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  1. I was a bit dissapointed about the no-editor thing for FMC but I must say they've done a really good job this year! Almost all of the bugs I've noticed are already fixed and this in pre-release! thumbs up! Hopefully online play has the same quality.
  2. it worked like a charme!!! played many seasons with it and no problems were noticed! with an editor they can't earn anymore money from their stupid unlockables... maybe make the editor an unlockable? I guess many many people would buy that...
  3. time to wrap it up and upload the video Lucas... ;-)
  4. cant wait for this! haven't seen the video of full fm cause I don't play it anyway... playing hours went back over the roof since FMC! :-)
  5. will there be an editor in fmc? only thing I really want!!!
  6. should really be considered!!! I'd rather pay something for this instead of all those other things...
  7. Ability to use the editor and league editor with FMC.
  8. I feel the same about classic. If they ever decide to seperate the 2 versions I would definately go for classic. love it!!!
  9. try a network game yourself to find out how it's running for you! some say the ME is broken while that isn't an issue for me! However, since the last patch there is a massive slowdown in client's matches which are gamestoppers for me. (maybe not for you though)
  10. and for me only the network issues are a real pain... getting used to bugs, its a game and can't remember one who doesn't have some of those! :-) but a network game where clients can't buy players at first and now clients matches taking forever, now that is really annoying!!!
  11. they make a version for the casual player and then make it that you have to spend hours by changing your tactics every game!!!
  12. plug n play just doesn't seem to work annymore! you get 4 good games and suddenly you lose 5-0 with the same team and tactics. cant really bothered with changing my tactics every game!
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