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  1. FM13 is the best one yet... Still a few things to iron out with 14 IMO.
  2. I have just logged into Steam as a friend of mine has received his copy of FM through the post today. FM downloaded and installed a update that was around 48MB. Do I now have the full game or is this just another/updated version of the BETA?
  3. I'll order on Steam. So easy and beneficial this year with some extra features. Anyone know when the BETA is expected to drop?
  4. I liked how the DOF worked in FM13, allowed me to focus on other things whilst he handled tasks like staff contracts and selling players.
  5. I pulled this off with Manchester United in 2013/2014 - Docked up over 100 points in the Premier League and eventually lost around 20 games into the following season. Strootman and Luiz Gustavo were both incredible, as was Isco.
  6. I'll always have a main save with Blackpool, but I would also fancy managing Southampton and Everton.
  7. Really does depend. Sometimes the things you do can have the opposite effect. I usually try and control the game, then go on the counter later on...
  8. Fantastic player. If you're a bigger club, sign him and nurture him. If you're a lower-end Premier League club, then sign him and get him in and around your first team in the second season. He's about 17/18, I think, at the start of the game but with the right amount of training he can start banging in the goals very early. I signed him for Blackpool and he scored 25+ goals in the first season. He found it tough in his first season in the Premier League, but the service he was getting wasn't fantastic. I would recommend him every single day of the week, I have a feeling he won't be as good on
  9. I hear what you guys are saying, but Zaha hasn't done much to merit a huge boost in attributes. Maybe his physical attributes could be improved slightly.
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