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  1. Hi Mica, Thanks, it did re-download the files but no luck. Same error.
  2. A bit harsh I think. My error is word for word the same, except the file paths. Same OS version. The only difference I have is the video card. Do I really need to make a new thread?
  3. I have exactly the same issue, but on a Radeon HD 5670. I have the open source Radeon driver installed for ubuntu which is fully supported? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver Any ideas? This is really frustrating that I cannot play this on Linux Good job I dual boot Windows.
  4. I get that, I know what it says. BUt how do I know what their usual style is? It always often says 'reverted back to a more familiar style'?
  5. Hi, Sometimes (almost every match) the commentary says "X changed back to their usual style of play". What does this actually mean? Attacking, possesion, defending? Counter attack?
  6. Advice needed please!

    You got my team promoted, good show! I agree with llama3 though. You can't just use a blanket tactic. Away you will need to be quite defensive, maybe a 4-5-1, keep it tight, and look to hit on the counter. At home, you have more license to go for it, but you can't push up to high, because a lot of the PL teams have fast strikers. Analyse each match and look where gaps may be appearing. And look for weaknesses in their team. Are you ST being tightly marked? Drop the striker deeper and draw the DC's out of position.
  7. Where would he put Mata, on the wing? From what I have seen, Mata doesn't do at all well on the wing.
  8. Oliver, what are your 'Closing down' instructions on the CD's? If they are set to 'own half' then they are doing as instructed. Hence leaving the attacker unmarked.
  9. Napoli help?

    Pretty good post their RT, put everything I was going to say. Not sure what Higuain physical stats are like, but the system your playing needs a Drogba/Falcao striker to work. The striker needs to bring others into play and force his markers to come out of position. Your system seems ideal for playing away against a good team and scoring on the counter. For scoring the goals you want it is next to useless, as pointed out by RT above. Whilst in play, try and ask yourself what would you do if you were the IF cutting in from the wing? Hinguain is marked by two defenders and there is non one else making runs into the box to confuse the defence.
  10. Also, when a team is closing down quickly, use it to your advantage. High closing down leads to gaps in their defence. It is impossible to avoid. Maybe try making your striker drop deep, hold up ball, when the DC/marker attempts to close down, have your midfielders run in to the gap.
  11. I would say increase tempo, and if your players do have the passing ability, increase the width, as this increases space between your players, thus making it harder to close down. However I noticed you put that you play a 'short passing game', so in that case abandon the increase in width, and just increase the tempo. What formation do you play?
  12. Without meaning to **** on your parade to much, but it looks like you only won the league due to everyone else playing very poorly. Your top scorer scored only 10 goals. You won the league with 78 points and 8 losses. Your goal difference is only 33! In another season you would of realistically finished 4/5th. Enjoyed the discussion on the tactics though!
  13. Haha Dafuge, that made me LOL. Thanks Alex. I could provide a screenshot but it won't tell you much. Also I am braintree town....even though I just took over at the end of the season I can almost guarantee they won't of spread payments. So is it safe to say this is just interest on negative balance? It does seem a bit high, but then again it is nearly £1 million unsecured debt.
  14. My balance is £-700,000 . I am paying £19,000 a month in interest... but I don't have any loans!?!?
  15. What do u guys think?

    Speak English you pleb.