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  1. Ross , can you try to get a Russian team get a tycoon,especially Rostov as i spammed 3 times ( cuz its on CL qualif.)
  2. @Ross Ingersoll , bro can you give a try for Rostov? Sorry for double post guys.
  3. Mate you are amazing. Can you try a tycoon save for FC Rostov ?
  4. Yeah thats true,, The **** think is the City got a tycoon again XD
  5. Well bro, all these lnks are the same game.Why do you waste time uploading it 6 times ? Spur and heracles are new i guess.
  6. Thank youuuuuuuuuu very mooooch!! Can you also upload the other saves too ?? I want the hull city too. ( when you will have free time ofcourse).
  7. Please upload them again in onether site. I want the Celta save so badly.
  8. 545 ? Lol ,way too much! Not fun tho.
  9. https://mega.nz/#!XRxhVRjI!M9Zn-MQklyVtSrHuwfegZx81sTMCg-KsnNacUl35nsw I made some handmade changes on some teams' finances Reading and Bristol are original tycoons!
  10. Damn, totally forgot it. It will up very soon i promise.
  11. Upload tomorrow guys . Which is the nest site for upload? Mega.nz i think ?
  12. Got two tycoon takeovers at my current save. Reading -> 21/05/2015 by Brazilian Tycoon - Estimated Value at 153 million euros , finished 15th at Championship. Bristol Rovers -> 16/04/2015 by Spanish Tycoon - Estimated Value at 80 million euros , relegated from League Two ( whould be an awesome challenge ) . Save is at 25 May 2015. I will edit my post when transfers are up so i can check the budgets.
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