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  1. I know its really old topic but funny part on this save is that PSG sugary daddy went from Front End to Back End! Thanks for all the saves btw guys!!
  2. Ross , can you try to get a Russian team get a tycoon,especially Rostov as i spammed 3 times ( cuz its on CL qualif.)
  3. @Ross Ingersoll , bro can you give a try for Rostov? Sorry for double post guys.
  4. Mate you are amazing. Can you try a tycoon save for FC Rostov ?
  5. Yeah thats true,, The **** think is the City got a tycoon again XD
  6. Well bro, all these lnks are the same game.Why do you waste time uploading it 6 times ? Spur and heracles are new i guess.
  7. Thank youuuuuuuuuu very mooooch!! Can you also upload the other saves too ?? I want the hull city too. ( when you will have free time ofcourse).
  8. Please upload them again in onether site. I want the Celta save so badly.
  9. 545 ? Lol ,way too much! Not fun tho.
  10. https://mega.nz/#!XRxhVRjI!M9Zn-MQklyVtSrHuwfegZx81sTMCg-KsnNacUl35nsw I made some handmade changes on some teams' finances Reading and Bristol are original tycoons!
  11. Damn, totally forgot it. It will up very soon i promise.
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