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  1. Anyone know how to fix this? It just happened out the blue! UPDATE: It happens at randoms intervals and on random screens!? Dodgy graphic add on you think?
  2. I would like to see more realistic images created for portraits. The images scrambled together seem dated and poor quality. I had Debski's hair mod in FM16&17 and it made a HUGE difference to regens and most importantly my immersion. If its that easy for a fan of the franchise to complete in his spare time why have we not seen something like this introduced by the art/dev team? Do you have something in the pipeline? Possibly for FM19? Regards Jay
  3. Hi @Felix Wilkie (love this feature - websites come a long way ) I do have MSI Afterburner, i disabled the program and still the same error message coming up UPDATE!! MSI afterburner wasnt the issue, RIVA TUNER was affecting the game from opening. (I closed every program down 1 by 1 to figure this out. (i had forgot what the riva logo looked like.) Thanks for your help mate, much appreciated.
  4. Hi mate, Done all of the above. No joy whatsoever. I remember a similar issue from FM16 which made me give up on that. I'm out of ideas don't know if you have anything else for me to try?
  5. Haven't played in a few months. Didn't work before the graphics update - hasn't worked after my graphics up date Have deleted cache, preferences all files and folders relating to FM17. Re-installed and still crashing. FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.06.02 19.10.17).dmp
  6. Silly me! I forgot I rolled back the drivers whilst testing last week! Cheers mate
  7. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is a bug or what.... A fresh install of Football Manager on my PC through steam and my game is loading in Claret and yellow. Almost looks like a Colour blind mode? SAFE LINKS BELOW https://gyazo.com/40b59eada09d6343cbc1dad1151ac437 https://gyazo.com/97b662eefd790b1043725260240facb2 https://gyazo.com/080fe1fb7ba6656cbd5a030ae8d909af Anyone able to shed some light on this please? As I say I'm not sure if its a bug. I'm not sure what's going on its the first time ive come across it. Cheers in advance
  8. Are we reporting crashes here? Crashed when i changed resolution from fullscreen to windowed (running Windows 10) -Runs smooth -Layout in general is alright, will need some getting used to as its a massive change from 14/15 -I like the new layout of the Staff overview screen, could do with some altering such as under each section in the STAFF tab, underneath the icons it says 'One Manager', 'One Assistant Manager' etc, I would prefer numbers mainly because i think it would be neater? -Tactics! The Position/Role/Duty looks much nicer than FM15's cheap and tacky look. The loading bar is kind of cool too. NOT a fan of the 2 skins, will wait until the mods get tinkering. I cannot fault it so far good job.
  9. Was hoping too but theyre in the 7th/8th Tier of English football so im not able to manage them through the game until theyre promoted Now theyre promoted i do want to manage them lol
  10. Scenario.. Dulwich hamlet have just got to the conference.. If there anyway i can apply for the job or do i have to wait until the current managers job is in turmoil?
  11. Was pretty unbelievable judging by the fouls i'm guessing a few of the goals come from free kicks (cant remember off the top of my head)
  12. So i took on all your advice, thought it might be a good idea to show my results so far mainly RTHerringbone's. Instead of just using the 1 tactic, i have set up a second it's a 4-3-3 i spose playing wide, mentality set to counter and structured. After i get my lead with 5-3-2 diamond i switch over. Also playing friendlies to keep the morale up and keep the youth players sweet who aint getting many games when international games are on in between a long week.
  13. I thought this, im not sure if its a form of 'cheating' but when it was the week of National games i would set up a friendly against someone of similar to lower standards to try and get a win to boost morale. Start of my new season i have set up a tour of scotland, will see how that pans out and add a few extra friendlies in against lower league teams
  14. I've had this save since the beta and never really had any major issues. Bearing in mind my first 2 seasons were during the beta this is how my seasons have panned out: 14/15 - 21st - Championship 4-4-2 15/16 - 17th Championship 4-3-2-1 16/17 - 2nd Championship 4-3-2-1 17/18 - 14th Premiership 4-3-2-1 Changed to 4-4-2 Diamond half way through the season 18/19 - 7th Premieship 4-4-2 Diamond // 2 CB's // WBL - DM - WBR // 2 CM's // 1 AMC // 2 FW 19/20 - 17th Premiership 4-4-2 Diamond I did notice that i didnt play as many friendlies at the start of the season as i did with my previous starts. I was wondering if this could have any affect? Quite a few more injuries were occurring than ive seen in previous seasons. I didn't make any major rotations but i was retraining a CB to WBL which was successful. I have seen the AI change formation during a few games, rarely a thing in lower league games but maybe its something i have to adapt to playing higher tier? However choosing the right formation to go up against i could actually fall here...
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