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  1. Director and TV cameras create the lag, other do not
  2. Hi Neil Medium seems to do the trick. My problem is that now i have lagging, not mutch, during the matches. Allready turn off the stands, is this normal?
  3. Sorry for late reply, but have been working, and not playing, i will check it today and let you know.
  4. Neil, Belarc report sent, waiting for some feedback
  5. Again and again, really are you guys find a resolution for this
  6. yes, uninstall avast, the uninstall FM, then install FM solo, the game stop and exit alone, install avast, add exeption for steam and and FM. Whitout Avast aparentllythe game just closes down alone, whit avast it gives stagging! The problem seems to be in the half time information, it it stays there for a inactive period off time
  7. No, it happen again, twice, after adding exeption on Avast for Steam and Fm. Everytime it happens it's during the half-time break, when i leave the game for more that 15 minutes! Something there that just cracks the game
  8. Thanks i will try this 1 thing that i've come to realize is that 99% of the failures come during half-time!
  9. No custom graphics/logos/skins Using Avast for Anti-Virus
  10. Nope Neil, no widgets, what i've notice is that it's all in game, even at half-time
  11. Every day i get a Staging error, it got wose since the last update. Garphics up to date. All were during a match This is getting a joke, i got more crashes in this 2 months that i had during all FM17. Do the game have problems running whit Radeon+AMD? For the first time since CM2(!) i have auto-save weekly. Do SI cares about this, or only that players allready bought the game, screw the constant bugs? This wasn't a problem in the 2 weeks of beta DxDiag.txt
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