fix conceding so often
  2. I've suddenly started having issues with crash dumps of im tabbed out of the game, while looking for players on the internet etc. It might be nothing but are there any reports of Avast anti-virus causing problems? I've just downloaded it and that's when trouble started. Anyone any idea on how to stop the crash dumps!
  3. Nothing loads at all. I had it set to 3 separate save files 2 have gone and I'm left with the one that doesn't load. I can load my old Wigan save. But not the Bournemouth one
  4. I tried that lastnight after looking for info before posting here. Doesn't work I'm gutted. I haven't a clue why it's happens, I was so close to getting Bournemouth to champions league standards and had such a good team!
  5. does anyone have any idea why my game file wont load nothing happened to it, no crashes or anything i saved and quit the game like i always do. save the game-quit to main menu-quit game now it says the save game could not be loaded
  6. Since the new update my game will run smooth for 5 mins, then freeze for maybe 1 min, this is happening every 5 mins when playing a match and on the normal menu
  7. I'm done. Your game is destroying my brand new Mac. it's been working perfect for the past 2 weeks, and now I need a new hard drive. Second time in 2 months. Thanks very much
  8. My game is running fine, gets abit hot but it's not unplayable. Fans have calmed down since the last time I played and the slow response times of my Mac are gone
  9. The slowness has only disappeared once after restarting normally, every other time I've had to wipe it clean, I am planning to take the laptop in to get checked before I do anything else, just to make sure there's no problem with it. But I'll try what you say tonight when I'm home, thanks very much
  10. Ahh I see, I'll have to look into some upgrades then, only down side is once the machine runs slow after playing the game, only thing I can do is completely wipe the hard drive. Thanks for the info!
  11. Is there much difference compared to fm15 with regards to RAM etc? As that ran perfect on the same Mac
  12. I can play maybe 10 games without any problems at all, and then random times after a random amount of play time things go very slow, and it's not just on the game, it stays slow after I exit the game, and it only ever has this problem once fm16 is installed onto the laptop
  13. The suggestions given have no effect at all for me play in 2d and it still makes my Mac run amazing slow, and I still have to wipe the hard drive to get full use of my Mac back
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